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Isabelle (France)

Hi Vanessa! So interesting! We are going on holiday to North Yorkshire next month and will be near Rosedale when the show is on. I did not know what to expect but have a better idea now thanks to your lovely pictures. I hope we don't have to dress as smartely as the girls on one of your pics! :o)
Bonne soirée! Isabelle x


What a splendid day you had there. Am definately with you on the fair isle tank top - it was robbed!

Kate Bruning

The chicken wire is hysterical and I can't help imagine the person who decided it (I paused there for a moment to imagine...). The colours are gorgeous and I have to agree with you on the voting. Maybe there were a few long-standing grdges swaying the judges. Lucky you weren't on a tv show as a murder might have happened over the winning knitting entrant.

Bobo Bun

I always enjoy the pasta made into floral sculptures at our county show. Anything that nasty deserves a look. Wish I'd come along your show looks great. Intense zinginess of the flowers colours reminds me of some 1950's flower coasters I had.

Lisa x


How do you get the colours so intense in your photos? Do you use a fancy camera? Or maybe play with the colours on your computer?


Oooh, that was brill, right up my street, thanks so much for the virtual visit, and I agree with you on most counts: fair isle tanktop, grumpy bull etc and I just LOVE lemon curd, probably more than jam (golly, better not admit that too loudly in my jam obsessed household).
Hen x
P.S. Boden have their new season range on the website, (well the weather is pretty rubbish), and there is a fabby fair isle tanktop!


looks like an amazing show, the chicken wire is just hilarious! xox


Wow! Full on colour post to read on very wet and miserable day.That fairisle top just stands out amongst the others, doesn't it? I would have loved to have gone to that show. x

The Curious Cat

Gorgeous photos as usual! Looks like you had a lovely time at the country show! The alpaca's look funny shaven! xxx


Such a lovely post. The alpacas shorn necks look like ribbed socks! I would love to have seen the expressions on the alpacas faces when they saw your doggies! I love these sorts of shows but the judges are always out of touch with the rest of us! I would love to own a Fair Isle tank top especially worn with a crisp white shirt! x

melanie galloway

I love your blog Vanessa, it cheers me up so much! xxx
I'm putting a few extra things in your swap parcel, to say sorry for the delay, will post it as soon as I can leave the house. xxx


Ooh Lemon Curd ....lovely .... I made some yesterday with eggs from our chooks .... it was so much more yellow than shop bought eggs .... we had it spread on homemade Scotch Pancakes and I love Lemon Curd & Greek Yoghurt together .... mmmmmmmmm


Oh, those alpacas! They look like they're wearing cabled knit turtlenecks! Too funny.

Excellent photos! You have a great eye.

Pernickity Witch

What a gorgeous day you had! It's our County Show soon, but don't think that we will get such glorious sunshine.

I think someone stole it. Investigations are in progress!


Wow..what a huge show..nothing like our annual village event. I too love that 'grumpy'

Wonerful colourful blog!

kitschen pink

You capture it all so beautifully! the raspberry jams look like heaven! Our neighbours run an alpaca farm and they are the most delightful creatures - so sociable and the babies are very cute!
Now, I'm a bit concerned that the exhibits are behind wire - rough neighbourhood you live in? t.x


Love those dachshunds too!!! I have a mini red-smoothie named "Happy" who thinks she's human.


I must admit when I put knitting into our local show I always worry about it being in the hall all day and only relax when I get it back. Maybe I should suggest the chicken wire?


Can anyone knit out there?, if so please email me [email protected].

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