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Oh dear, sounds a bit like me at the moment...I put something down and instantly forget where I put it, it's been causing me all sorts of problems. Thankfully mine should go away once the baby is born as I'm not normally so forgetful!



Well, I do hope you find them. I put it down to "old age"! Yesterday, I left 2 bags of shopping in the trolley, only realised once back at the car. It was exciting stuff too, sewing supplies, magazines and a dress. Luckily, I rushed back, everyone had pushed their trolleys in so mine was buried about 8 deep but the bags were still there. Phew! What a senior moment!
Enjoy the knitting.
Hen x


Hi Vanessa, Its pouring with rain down here but very warm. Youngest son has just said he wishes it was winter as he is too hot! I have lost my favourite, gorgeous little knitting scissors - just put them down somewhere and they have vanished - so annoying. I love the painting of the cup with the little floating flowers. Karenx

Nicola Stone

Hi Vanessa, I forget where I put things too, I have lost a large box of Water colour pencils somewhere in the house.(I hope) I get frustrated with some of my forgetfulness, luckily probably not alzheimers as my Mum says Ive always been like it! I am not sure whether I imagined this but have a half formed memory of lending the pencils to a neighbours child during Feb half term or the very snowy days we had off school. I asked the ones I thought it was and a "definate no" was their answer. So I tidy and hunt on!
I love reading your blog it inspires me.
I came to read it through your knitting but enjoyed those little paintings and spotty crockery and since realised that we have the Tooth fairy book and that inspired a whole letter writing thing a few years back when my eldest now 12 got the book!
HOpe your pics turn up!


this is too funny! Just the other day, I told hubs "i'll put this in a safe place" and he said, "that means we'll never see it again!" argh! Then years down the road, I'll run across it and wonder "so THIS is where I put it!". ROFL!


i too am a master secret keeper as i almost instantly forget everything people tell me.......they all think i am wonderfully discreet but i know better!


Those two paintings are lovely. I do hope they 'show up' for you. Now I'm even wondering where they could be!!! x


oh i love the tea cup painting, its gorgeus, Im pants at remembering things too, I found a link here

with some lovely vintage crochet blankets and other bits too, also Im sorry to say I tagged you over at Joshy and Belle too, please dont hate me, he he!! Fliss xx


Lovely paintings! I also love the country fair photos (we have those here in rural Maine and they're wonderful), but the shoe/tea/knitting photo is my favorite.


I have a great little saying 'nothing's ever lost' whenever I have my senior moments ... and usually it isn't as it's always lurking somewhere in the house just waiting to be found. In our house keys and glasses seem to be moved around by little fairies as everybody swears they left them in a safe place !!


They're beautiful paintings! I certainly hope you find them soon.

Gerry Hook

It is fustrating to not be able to put your hands on something and have to take days for it to surface.
Weather here in mid-Missouri is one of the coolest in recent history. PLUS we are still receiving rain, this being our normally dry time of year.
Our knit group was talking about you last evening at our monthly meeting. We your ears burning???

The Curious Cat

Ah those paintings are so cute and peaceful should make your own cards!


Sometimes its really nice to rediscover things you'd forgotten about, equally its totally irritating not to be able to find things you know you have. Somewhere in this house are many boxes of Christmas cards I bought in a sale, they've been missing for several years. Still raining here, I feel a craft afternoon coming on.


These are truly beautiful paintings,
I hope you find them real soon.

melanie galloway

I do hope you find them Vanessa, they are such beautiful paintings. xxxx

Liz T.

That sounds just like me. I bought Franklin Habit's "Guys with Yarn" calendar last September and put it away "safely" until after Christmas. Come January - could I find it anywhere in our smallish flat? No way!

Good luck with finding the paintings.

Suzy's Vintage Attic

Hello Vanessa

Beautiful paintings! I am going to pop in to a book shop tomorrow to have a look at some of the illustrations from the books. I really like your work! My Father paints beautifully, sadly something I have not inherited from him! Definately going to treat myself to one of your paintings soon.
Isabelle x

Judith Tetley

Your work is lovely you live in Australia?
Kind Regards

Shelley in SC

Oh, this is frustrating!! Especially when you can even visualize where you know it should be. Grrrrrr!!! Sure hope they pop up at just the right time!!

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