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Aaaargh! I have not even started my crochet goodies yet!
Luckily my sweet swapee is on holiday for a bit so I have an extension - thank you Nicola - I need it.
Your gifts look lovely Vanessa, what a lot of thought you have put into them x

jane smallcombe

I love the first photograph - a RIOT of colour! I am so pleased you emjoyed your hols but so happy you have returned - I missed my daily catch up with you. I must take part in one of these swaps! It looks such good fun! Hugs, Jane x


I read somewhere that you should never give a present that isn't beautifully wrapped - you've obviously read the same thing. Lovely gifts made and presented with love, Melanie will be over the moon, in fact I know she is because I just read the post on her blog.


Hello Vanessa, Sorry you are disappearing in the mist! Its very humid and thundery down here but I do love a good storm so here's hoping. I love the necklace you made and I would love the pattern although my crochet skills might be stretched to the limit. You keep giving us wonderful crochet things to aspire to make. As for THAT tennis match I felt so stressed just watching. I hope he has an easier time of it tomorrow. By the way Tom says thank you for your lovely comment. He is glad someone is sympathetic to his having to dress up in this heat! Karenx


Hello Vanessa,
What a lovely post! Wish I'd known about that swap (and got you as my swap partner, of course)! Just the basket and the spotty paper would do it for me. You've given me an idea for the crocheted hearts; I've had there sitting around very lonely for a while. The bunting looks cute, I've also been toying with putting them on a cushion. Particularly loving the crocheted necklace. Lovely colours by the way, do you mind me asking what yarn it is? I bet your niece will be after one of those soon!
Hen xxx


I'm envying you your sea mist. Although today is nice and not humid, it is hot here. Mist sounds like the perfect weather for reading and needlework of any kind.

Those are all lovely gifts! Your crocheted items are the best part - and I, too, am curious as to what yarn you used. The colors are so vivid!


I think this is the swap I would have liked to participate in. Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed, as I don't have a blog! Anyway, I'll just have to place an order for one of your lovely paintings. What hardship!

Shelley in SC

Lucky Melanie!! I especially love the cheerful bunting! What an exceptionally sweet and generous swap!

Mary Poppins

Ohooo I am so pleased you had a wonderful holiday :) and my oh my what beauties Melanie received from you, adorable, everything, gorgeousness all rolled into one sweet swap parcel. I have fallen in love, yes with a sweet little crocheted necklace, it is BEAUTIFUL and what wonderful colours you have used. I do beleive it to be the sweetest necklace I have ever seen :)

I am loving Hugo's tie, my Mr. Poppins has many a colurful tie like that too, I find them very fetching, I think my favourite of Mr. Poppins' is a pink Gerbra one I bought him for an anniversary, my, one could have bought a small car for the price it cost me, but I do so love it.

Big welcome home hugs


Mary Poppins

Gerbra is of course spelt Gerbera ;)

My spelling is getting worse as I get older, good job I have a seven year old who seems quite gifted in that department :)


Moe (Seaweed, Roses & Wool) x

Oh Vanessa,
Your Crochet goodies are gorgeous and inspiring as always! I also read Mel's Blog and know that she was delighted with them, they arrived at a perfect time too, You will put the rest of us to shame! I am still frantically organising things for my swap partner! I wish i was as organised as you!
Moe x


Hello Vanessa

I have been reading your blog for about a month or two and now find it is one of my favorites to look forward to. Love, Love , Love all the crochet goodies. Thats what I'm especially interested in. The crochet necklace is a winner and I would love the pattern for it. I hope you post it soon as I cannot wait to make it for some special people in my life.
Thanks for the inspiration!!! Vickie C


I would gladly swap this incessant blazing sun, temps up to 88 degrees, for your har and cooling mist. I know most people love the sun, but I am allergic to heat of this intensity and so am stuck indoors all the time, with fans in every room.

Your box of goodies was truly wonderful... again... you put the rest of us to shame! I absolutely love the bunting, would love to do it for my granddaughters room, but it's home made and I've mentioned (more than once 'cos it peeves me so) how her mother doesn't like home-made. Maybe I'll make it for me, for my workroom. Yes, to heck with it... I will..... have a lovely day Vanessa.


Love reading your blog! The idea of swap partners is soooo cool! where can I get one??? The necklace is so pretty and the colours..yes! it makes me feel happy too!!!


We are also dissapearing in sea mist and cloud here ( on the coast of Fife), Your swap gifts are beautiful. Thank you for the lovely photo's!
Big Hugs, Bethxxx

Bobo Bun

Your blog is the most fabulous eye candy. It makes me feel so uplifted each time I look at it Vanessa. New camera is doing marvels with your skill behind it.

Lisa x

Mummy Boo Bear

Ahhh Vanessa

so glad you are back, supplying me with my daily colour fest fix.(try saying that after one to many glasses of pimms!)

Love the bunting and necklaces. Love the bunting on your gorgeous shelves too. Your blog is a colour tonic.

Thank you.



How lovely

I especially love the bunting - I'd never thought of crocheting bunting before!



Melanie is a lucky girl.
I watched the Murray match too, it was edge of your seat stuff. He won much more easily today, looking forward to the next match.

Kate MacDonald

What a gorgeous set of things. You are very clever & extremely kind. Not surprised you couldn't resist the Swap.


Yes please, post the pattern for the flowery crocheted necklace, it's gorgeous!!!

Erica K

Melanie is such a lucky gal! That's the most wonderful gift!


I think you have a thorough understanding in this matter. You describe in detail all here.


I liked your site, you are very interesting to write. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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