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Love your pics - the action shots made me smile. V drinking tea, V holding random pots, V about to juggle cups and saucers and finally V going under cover. LOL Cute aprons as well. Don't worry about the tummy - you look lovely and who wants to go to the gym anyway....not me!! A xx


Those aprons are fabulous, and your house looks simply charming, I would love to see more photo's of your home (I am nebby!)
Take Care
Love Melanie xxx


Hope you have a lovely weekend Vanessa. I have been trying to decide which Cath Kidston apron to treat myself to as there are quite a few to choose from and should I buy the oven gloves too, and the spray flowers teapot and milk jug! Your tummy doesn't look big in the pics and there are far better things to do than spending time and money at a gym. See you tuesday. Karenx

Helen Charlton

Aprons are like cushions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . you can never have too many!!


Tummy ? What tummy ? All I saw were the lovely aprons. Life's too short for the gym!

Have a lovely weekend, hope you have a great time and enjoy the extra day xx

A Thrifty Mrs

Hen is a very talented lady isn't she?
Cute aprons and aren't you pretty!
As for the tum, yeah right, I'd slaughter lambs for one as flat as yours. ;)


Lovely aprons, I must say. Hen has wonderful things.

So glad you enjoyed the Janet Hill paintings! Lucky you for snagging one.

Did I mention the jug love I am having right now over your last post? I thought not ;)

And thanks for the quick reply about the camera. The one I broke was a canon, I may go back to that brand.

Have a scrumptious weekend doing whatever you love...

Lisa xo


The aprons are lovely, and the modeling shots are the height of domestic haute couture.

Are you really going to share your crocheted square pattern? I'm excited about that!


Lovely lovely aprons, I don't own one but your are lovely. I like you old CK one, it is the same fabric (different colour) to the back of my quilt. Maybe I should look into getting myself an apron....X


Oh, I'm feeling as though I simply MUST have a Cath Kidston apron...
That is a problem. Sigh...
Have a lovely weekend!


Your post makes we want to try again with aprons, I just can't seem to get away with them so end up getting everything on my clothes when cooking or baking. Your home does look lovely thanks for showing us, hope you have a brilliant weekend.


I love aprons too Vanessa and you model them so well! Rubbish about the tum - you don't have much of one and women are meant to be curvy! Have a lovely weekend xx


I nearly bought the apron you are wearing from Hen. I am glad I didn't because it looks much nicer on you than it would have on me! I think I need to start up an apron collection. It can be my daytime uniform at home!

jacoline (lien)

Lots of great pictures I loved reading all your blogs your are so creative.Have a great weekend. love Jacoline


I have to use a full size apron, I am SO messy really, for a grown up you would think I would have learnt to control the mess a bit better. I have a Cath Kidston one too, but have never worn it... due to the messy aspect of my nature. So it hangs on the kitchen door looking lovely!!! I have told myself that this year, when buying gorgeousness, instead of just looking at it, I will USE there's a novel idea. Oh, and the supposed round tum? Heavens, what would I give for one that size instead of the one I am lumbered with... in my defence it's due to surgery, transplantation, side effects of steroids etc.. That's my story and I am sticking to it! Lovely blog, as ever...x


Lovin ya blog...
I shoulda posted some of my husbands morris minor pictures, he bough one off of ebay last year & totally restored it...


I do love an apron. Love your pics! I really must make myself one. Enjoy reading your blog!


Thanks so much for your very kind words about the various HenHouse things. Can't tell you how chuffed I am to see you modelling the apron, you look fab! Of course, the backdrop of your studio is really to-die-for.
Oh golly, most days I think how I must start my diet but there just always seem to be too many nice things to make and eat and too many lovely hobbies to indulge in which are very low on the fat-burning scale! Ah well...
Hope you've had a great weekend.
Hen x

Niki Jackson

Your aprons are beautiful! I too have a dog called Ellie, she is a brown spotted dalmatian :) Loving your blog its so colourful and arty. xx


I do love your pinny collection! It's a very happy, sunny collection, the best work wear ever! I also love your pink-on-the-inside beautiful cupboard.
Lovely to see some nice pics of gorgeous you too :o)

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