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Looks like it was a splendid weekend indeed. Love love love your photos. Looking forward to seeing more crochet too!


Any day that starts with a long lie and ends with a candlelit dinner in the garden can't fail, the bits in between look wonderful too. Glad you had such a good weekend and thanks for the colourful photographs.


What a lovely weekend you had and breakfast in the garden is something we haven't managed yet even in the very south of England. I think Douglas and Ellie are the dearest little dogs I have ever seen love the picture of Hugo on the floor reading and those doggies on their cushions. Looking forward to seeing some crochet pics. I haven't picked mine up for a couple of days but am off to do so now whilst the men watch the football. Karenx


Isn't my Binkydinks gorgeous?! Great pics as ever V....and Hugo a natural poser! x

Helen Charlton

Gosh how do you fit sooooooooooh much in?
You don't have one of those time changers, like Hermianie in Harry Potter. Do you?


What an idelic weekend, from start to finish. One you will remember for a very long time. Your photography as ever scrumptious, capturing the essence of the moment. Ellie and Douglas are gorgeous, and little Blinky is so cute. Happy Crocheting. Denise x


Just gorgeous photos Vanessa. Your garden is so pretty and looks beautful by candlelight. I can't believe how blooming cold it is now. Makes me feel so cheesed off to be back in woolies again. Meant to say how lovely your bedroom looks too (though I am still so envious of the studio!) xx


Oh, that looks like a fabby weekend. Loving: the doggies in their beds on the windowsill (human on the floor, well thats how it's meant to be?!); your tablecloth (you can never have too many tablecloths can you?); your garden tea party table; the kissing gate; the cute puppy. I must stop there but really, it all looks lovely! Hoping for similar this weekend in the West Country.
Hen x


I would like to have lived your life last weekend. Thank you for sharing so much. I am going to make more effort to make the most of my weekends with my family. Make more of an occasion of things, have dinner by candlelight. Binky has made my heart melt.x

Facile Cécile

what a beautiful world!!!


what a marvellous weekend, looks absolutely blissful from start to finish. I love the first picture of your table - it looks so summery and outdoorsy - all bright and fresh and warm and inviting. The evening bbq table looks wonderful too - am now really hoping for good weather this weekend so I can try to capture all the feelgood vibes that there are in your photos here.

graceful mice and gentle moons

Love the tea table and the crochet (I'm doing squares and flowers too :o) and the cars and the pup
Oooooooh he is so delectabley gorgeous!!!You have realaly treated us with all these lovely, lovely photos


What a wonderful weekend. You tell the story so well - it was almost as good as being there. Love your fire pit.

French Knots

What a lovely weekend, relaxing, eating, making and mooching - looks perfect to me.
How cute is little Binky!


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Nothing is more relaxing than having a wonderful time with your family and loved ones. And it's really nice to eat outside the patio, I've already tried it once! I would also love to drive that teeny weeny red car! It definitely suits my personality. =)

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