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Isabelle (France)

Hello! I'm a fairly new reader of your blog and must tell you how much I look forward to reading it every day! Thank you very much for what you do. It is funny because I found your blog by following a link on another blog and then realised you were the illustrator of "the best gift of all" which we've got here in French! Me and my girls bought it for my husband earlier this year as he had been unsuccessful in getting rid of a mole in our garden :o).
Anyway, it's lovely to come here! Bye!


I've so enjoyed your pictures today. Foxgloves are a favourite of mine too and I let them do their own thing everywhere. In fact, I can't bear to dig them up so they take over a bit!
Deb x


Foxglove lover here too! I especially love watching bees disappearing up inside them and then reversing out again!

I love your blog, it's so happy and colourful and makes me smile. I'm so glad I found it!


Hi Vanessa. Love the pictures and admire the fact you were out in the rain! Too heavy here ALL DAY...yuk! xx


I hadn't realised you were the illustrator of "A Magic Donkey Ride".... a book that myself and my charge shared and adored...... I shall be able to whisper: "Hey, guess what....." in her ear tomorrow.. Lovely post, lovely blog. x


Gorgeous photos. Glad to know someone else lets the foxgloves take over. Trouble is I let the forget-me-nots do it as well!


The foxgloves are beautiful and I adore the view of the countryside behind them!


The above comments have prompted me to also leave a comment on your lovely blog I read daily. :-) My little grandson loved your illustrations in 'There's a House inside my Mummy'...he now has a baby sister but I had to read the story again today.


Love the Pink!
I've always been tempted to go have my fortune told....there are 2 things that I need to hear to know if it's fake or not..
1) I have a twin sister
2) My Mom died when we were 4 months old.

I am a very happy person, but I still wake up EVERY day and say to myself "today, I CHOOSE happiness". I have found it keeps me far away from any negativity all day! =)
Have a most wonderful weekend!


I so look forward to reading your blog and looking at the latest photos, and was quite beside myself - there was just room enough - when for some reason blogger removed my 'blogs I follow' contents. There was nothing there.... and it was too darned hot to try and rectify it, but thank heavens when I came on this morning, it all opened up as per usual.
We have rampaging foxgloves too, as you will have seen from my blog, growing wild against a fence at the bottom of the garden... and under the cherry trees... beside the summer house... in a dark corner, in a bright and sunny spot, they are just so accomodating aren't they?
I like to think I am a positive person as well as a happy one... have always been the latter, but not always the former, but age has definitely improved me in many ways. Sadly, the ways you can't see!
Enjoy your weekend with Hugo.. how are your lovely dogs, no pix for a while....


Oh Vanessa those foxgloves are lovely. It seems to have been an exceptional year for them as the lanes here in Sussex are full of the beautiful spires. I especially love your photo of them against that gorgeous stone wall; foxgloves and old stone walls are two of my favourite things. Have a lovely day - Andy Murray to watch later! Karenx

Mary Poppins

Beautiful :)



Lovely lovely flowers and the colours are amazing! I love what you did with the photo's too.
Big Hugs, Bethxx

The Curious Cat

Such gorgeous photos once again - how do you do it? Fortune tellers are very clever at reading people... by being expressionless, you certainly made it harder for her. I once spoke to one over the phone. It was a bit errie...he said I'd fall in love with a guy significantly older than me and at first I would resist him - that happened like clockwork! He also said a load of other things that happened! Weird!

Kate Bruning

They must be opium poppies because I feel so happy and high when I look at them. How did you not eat all the plants in a goat-like manner - they are so delicious.


those colours are just zinging! Such brightness. Reminds me of your crochet necklace - happiness in colour form. x


PS Meant to say re the fortune teller - I went to see one about 20 years ago, and thought it was just for a laugh, but he told me I'd marry someone who was connected with Australia but not Australian - he was a bit vague and said he couldn't quite follow what the link was but that was the best explanation he could give - turns out I married a Kiwi, who was, at the time the reading was done, living in Australia! So perhaps there is something in it all after all...

greedy nan

I once visited a palm reader when I was in my previous life. She told me all sort of strange things and I remember going away thinking "what a load of rubbish". However, some of the more serious premonitions did come true and my life has been all the better for it. Hmmm!

Helen Cowans

Can you tell me where this beautiful garden is please? I guess its somewhere local. My favourite flowers are poppies and foxgloves. Thanks.


What a beautiful garden! It is lovely to visit such places! Our front garden has wild orange poppies growing and they are in 3 stages, bloomers, dead ones and seeded buds. I love bursting the buds and seeing the seeds fly out...I know I'm strange!!

Kate MacDonald

That was really cheery & happy and really everso colourful and has made me all smiley! Thank you!

Helen Lambert

I love fox gloves too...they remind me of my childhood...I could have told you that you were a happy person, well thays how you come across, please make cheque for £10 payable to H Lambert

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