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What a great beach day! And the crocheting you did there looks like it will remind you of the beach - all the blue and turquoise.


Your crochet square is so neat and tidy! I am busy doing my first crochet square today, I'm making it into a blanket. I have been on all day with it, watching tutorials on youtube, and I have finally got it right, I'm so proud! Lovely post.
Take Care
Love Melanie xxxx


what a bouncy happy post - you sound on top of the world. Loving the colours of the crochet (again!) - they are real sea-ish colours, definitely the sort to remind you of warm sunny beach days when it's not so nice. I love people watching - it's so fascinating - I could easily do it all day!

Hope you and Hugo have a lovely time out tonight, xx


Oh your crochet is just lovely - exactly the sort of colours I would go for. I reeeeallly wish I could crochet!!! x


I am very glad I'm not the only one who watches and listens to other peoples goings on. Thank you lovely Vanessa for taking the trouble to make the crochet pattern clear and simple for beginners. I for one will really appreciate that! Have a lovely evening. Karenx

Mummy Boo Bear

Hi there

Have discovered your blog and think its fab! really makes me want to start knitting again. I say start but I havent really done anything since I was eight! and then its was er well very interesting what with the holes in it and all! lol.

A lovely post, and yes people watching is always entaining. And i have also had some one ask me if I was preggers too very embarrasing and upseting at the time! for us both I think.

Will continue to read your blog. take care

Mummy Boo Bear.


Gorgeous photos with that beach in the background. Where's the photo of Hugo with the miniature Daschunds on top?!
Hen x


Hi there, I've gave you an award over on my


Gosh - you are certainly feeling happy these days! You are prolific! Glad you liked the bag so much! Lovely to see a pressie appreciated. Glad you are having so much fun, and love the new colours of the house.
Little sis xxx

Helen Charlton

Looks like the blankets coming on a pace!!
You must never have stopped!

Beth P

What a lovely way to spend a day!


Just found your blog. And a happy blog it is. I love aprons, knitting and crocheting.
Your colors are a joy and don't you know it - I've got to get some for my stash.
Am looking forward to visting you on a regular basic from here in mid-Missouri [located in just about the middle of the U.S.]

Helen Lambert

I am a terible shameless 'people watcher', I have been known, (on many many ocasions actually) to kick poor Pete under the table and tell him to be quiet so I can listen into converstions...especially if it is a juicy row!


Lovely to sew. knit or crochet on the beach isn't it Vanessa? Looking forward to the tutorial as I need a reminder of how to crochet. Great pics x


what a fun day, but I want to see hugo squashed under the doggies too xx
love the crochet, waiting IMPATIENTLY for the pattern xxxxx


What gorgeous sqaures against the backdrop of the ocean! I've had the other situation: where someone asks me when the baby is due and the baby's already two months old. No fun!

Helen Cowans

Hi Vanessa,
Small world :) You met a friend of mine Denise Primrose recently. She was telling me about you and then I realised I had photographed your wedding! So good to see what you are up to now. I too am taking the textile route these days.... the photography became too successful! I was away most weekends from April - October working and missing out on family life so I decided to stop. So now I am back to my artwork and loving it. I have a web site at

Maybe we can all get together sometime?


Vanessa, your crochet is lovely. You sure have a cute little personality!!!

graceful mice and gentle moons

That photo at the top is Amazing!!
I love it :o)
and I love your beach story, such fun :o)
p.s. Looking forward to your tutorial, but no hurry x
I put a little knitted kitty tutorial up on mine today and hope to get part two of my jar cosy tutorial up tomorrow ( yes, they can take a long time, I started that one about 3 months ago! so you see you are not doing too badly).

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