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The Antidote

Vanessa your crochet is beautiful, you seem to have started at such a high standard, unlike my own pitiful attempts!
I love the colours you are using they are so restful, perfect for a bedroom. The flower centres are exquisite also.
I must try harder, thanks for the inspiration x


Looks gorgeous, nothing better than green (or turquoise) and pink together in my book. I've just gone back to my abandoned granny squares project. edging all the ones I've done so far in cream and then I do need to keep making more. Perhaps we can have a sisterhood reveal" together!
Hen x


absolutely gorgeous. Welcome to the sisterhood girlfriend!!

What pattern are you using? It is stunning.


Heeey! that is one cool blanket you are making!!!! welcome to the sisterhood!!!!!


Your squares are stunning! The blanket will be beautiful! Will it be for you or will you gift it to someone?

Alice C

Stop it!! Stop it!! I can feel myself being dragged in and I can see what a DANGEROUS addiction it is.


Hi there, I love your blog and I hope you dont mind, but I've added your blog onto my blogroll on my site.
I am hosting a swap at the moment on my site, please feel free to pop over and take a look, and to join the swap if you wish.
Take Care
Love Melanie xxx


oh it's gorgeous, are those flowery bits part of the pattern or do you sew them on - you see I am only a beginner crochet sister, I've only managed a cushion.......


Your Blanket is so pretty, could you please please post the pattern? I too am learning how to crochet and just think your granny squares are the nicest ones that I have come across so far.....
Keep up the good work!!


Welcome to the Sisterhood! Your blanket will look stunning! I am a long time blanket crocheter, but have always wanted to join the sisterhood of sock knitters - I am just about to finish my first pair! It's a great feeling isn't it? ;0)


They are such beautiful colours - all my favourite ones together. Its going to look wonderful in your new bedroom. You are naughty though as I'm waiting for the flower book and now I want to make a blanket and I haven't got enough time for all this crochet! Have a lovely day. Its cold and damp down here in Sussex. Karenx


Hello Vanessa. Looks lovely and reminds me yet again that I have not crocheted for years. Time to have a go I think xx

French Knots

Looks wonderful, love the colour combinations. I've not got to grips with crochet really, I edged a knitted blanket with crochet and it was rather wonky!


I really want to try crochet, but im doubtful il be capable of it! I cant even knit yet! The colours you have used in this blanket are beautiful, it would look lovely in my house!

Aqeela xx


This is absolutely beautiful - hope you will share the pattern with us - pretty please!!

Alice Saltiel-Marshall

I so enjoy you enthusiasm and the pleasure your assorted creative endevours give you is uplifting. I completely agree with your words on working solitary.
I think your new studio is wonderful, I love what you have done with your bedroom and your garden ... well, it is simply gorgeous! I'll whine a bit here by saying that I live in zone 3 which I think will make gardening a bit easier than in zone 2 (where I used to live) still I have challenging limitations!


you are so in the sisterhood now!! Congratulations - it looks lovely, and I love the sense of enthusiasm and pleasure in your descriptions. Loving all the colours too - am amazed that you find the time for it all (do you sleep??!)

Would love to be able to crochet, but have never tried, but looking at your lovely work is definitely inspiring me to give it a go.


Isn't it wonderful that all the "old" crafts" seem to be making a come back? For those of us of a "ceratin" age (!) we no longer have to feel old fashioned when we get out the needles. Granny squares look so fresh and new these days......must be because the grannies are so young at heart!!!



How odd that you would post this now! I just finished my first crochet blanket yesterday, and I'm already itching to start the next one. Good luck with it. The best bit is joining them all together, especially once you're about half-way through and can sit with the completed section across your lap!

Susana Alves (mundoacores)

Beautiful crochet work of yours!!!!!!!! I love the colors combination!!!!!!


Susana Alves

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