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jane smallcombe

Ooooh the brooch looks lovely on your jumper. Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog - I'm so pleased you like the brooch. The fabric in the centre of the brooch is Liberty Lawn - I use these fabrics so much as the designs are gorgeous and very vintage! Love and hugs, Jane x PS Still crocheting!!

Mummy Boo Bear

I love your funky new broach really pretty.

I have to say I have a thing about churches, I am not particularly religous but I do love the sense of history when I enter one. The cupboard is really sweet. I love that shade of green of the cup and saucers. Sounds like you had a fun day chatting and doing a hobby that give you so much pleasure.


p.s. by the way I love your flowers particularly the dark one it looks almost a purpley black and very velvet like so pretty! well done you. (I am not very green fingered so I am in great admiration).

A Thrifty Mrs

I have the same china (in blue and green), it's very village hall chic. ;)

Great brooch too, lucky you.

I have a new blog, shall no longer be over at my old blog. Here is the linky :

kitschen pink

Oh I so often covet the utility china in church hall cupboards. There is a particular church hall in Norwich which has china to die for and I almost do whenever I have seen it thrown about at various children's parties! The set at your hall is Woods Ware Green Beryl. There was Jasmine too (the yellow) and I have the teapot in Iris. Just love it. Love it to bits. I once hosted a Church Fete meeting here and was delighted for once in my life to have the chance to wield a teapot and enquire 'more tea vicar?'. What else are teapots for? Lovely post as ever. A real feast for tired eyes! I could move into that kitchen tomorrow. t.xx


Beautiful flowers Vanessa. We have the blowsy pale pink peony in our garden and it originally came from my grandmothers house 40 years ago. My mother dug it up when my grandmother died and planted it in her garden and its still blooming strongly, if briefly each year. Love your little egg cups too. Karenx


Vanessa, I too have Peonies like yours in my garden, but I am not expecting them to flower for a few more weeks. They are gorgeous even if they only last a short while. Do they have a lovely sweet smell? You have made the church hall look great, I will see it in a totally different light next time I am there. Glad you enjoyed the eggs. I did enjoy our day together it was lovely just chatting and drinking tea, with a little hooking too.
Lots of Love, Denisexxx

Helen Charlton

Love, love, love peony roses! Ours won't be out here in Durham for at least another 3 weeks! We are expecting a frost tonight!

Bobo Bun

Read this and just felt all cosy Vanessa. It's the perfect day really all summed up by the simple things in life which make it perfect.

Enjoy your market tommorow.

Lisa x


I'm enthralled by your church hall kitchen and teacups pics, I think inside I've always been a bit of a wanabee vicar's wife. And as for your tulip's...I think I could eat them!!


I love your flowers, they are beauties. xxx

Sharon Peters

I have stumbled across your blog quite by accident and i am absolutely hooked - your home and your garden are absolutely beautiful.


Its strange how appealing the kitchens in church and village halls can be, ours here is lovely too with a good selection of crockery and some massive teapots. Have a great day - with your pretty flowers and new brooch you are bound to.


Love the photos and reading your blog of everday things. Thank you. Now... can you tell me please the name of the squares book you mentioned keeping beside your bed please, and any other crochet books which have small projects? I used to crochet many years ago, since then it has just been the usual granny squares, but seeing some of the lovely things you have made has made me want to get the hooks out again. But... I gave all the books away so need to buy some more, thanks.


those flowers are fabulous - the colours were just leaping out of the screen!

And I'm not surprised you love that brooch -it is lovely - and sets off your outift perfectly - very stylish.

Sounds like a lovely day on the crochet course, so nice when a day turns out to be full of delights like that. Hope you have fun at the market. xx


Vanessa, I love this blog post so much. I love the cupboard and its green china in the church hall kitchen, I love the do not use these tea pots sign (go on, I dare you to use them when you are next there!), I love the egg cups, the giveaway prize and even the great big green hairy thing!!!x


Where do I start? this post is Gorgeous from top to bottom. Starting with those heart-stoppingly beautiful flowers, they are so lovely infact I keep having to scroll back and look at them.
Your little brooch is divine, so beautifully, delicately made, I must go and look at Jane's shop.
Now what has happened to the cute green hairy thing? did you do anything more with it, or do you love it just as it is?
That cupboard, that cupboard! it's Narnian isn't it? my goodness. That church hall is wonderful. If I weren't agoraphobic and didn't live miles and miles away, I would be at the next meeting. Do you think Denise would trade me a couple of those pretty eggs for a nice crisp lettuce?
I have to say a big HUGE thank you to you now for sucessfully teaching my sister to crochet. She tried everything and was on the edge I tell you, it just would not click. But when I sent her along to Auntie Vanessa she got it! YAY!!
thank you! thank you! thank you!she is so happy with her little self now, crocheting away like a good'un. she has a blog too it's
She has been telling everyone there what a wonderful teacher you are.
I have to go give my guinea-pigs their tea now


Hello Vanessa, I was reading some your recent posts and saw the wonderful Woods Ware in that fabulous cupboard!

I adore the atmosphere of church halls too and went to Sunday school in one for years. I remember just the same crockery coming out for the fete, barn dance and Christmas bazaar.

I've begun to collect a few bits myself in the green and blue. Was there some pink too? Not sure, I've seen a bit of yellow about in charity shops but not been quick enough to grab it.

Thanks for a lovely post. I do enjoy your blog so much, you've a great eye for the charming and beautiful in life.

Hope the sun shone for you today.

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TEAlightful!Would love to share the teapot picture on our page

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Just love old style tea cups and teapots. Thanks for the photos. Love the brooch, too - looks lovely on.

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