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Sweet! I think I would like to relax with some crochet too, that's a good idea.


Sigh, we just adore our babies, don't we, whatever size they are, lol ( mine are a wee bit bigger )


Ellie is soooooo adorable, and the puppy & the guinea pig! Love the photo's they definitely (sp) have the awwww factor!
Big hugs, Bethxx

Mary Poppins

What lovely animal photographs, your doggies look adorable :)

Where are the mousey photographs! Ohooo hang on, I can take those for you ;)

Not caught yet, though I have had some fantastic tips on my blog post, chocolate, that seems the thing, he's not having any of mine though!




excellent guinea-pig inclusion!
we used to have loads (16 at one point) when i was a kid. can confirm they are the cutest baby animals - teensy bodies the same length as their heads, but massive ears... fitted 6 all lined up on my hand once, they were a day old.. squeak!

kitschen pink

You are such a softie. I'm afraid guinea pigs don't float my boat but Binky... well, Binky I am in love! (although of course Douglas and Ellie are looking adorable as ever!) t.x

Helen Lambert

I adore animals too, especially cats and dogs...however...put me withing a few yards of a rat and its full blown panic attack brown paper bag emergancy...very very emabarrasing when its in the middle of whitby in front of lots of holiday makers and my litle blessing at the age of 6!!! your doggies are lovely ..would love to give them a cuddle and the puppy would just fit in my pocket...


Guinea pigs are so cute aren't they? I love their wqueaks, though we had two living free range in our garden for a couple of years and they were truly vicious! Much better to keep handling them. Have a lovely day Vanessa x

Isabel S./Lisbon-Portugal

Awwwww!!! They are soooo cute!!! I Also adore animals. I have a dog, a beagle, his name is Trigo - in portuguese which means wheat. And he is adorable!! Love your photos.

Bobo Bun

Ellie made me laugh. She looks very much in control of you all and knows it.

One of our G.Pigs came to us pregnant without us knowing it. First I knew was when I saw a small furry thing running around the hutch. Umbilical cord intact so obviously just born. So Vanessa they do come out eyes open and all furry - and painfully big for the mummy Pig. No wonder Bluebell hated being cuddled.

They are truly funny, they all line up like old ladies on the seafront and watch us when we eat outside, Squeaking away.

Have a great weekend.

Lisa x


What a lovely collection of cuddly pets, I bet they are spoilt rotten and quite right too


I'm like you Vanessa, I love all animals, even rats and mice. I have always had animals, since the day I was born, I could not imagine my life without animals in it, I love them.
Your post is so cute! xxx

Mummy Boo Bear

I have cuteness overload. I used have G pigs. when I was about 20, the first one I had was call Billy after Billy Idol as he had white sticking up hair. The second one was a little cute black and sand one. She was call Alaska so if someone asked what her name was I would say Alaska! geddit???!! oh I know groan factor rating about 10 I think! lol.

My mum had a cute little yorkie when we were growing up called poppet. She was very sweet although once we got older hated younger children. Little growly thing she was at them. Then my DH and I had a Beagle called Ryley and they are super cute as puppies. But a lot of hard work though as they are very wilful dog. too intelligent by half.

Love you doggies and little Binky is just too cute. I want some cute cuddlely animals now!..

LOl. lovely cute post



your doggies are gorgeous. Notso sure about the rat bit personally but each to their own! x


I love curling up with belle purring beside me, although she's always after my wool!
I sometimes name my plants too!! he he!! We had William (Willie to his friends) the Chilli which my husband grew from seed, lovingly watered and looked after until one day I knocked it off the windowsill, poor old Willie never fully recovered after that!! xx


I'm biased but I can confirm that Binky is a complete honey! Her cousins aren't bad either ;-) Love the pics of Rosie and Susie, havent managed close up pics myself yet. xx

Kate MacDonald

A blog full of poppets! Very cute bu I@ll leave you with the rats, I do agree though their hands/paws are incredible but it's the tails. Eeek!



I j..............ust love your crochet squares which are the nearest to the ones my Nana used to make. I must post a pic of the waistcoats, not only me and my sister wore but also all of my girl cousins wore as children.
Do you have a pattern for those squares as I am not all that good at square crochet. I usually stop at flowers..?

I do love, love, love the Guinea Pig. I used to keep guinea Pigs myself and had many which I used to pamper and show at village events winning two and a half pence and a Rosette. Does he eat well? He looks like a proper Guinea Pig and not one of these skinny whinny ones that are being bred these days x squeeeeek x


Awwww....your little animals are so sweet...what little cuties they are!!!!!

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