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Hee Hee, I've had dogs like that...stand at the door, sniff the air then turn around and go back to the fire, just because it's raining!
Hope you have a good weekend and don't get too wet.
Deb x


weather is awful here too, but your blue "skies" and buttercups have certainly added some welcome colour. xox


My soppy Lab puppy wouldn't step in puddles for ages, until he realised it rains a lot in Holland and you have to get used to getting wet! He doesn't have that problem now - it is just me - I hate the rain. Fortunately we had the storms in the night and the sun is shining, so we have had dry walks today.
Enjoy your weekend
A xx

Isabelle (France)

Hi Vanessa! I love your beautiful pictures!! My husband has taught our girls ths buttercup trick, but I had never heard of it before then.
The weather here in Alsace is also cold and very wet. We've had several frightening thunderstorms that have kept me and the girls awake at night this week(funnily, my husband slept through it all, how is that possible?!!).
I hope you tell us about the feminist's talk! Bon week-end! :o)


Hi Vanessa! Love your blog! Just spent what seems like the whole afternoon on mine (with interruptions!)the main one being everytime I switch on the computer there's a big rumble of thunder and I have to dash round switching everything off! So the Norfolk weather is no better than yours! I absolutely LOVE the colours on your crochet blanket, what yarn have you used? Your dachshunds are very sweet. I have a short haired miniature dachshund puppy waiting to join us at home here in September, he's only 10 days old! Thanks for a great read, I'll call by again!


The weather has just got worse and worse here...yuck!! Lady won't even go to the door, she just looks at us as if to say 'yeah right, you can go on your own!!!'. If she does go to the door, as she did about 30mins ago, then we know she is desperate...she runs out, does what she needs to do and runs back in!!!


You have such an inspiring Blog !
I love the picture of the buttercups and the crocheted hearts are awesome.


I thought of the "butter" cup game as soon as I saw the title of this post.
I think Germaine would embrace you exercising your right to knit. A friend and I had a discussion at work about feminism the other night, based on us having rights to stay at home and knit, sew, bake and mother...but then of course pretty yarn doesn't pay for itself!!

Helen Lambert

wonderful pictures as always...I must take my Lumix off automatic auto...I love buttercups...they remind me of my childhood...we always used to see if we liked butter.....

kitschen pink

I'm sure Ms. Greer is big enough to know there's more to womens' rights than having time to knit... I once read a lovely story about Kate Adie sitting and doing tapestries whilst being kept waiting to speak to dictators and world leaders. Apparently she would get very cross if she had been kept waiting for days and then they finally agreed to see her before she finished her stitching! t.x (the storms here seem to have taken most of the mud and grit in the garden and plonked it onto our lettuces! pah! x

elizabeth of course

I love crocheted hearts! every year I thinK I'll make a ton in cotton for washcloths for Valentine's but never end up having the time, haha!
Anyway, I'm hosting a colour challenge this week and next and today happens to be yellow so I linked over to this, being such a nice coincidence!

Kate MacDonald

Oh how I LOVE walking in the rain and my three mutts couldn't care less fortunately! I expect it is because they haven't been given the choice!
We haven't had much up here so once I have taken the rabble out I'll be watering the garden - again!
Such a cheery post. I am in awe that you find the time and subject matter to write daily. I once gave it consideration but that was as far as it went!

Kate Bruning

How exciting seeing Germaine Greer. I just feel alive knowing she is in the world. Surely she would support knitting for pleasure and by choice. Feminism after all is about us being able to have all options available in life. Maybe to get the whole equality thing up in lights, Hugo could sit there knitting too.

Bobo Bun

Can't wait to hear her response. If she's in a good mood I'd say yes to knitting as equality has won us the right to be and do whatever we choose. I used to be such a militant feminist. Age has softened me greatly.

Colours perfect antidote for a soggy walk Vanessa.

Enjoy your evening.

Lisa x


Germaine Greer? GERMAINE GREER?????? oh, spill the beans..... SPILL, THE BEANS......... (purrlllllleeeeeeeasssse?????)x


I envy you your rain, although one of my dogs hates thunder and refuses to go out for a walk if he hears a slight rumble.

Lovely combinations of blue and yellow!!


We had the stormy weather yesterday, love it.. but then, I don't have doggies to walk! I am looking forward to hearing if you actually did do your knitting whilst listening to Ms Greer.. she might take it that you were bored by her and as I know she isn't backwards in coming forwards, wonder would she say anything to you?


I now sure what Ms.Greer's response will be to knitting but I know that she's a keen gardener which to my mind means that she must be a nice person :)


First I thought yes take your knitting of course you can, then I thought Ms Greer might think you weren't concentrating on what she was saying if you were knitting so no, then I couldn't decide so I waited till you'd gone. Now I'm wondering what happened.


The yellow buttercup hearts are so cute, but then again, yellow is without a doubt, my favourite colour!!



Hi Vanessa, I blogged about your beautiful blanket tonight - here's the link...

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