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  • Would you like to award someone special a knitted rosette? See the pattern to knit one here!

  • Little Squares Scarf, (quick pattern).

  • Little Squares Scarf, (step-by-step pattern, with lots of step-by-step photos).

  • How to sew up crochet or knitting with an invisible stitch, step-by-step tutorial

  • Sisterhood Crochet Blanket pattern for square.

  • step-by-step pattern for Sisterhood Crochet Blanket square. Makes crocheting this pattern a doddle for beginners!

  • step-by-step tutorial for some basic crochet stitches

  • Tara's failsafe cup cake sponge recipe

  • knitted slipper pattern

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Vanessa, I love you. Thank you. I guess its hard for you to know that I am genuine but ... I am. I bought a crochet hook and got books out of the library a wee while ago. My Darling Great Aunty Vera was an awesome crochet artist and I always wanted to learn. Anyway, we are in the throes of shifting to we-don't-know-where-yet and my craft supplies are all packed up. So ... I went to the thrift shop and found a hook and a woolen jersey to unpick and away I go! Your instructions are awesome and all you need to do is add a few more projects and you have a book in the making - if you'd like to be published. Anyway, ta very much girl, I love your Blog.


WOW!! That must have taken you ages Vanessa. It looks a fab pattern. I have had a read through and it is written beautifully, just as I liked when I first started (way back in November!) I look forward to the quick pattern so I can have a bash.
Now go put your feet up and have a nice cup of tea and a cupcake, you deserve it.


Do you know what? I want to add another comment. In just the perfect week I found your Blog and I think it is so beautiful that I'd like to wrap it in tissue and wind it with ribbon and make sure I treasure it for a good long time. There's something lovely about the way you Blog and I just want to make sure that you know that. (Also, its 6pm Saturday in New Zealand!).


Golly, Vanessa, that is so kind of you. I can't begin to imagine how long it must have taken you to write that and load all those photos. Looking forward to giving it a whirl.
Have a fabby weekend.
Hen x


Hi Vanessa, That's the clearest set of crochet instructions I have ever read so Sunday lunch is a casserole so I can sit quietly and have a go whilst Richard and the boys are at my mother-in-laws for the morning. Thank you very much for spending so much time posting this for us all. Have a lovely weekend. Karenx

kitschen pink

too tired to take this in but utterly mesmerised - if you scroll the page really quickly it's quite soothing to watch! amazing work. beauuuuuuutiful colours t.xx

Gerry Hook

Vanessa, now that I've got the hook size conversion straight in my mind [had to go to the Internet for a couple of conversion charts]I'm begining this part of your tutorial.
Off I go - hope to finish at least one square by the end of this Mother's Day here in the U.S.
Was taken out to breakfast earlier in the day by my sweet hubby with daughter and grandson joining us.
Off I hook.


Oh my word! You have put SO much work into this! It's incredible!! Utterly astounding and wonderful tutorial!!! It's great Vanessa :o)
absolutely the best tutorial i've seen.
You are so talented, and generous and clever and lovely, you are, you are!
Thank you

Wishing you a wonderful week :o) you so deserve it.

Shelley in SC

Hi, Vanessa ~ ~ Thanks for stopping by my blog. Wow! What a lot of work you put into this post. No one has an excuse now not to pull out those crochet hooks!! The pink and green are just beautiful together!


I'm inspired. I think I am tempted to ahev ago at this for my great neices! Thanks Vanessa... Your instructions and photos are amazing.x

Adriana Gorosito

Gracias, muchas gracias por el tutorial tan didactico que subiste y tambien por este blog que es una explosion de color y de buen gusto
Saludos desde Argentina


Hi There!

I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your wonderful tutorial you shared for your blanket. My daughter wanted me to make a Camo blanket for her and I have never really crocheted before - but after looking at your tutorial I felt brave enough to attempt it and with great patience I finished it and she loves it thanks to your help. It is nothing like the work of art your blanket is -but we are pleased with it-I am quite hooked on crocheting now.
Thanks again to my first real crochet teacher : ) - Ruth

- a pic. of the camo blanket is posted on my blog.

Deborah Rocha

Thank you by the pattern. Their arts/jobs are wonderful. Congratulations. Hugs, Deborah


Thank you so much Vanessa fro sharing this wonderful blanket idea with us, I do have a sisterhood that look forward to sharing this pattern with, although we will not see each other for about another six weeks as I speak.
The instructions are wonderful so that the project does not become overwhelming for a beginner :-)
Thanks for taking the time to do this...


absolutely the best tutorial i've seen !!!
Thank you Thank you Thank you so much Vanessa to sharing this wonderful blanket
Have a fabby weekend.


Thanks Vanessa! Your tutorial was great and very easy to follow. I have done a test square and flower and I cant wait to go out and get a nice selection of colours to make a whole bunch!! Yay!! I am loving this...

Wendy Walters

Have wanted to take up crochet for ages. Snowed in and spent the afternoon searching for inspiration - came across your blog and found it! Will dig myself out and get to the shops tomorrow! can't wait to start.
many thanks.

Mary Grace McNamara

Quite a comprehensive tutorial here! I love the colors and yarns you have chosen and the little flower in the middle is just darling. I also like how you join the new colors before working the corner chains. Nice job!


Cazza of North Queensland, Australia

Hi, could you explain how to make a half-square with this pattern?

I have been searching the net and can only find patterns for the more traditional, hole-y, granny squares in half form, and I've tried but I can't manage to convert those to this pattern!

Hope you can help, Thanks so much!

Cazza of North Queensland, Australia

P.S. We have "There's a house inside my Mummy" at our place - it's one of our family's favourite picture books! :-)


Hello Vanessa,

Thank you for the instructions. I am a starter and I understood from the first time. Can we look forward to see some new step by step patterns? ;-)

Thanks, Monique


Hi Vanessa, I am Lorena, from Argentina (buenos aires). I love knitting and I love your work!!! My mother also loves knitting, she lives in Neuquen, a town at the south of the country. It is very very cold in winter and she always knitted us to warm our beds. She's trying to learn about blogs, hope someday she can show the things she does. Congratulations for your work! Amazing!


Hello from Canada..
I am one of those "crocheters" that needs fully illustrated instructions. There are hundredts sites, but all show just the start of the chain (duh!), but the rest is in "symbols"...Totally alien to people like me!
Will you be making some other patterns? I know! I sound "greedy", but well... after your fantastic photo descriptions... I "hunger" for more :-)
Thank you again, FOR YOUR TIME,and mostly for being THOUGHTFUL of others (like me), who just "can't GET it" by reading the "darn" instructions from a bloody book :-)


bjr tres bein explique merci je suis debutante mais j ai beaucoup appris avec vos photos merci et encore bravo beaucoup de boulot pour vous amoureternelle


Dear Vanessa: I´m from Argentina and I´m soooo happy that I´ve found your page !!!! It´s so beautiful, your photos, the colours, everything !!!
Can´t wait to start the blanket.
A lot of kisses and thank you for sharing all that you know and make.
Hasta la proxima. Daniela


hi vanessa: THANK YOU VERY MUCH, for your time and for the tutorial. I love it its quit pritty.
I've been woundering how can I learn crochet, I tried to learn by my self by following the books, and i couldnt. you've oyu just made it so easy for me.
And the pictures so clear. thank you from my heart and god bless you.


Thank you SO much for this tutorial!
I learned to knit as a child but was never taught to crochet and how I've struggled with trying to learn from books.
I've never seen any tutorial that was so well explained.
I love your blog and will be a regular visitor from here on.


wow stunning work and great patience to put together such a lengthy and clear tutorial. I am amazed by your level of enthusiasm. keep up the great work and energy! i am totally feeling it!


woua, I'm a beginner and I'm very impatient to experiment with your so marvelous blanket (pattern). I hope I will be abble to do?I love your colors choice! sorry for my bad langage cause I'm french.
thank you


WOW!!! that ia amazing i would take a long time to finish off


I am a beginner at Crochet and I must say your illustrations are awesome!!! I am a visual learner and this REALLY helps me. I hope that I can get the hang of it.

Spoon Puppet

Thanks so much for the meticulous, step-by-step pattern! I really enjoyed following along with your photos and encouraging comments. I have a baby niece who will love this blanket when I'm done with it!


Hello from Rhodes, Greece!
I just adore your work, you really inspire me!
Thank you for the wonderful tutorial, I wonder if I could translate it to Greek, shoot my own photos and post it on my blog, linking, of course, to yours. Are you ok with that?


Just found your page and I can't wait to start trying this pattern as I have been wanting to make a blanket for a while.. how much wool do you think you would need to make a full sized blanket?

maureen gardiner

You need to bring your talent to YOUTUBE snd show off your skill...

Sandra Lange

Could you mention what type of yarn used in this pattern? I absolutely loved the colors and it looks like a very good quality yarn. The tutorial is excellent.


Lovely colours, really pretty.


May I have just the general instructions? It is so beautiful in the pixs.


Janet McNamara

I would love to have the general instructions also. Can you tell me how and/or where to find them?
Thank you,
Janet McNamara

Nicola Glennon

What color pink did you use of the Debbie Bliss? Also, the picture look like you used a light blue but you indicated you bought mint. I really want to make this but would like to know the above before ordering the yarn. Thanks!


Muchas gracias.Thank you sooooooo much from Spain.I love the way you teach.Pat.

Carolyn Collington

Hello from Washington, DC!
You are incredible, such a inspriation.
Thank you,
Carolyn Collington

A Facebook User

Hi from South Australia :) Oh my GOSH I love this, I can not wait to make it and thank you so much for making it so much easier with the photos. After making your pom pom slippers for my cold tootsies I am so going to start with you awesome blanket. Thanks again xx


♥ O/ ♥
 /.\ ( )


This was really easy to follow, it is the first thing I have ever crocheted and it has given me great confidence in crocheting. Thank you so much for this pattern and tutorial. You are fab and an inspiration. xx (:


I love your crochet patterns, and color choices! Thanks so much for sharing them, and the tutorials! :-) I've pinned them on my Crafts Pinterest board:

and they certainly make my board prettier!


Wonderful tutorial, so detailed. I've been wishing to come upon one like yours and what a lovely blanket design. Thank you very much!

natalie gause

This is a very lovely square

Mieche Walker

Aren't you a blessing! Be a cheerful giver...

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