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We also countdown to major events in "sleeps". Currently 14 sleeps 'til Legoland!
Being a night worker I also get a little obsessed with counting joined up sleeps, after tonight, I have 6 joined up sleeps, Mmm!
Bon Voyage, have a lovely time x


Have a wonderful holiday, and bring back lots and lots of photos, of course!

jane smallcombe

Have a fabulous time on your jolly hols! I haven't been to Greece either so will look forward to your photos!


Enjoy your holidays, looking forward to seeing your holiday creations and sketches. Have a great time!

Mummy Boo Bear

Have a great holiday, have lots of relaxing fun! look forward to seeing any holiday snaps you feel like sharing! (that's the closest I will ever get to abroad me thinks)

Bon Voyage!


Lindsey Rose

Have a fabulous time! I can't wait to see the photos! (you could always bring just a little yarn so you would have to buy some in Greece)

Helen Lambert

I will miss you...its hot hot hot in Greece so take plenty of sun screen...have a lovely time and take lots of photos...

kitschen pink

YAY! Have a great time! Will you shake the snow globe for us on your return? t.x


We will miss you. Have a brilliant time. xx


You'll be missed, Vanessa but I hope you both have a wonderful relaxing holiday. Steer clear of the Ouzo!
Hen x


Hope both you and Hugo have a wonderful time. At least you should be certain of good weather and make sure Hugo packs his sea-legs! Will miss you and look forward to lots of lovely pictures. Karenx

Beth P

Oh how wonderful, Vanessa! I went to Greece when I was in college and LOVED being there. Someday I'd love to go back. I hope you have a refreshing, restful, delightful time.

And the flowers in the previous post are absolutely gorgeous. What an amazing garden you must have.

Moe (Seaweed, Roses & Wool) x

Have a great time Vanessa, we will miss you, we will be waiting for you to come back and tell us all about it (and the new blanket you made at the beach ha ha!)
Bon Voyage!
Moe xx

Bobo Bun

Have a fabulous time Vanessa. I know you will.

Lisa x


Have a great time Vanessa, I will look forward to some stunning photos. Enjoy the sun, sea and hooking. Knitting needles and hooks allowed on the flights now. Kalinihta.
Denise x


Have a fantastic time Vanessa, looking forward to seeing all your crochet goodies and sketchbook sketches when you return! X

sally anne

I hope you have a fabulous time...umm I know you will, it will be a great place to try out that new camera !


hope you have a wonderful time, we'll miss you xoxo


Always take too much yarn on holiday, its so reassuring to have plenty even if you are too hot to do much. Have a wonderful time, we shall miss you and look forward to hearing all about your holiday.


Have a lovely holiday! I've been to a few Greek islands but never the mainland. I've loved every holiday there!


Hope you have a wonderful trip - I can only dream of going to Greece - bet it is beautiful.


Have a wonderful time in Greece :) Look forward to reading about your adventures when you get back.

Hugs from Australia


Have a great time, look forward to reading about it on your return!


Waving goodbye from across the sea. Have a lovely holiday, will be missed!


Have a wonderful time! What a beautiful location for a vacation! Crochet and sketchbook will probably keep you busy enough in the moments you're not snapping pictures with your new camera.


Enjoy yourself Vanessa, I hope you have a great time. xxx


Hope you have a lovely time
Felicity x x

Kate MacDonald

Oh Wow! Lucky lucky you. Hope you have a super time. CKx


Hi Vanessa, I have paired you up with someone for the Cosy Crochet and Knitting Swap, and that someone is me, I hope you don't mind me been your swap partner. I will post your parcel off to you when I know you have returned from your holiday. xxxx


Hi Vanessa, your swap partner for the Cosy Crochet and KNitting Swap is me. I will send your parcel off when I know your back home. xxxx

Isabel S./Lisbon-Portugal

Dear Vanessa, hope you're having a great time.Enjoy the sun, sea and your crochet. Can't wait to see photos and hearing all about yr holidays.Miss you a lot! Have a wonderful relaxing holidays.


hope you have had a great time on your hols. Look forward to hearing all about it. x


so... I'm a bit late in wishing you a happy holiday.. but how was it? I must admit I'm very jealous, I could seriously do with a holiday!

(just found your blog, great stuff. And me and my children loved the 'house inside my mummy' book when I was pregnant with no 3!!)

Cath W

Please tell us all about your holiday - my husband is in the process of buying a yacht and we're interested in doing the same type of sailing break. Cheers!

Mummy Boo Bear

Hi Vanessa hope you have had a lovely holiday. I have two awards for you on my blog.



I love the "big sleep" description. I'll have to start using that one. I hope you had a fantastic week away in the sun!


Hope you have had a lovely time.

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