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What a beautiful post. Just what I needed.
What a spectacular seaweed specimen your man has there!
You are so lucky to have such a lovely beach nearby x


Lucky you, being so near the sea and the beach. There's nothing like a blast of sea breeze to blow away the cobwebs. Enjoy your shandy!


I bet you will sleep like a log tonight with all that lovely sea air. Wish I lived closer to our spectacular beaches.
lol Denise x

Kate Bruning

I'm in shock!! When I left a comment on your gogeous blog the other day I had no idea that you illustrated 'There's a House Inside My Mummy'. We love it and read it religiously when I was pregnant with my second pregnancy.... and still do. We love your work!!!!!


We walked along our prom after Matthews tennis lesson late this afternoon. Very windy but sunny and sadly no sea glass. What a lovely beach you have. I could never live away from the sea it is soothing and invigorating at the same time. Enjoy your relaxing evening. Karenx

Helen Lambert

I love walking on the beach and collecting sea glass...I love your name for it too...we have a huge old jar in the bath room which is now a third full...bits from all our travels...and all those lovely places from the isle of skye to the normandy landings....


Love the bright green of the seaweed. And mermaid's tears - the sound of that is magical.

Looking forward to seeing the photos of your blanket squares!

kitschen pink

You are such a romantic pair! So sweet! Love it! Nowadays our beach walks are more about negotiating how far the boy should walk now that his trousers are soaked and he's over tired; 'just get to the dunes and then we'll see, just get to the rivulet and then we'll see, if you can make it to the boardwalk I'll buy you a fizzy pop at the Victoria.... hmm. No time for relaxing let alone romance anymore! HAHA! Wouldn't have it any other way! No honest I wouldn't. Really. (full marks to anyone who recognised a family walk on Holkham beach :-)!!)


I love the idea of glass being the tears of mermaids :D


Mmmm I can almost smell the salty air, you are so lucky to be near the sea and to have a man who understands the value of sea glass.


Lovely pictures! How lucky you were to have the weather to have a walk on the beach! It looked like you had a lovely walk! I am looking forward to seeing your completed squares.

Bobo Bun

What a fantastic way to end the day Vanessa. First picture is so relaxing and drew me stright in. Thanks for your help earlier. All printed up and looking lovely.

Lisa x


awwww, Vanessa.... this is a beautiful post!

Kate Bruning

I'm back again (and now feeling extremely daggy), I just realise when I was getting some books from our book case, you also illustrated 'Love is a Handful of Honey' - one of my all time favourites. Anyway, better let you go and I have to admit, I have a bit of crochet calling me. I love the mermaid tears by the way.


I do love sea pictures Vanessa. How lucky to have gorgeous weather like that. Nothing so nice here - cold and dull, yuk! x

Sharon Peters

Your blog is just wonderful - I think you should write books as well as illustrating them. I felt I was on that beach with you - fabulous!


I love taking a stroll along the beach, it is so romantic, I just love it.
And I love spending the whole day at the beach, in the height of summer, with my lovely hubby, walking on the rocks, eating fish and chips in the open air, strolling along the promenade and pier, it is great. xxxx


Some of your best photos! I love where I live (Kentucky), but covet the idea of being able to walk the beach and look for sea glass at any time.


ahhhhhhhhhhhhh what gorgeous photos!!!! Love them very much.
We are coming to Craster again end of Aug, i absolutely can't wait, miss the sea, and N'U v much.
Love to you

Kate MacDonald

My perfect day/evening/time in general - on the beach with the dogs and my man. We can't do it now as he isn't well enough these days so I tend to go alone, still, it makes for perfect times and memories.

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