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The Antidote

Vanessa, that looks a very dangerous game you are playing there, with your dipping water and your teacup. Many a time as a little girl I drank my dipping water instead of my Ribena!
I bought my clever camera operating husband a Nikon D90 for christmas. He takes lovely photos with it. The good thing is that it is straight forward enough for me to use too - and I am really enjoying it.
Enjoy your weekend Sweetie x

kitschen pink

SLR - Single Lens Reflex - Tom Ang wrote a great book last year about photography - you won't need all the creative stuff but the technical explanations at the beginning of the book are a great way to find out what questions to ask. Your library should have it! Of course you could find a good local camera shop and they'll help you! Just so happens our neighbour runs the best one in Norfolk! Hurrah! (in fact I think they do mail order!) Have a happy weekend! t.xx


I cant wait to see what goodies you sent Sarah, I'm sure they'll be lovely. xxxxx


Hi Vanessa, I've just bought a Fuji s8000 digital camera. I'm a bit of a technophobe too but this camera is simple to use. It's the sort of camera you can just point and shoot whilst gradually getting to grips with all the other fabulous features. It's fabulous for taking close up shots - you can get within 1cm of your subject! Definitely worth taking a look - it's also reasonable as cameras go! Much love, Jane x


Hey Vanessa, you know what I'd stick with a Canon Ixus..I think they're fab.
Mines an Ixus 65, but I think the latest model is up to Ixus 85. Love em, so neat and small, easy to use and they deal with colour/light fabulously don't they?
I would be lost without mine.


That photo of your paint trays is frameable! What a gorgeous perspective of creativity! Hope you're having a delightful weekend crocheting.


hope youre having a nice weekend..
Love all the color of the paint..

Marie Allen

I am trying to get into painting with water-color and you are inspiring me. Thank you for sharing your creative world! I love your style of painting. Have you ever done a painting tutorial?

Helen Lambert

Good morning lovely friend...I loved the pictures with this a would be artist...would be if I could paint...I was thinking about your post and decided I too love giving I cast my mind over life and situations I will compliment complete strangers...and I too love giving them...however I just cant cant cant revieve them and will always bounce them back like a tennis ball with a racket....I just cant take them...I think people dont mean it, ar just saying it etc etc.....emmm but your comment re making sure people know their compliments are well recieved has made me all I need is a cuppa and I will ponder on that do complimentors feel when the compliment is rejected!....have a lovely week sweetie...H


I find, when it comes to compliments, gifts and the like, that it is much, much easier to give than receive. Like you, if someone looks nice, I tell them. And I agree about men often think you are flirting... well, they wouldn't nowadays, but they used to. One of my oldest friends, male, is someone I met thirty years ago, and who was one of the most beautiful young men I had ever met, so I told him! Not fishing for a return compliment, though I got it anyway, but he was amazed that I would say it. I am a few years older than he, and have never found it hard to say what I think... as you know Vanessa! Hadn't heard of the ladies Afternoon Club, like you say, very genteel sounding... I have a picture of a terrace of knitted houses I did about twenty years ago, I sewed them onto a piece of hessian, which I then used to cover a piece of wood. It still looks quite good. I also knitted a garden, as seen from above, for a friend, back in the 80s, and she still displays it!


Vanessa is spot on -- anything in that range of Nikons is quite good. I'm saving up for one myself after taking a few pics with my dad's D60. You take very lovely pictures with the camera you've got but a digital SLR will let you go further and you'll have much more control over the focus.


Your watercolors tools have inspired me to get my own out today. (Also quite liked those hand-made label/tickets in your previous post.)

Best wishes.

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