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Beautiful! Cant wait to see the finished bedroom too! I love all the pastely colours you've used for all the furniture. I would love a work room like this - sadly I only have a kitchen table to work on!! XX


I keep dreaming of having a studio like yours! it's lovely and so creative, I bet you are buzzing in there!


Hi Vanessa I am really enjoying your blog at the moment. It is always great but seems to be extra good at the mo! What turquoise blue paint did you use for the lovely cupboard. Everything looks so good. You are very clever. The garden looks fab too in your previous post.

have a happy weekend!

love Emma xxxxx

The Antidote

What a beautiful inspiring place to work. Your use of colours is glorious and it all works so well together.
Love the blog x


How grown up to have a studio, and yours is a lovely space to work in. My favourite pieces are the plan chest and Douglas


Oh, it's too lovely for words. So pinkily pink, what could be better, and with turquoise too, my second fave colour by a snippet! It's impressive you've managed to make all the different bits and pieces go together well yet it looks very original, very you. I think there's nothing worse than a room that looks like the whole lot has come from the same shop (however nice the shop). I'm rambling... Anyway, it's gorgeous, I'm sure you'll feel very inspired to create. Douglas is too cute!
Hen x


You should enter it for that american Studios magazine. It looks so lovely.


It's absolutely charming, Vanessa. A room totally full of eye candy that I just keep wanting to stare at. I adore all the pink! You did a great job!

Helen Lambert

It's lovely Vanessa, I am desperate for shelving in my work room so I am green with envy ...I would love a good old snoop through your book shelf ....have a lovely weekend...H


I wish I had a space like that....


Fabulous. But hello, excuse me, what about the humungous, bouquet of flowers on the plan chest which you silently scooted past -are they silk? Plastic? Real? All of the above?


Oh, I am just so very green with envy. What a wonderful space. Have a lovely weekend. Cat xxx



Everything looks stunning. I am impressed and I don't mind telling you, a wee bit jealous.

So pretty, enjoy it!

Lisa xo


very nice, and so cheerful


I love it, all of it, but I have to say my favourite bit might be the display of sugar mice in the dresser xxx


gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous as i totally expected it to be :-)
the mix of colours looks fab it must be such a nice place to spend time I dont think i would ever come out :-D
Lesley x


Oh my God Vanessa, its gorgeous! I feel the need to race to my sewing room and revamp! Have a lovely, lovely weekend xx

Helen Charlton

Oh that's just gorgeous!!


It's gorgeous. Pink and Turquoise is my favourite colour combination. And I love your dresser too.

Having serious room envy here. Have a great weekend - hope it pans out just as you want it to. x


Oh Vanessa, it is absolutely gorgeous you must feel like the cat who got the cream, I would so love a space like it. Enjoy it and I hope you get lots of creative vibes in such an inspiring room.
Have a great crafting weekend. I will look forward to your bedroom reveal on Monday.xx
Yes, the boys are all mine.


Love your new studio. The pink color is very happy. I am sure you will enjoy every minute you get to spend there. Can I come over and craft!? Have a great day! Liz


OOOHHH! I'm so jealous!!! Great space!
I'm loving that pink!!!! =)

A Thrifty Mrs

It is so utterly beautiful. You have tied so many pretty things together to create a fantastic studio!


I love the pink walls - that's a great idea, and it so beautifully sets off the greens and blues of the furniture. It's a lovely studio!


Um, ditto to all of the above!
Belissima, beautiful, am very envious!
Also curious too about the HUGE bunch of flowers! xx

Bobo Bun

Wow. Love the mix of colour. You are so lucky to have a room all of your own, it looks heavenly.

Lisa x

graceful mice and gentle moons

Your studio is Amazing!!!
I Love the colours sooooo much!
I'm a big fan of Molly Brett too.
Ooooh Vanessa it really, really is lovely. I am going to have another look, infact I think I will keep coming back for peeks.

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