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Poor you, you do not sound yourself at all. You new blankie is lovely, I am trying a giant "granny" at the moment, but it is horribly mishapen, I must be doing something wrong.
Have a nice evening x


Oh, the accounts sound pants, I hated maths when I was at school and I leave anything of that nature up to my other half now.
Anyway, onto more exciting things, the blanket looks fab! I was very disappointed not to see the little four legged furry friend on it though... I love the cushions too, golly, I just want to sink down in it myself after the day of tidying and ironing I've had.
Hope the accounts will be done soon.
Hen x

Mummy Boo Bear

Poor you, you sound done in. I have to say its the accounts bit that frightens me to make headway into selling some of my crafts. Well that and it might be pants! lol.

Hope you enjoy a good loll and lounge on your new colourtastic throw. Love the cushions too and the blue painted trunk. and I hope your cute little doggy gives you furry cuddles to perk you up.

take care


Bertie Meadows

Such a cheery sofa, a cup of tea sat in all that vintage loveliness will sort you out.
Bertie x


Thats a lovely blanket, it seems to fit your sofa perfectly and those gorgeous cushions look very comfortable. Hope you have a lovely relaxing evening and feel better very soon. Karenx


hope a rest on that gorgeous blanket soon has you all refreshed xoxo


ooh Vanessa I am drooling over your couch and cushions! I love those old CK prints! I think we need to see more of your house :) hope you feel better soon too xxx


What a great blanket! New and old at the same time - makes me want to pick up my crochet hook and make one - actually it would make a good project for my upcoming holiday but I've sort of planned to knit a shawl. I'm new to your blog and have subscribed - hope you can come and visit mine sometime...



That's a beautiful granny square blanket! It's about the only blanket I can crochet, but such fun!

Enjoy your well-deserved rest! I drank 2 cups of tea this afternoon in your honor!


a perfect place to have a rest and revive.....enjoy


Oh I know how you feel Vanessa. So tired at the moment and energy seems to have gone on holiday! Hope you feel better today xx


I am gobsmacked that people buy these crocheted blankets, and this is no reflection on you at all, but I have several of them, and never thought of them as 'vintage' or saleable in any way at all... just made them 'cos I loved doing them and the results too, were loveable! And that's the best reason for making them isn't it?
Sorry to hear you're a bit discombobulated today.. I get many of those days, and find the best thing to do is........... nothing I don't want to or feel like doing. So here's to a toes up on that sofa!


Sorry to hear that you are not yourself today, tommorows another day, Your new blanket is lovely,a brilliant buy!
Big Hugs,

Suzy's Vintage Attic

Hello Vanessa

I have just discovered your beautiful blog!
I hope that you feel better soon. I can sympathise as I am self employed and running behind with so many things at the moment... Horrible feeling.
Take care
Isabelle x


I love the look of your new couch. Enjoy. Your blog is just stunning. I am looking forward to having a look through some of your older posts. I am fairly new to crochet and find your work really inspirational so thanks. I hope you feel better soon.


have come to you via 'antidote' and I love the title of your blog as I'm often caught saying 'dymiik?', I have just started what I hope will be a blanket not dissimilar to the beautiful one you have received. Am going to check out the shop just in case my crochet perserverance wears off.


Gorgeous blanket and sounds like you definitely need some snuggling time - accounts stuff sounds like a hideous brain-ache. Hope it is all out of the way now xx

Shelley in SC

If you have to have a "down" day, this is the perfect couch and blanket on which to have it. I hope you had and fabulous cuddle in amongst your floral pillows and wooly crochet and soon feel your old spicy self again!!

Lisa Sasser

I am so sorry that I can not burrow into your wonderful sofa. I would stay there all day! Your new blanket is beautiful!


Hope the sofa cheered you up! Accounts are deadly. Sofas are good.


Hello Vanessa,
How fab your blanket looks. You were made for each other!
Hope you're feeling better today?
Deb x


That looks like the best sofa ever!

Philippine Real Estate

This is so beautiful.. and so colorful.

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