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Hello Vanessa,
Expensive maybe...but nice to look at!
Have a lovely weekend whatever you get up to.
Deb x
(something in the post for you today! x)

Moe (Seaweed, Roses & Wool) x

Mmmmm, the garden center looks great, I always find though that places like that are much better if you could manage to leave everyone at home and just go by yourself!! You seem to be able to have a better Root around!! Anyway looks like you had a great day anyway! Pictures are gorgeous as always!
Moe xx

Gerry Hook

Circular saw ? ? ? That could go two ways - -
either something very useful
or - - -
somethiing being de-constructed.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Love going on all of your adventuresome outings with you.

Helen Lambert

I thought I was the only woman who had a husband who hid chocolate.....I love the looks wonderful...have a lovely weekend...I am back at work for the final day of the festival..loads of big bands are playing..but the forecast is rain...


Hello! I just found your lovely blog! Perhaps Hugo is building a safe to keep the choccie in? hubby has to hide our supplies too...last time I found it in an old biscuit tin in the garage...there is no hiding place! :) love, Tina x


I have this rule: His chocolate is "ours", but mine is "MINE"... :O) x


Circular saw?! Maybe he's going to make a replica of one of the "ridiculously expensive" items you saw!


I have to hide the chocolate from my husband. He's always snaffled it when I come to use it for baking, or eating. Very frustrating, and oh so annoying when I am craving it!


Hi Vanessa, I'm still working on a few more things for your swap parcel, but all is almost complete and nearly ready to go, I'm really enjoying making things for you, I just hope you like them.
Take Care
Love Melanie xxxxx


Hi Vanessa, I too have a husband who hides chocolate,a bar can last him months, only a square at a time. It must be a man thing.
The expensive garden centre looks great,so different from your run of the mill ones. Have a great weekend. Denisexxx


Oooh, I've been fancying going there, is that Skye Gyngell's foodie place? As I live in London there's no excuse now you've shown us how lovely it is but I'll definitely leave Mr HH at home, wouldn't want my shopping style cramped!
Hen x


Hope you have had a lovely weekend with lots of sunshine. Are we going to get a peep at Hugo's creativity? I am terrified of those saws and ours lives in the garage where I can't see it, along with every other woodworking tool a man might need! Going to try and crochet a heart this evening as yours look so lovely. Karenx

kitschen pink

a gallery in Holt sells similar tutti frutti glasses - I YEARN for one! I'd save it for very annoying mornings and drink just plain water and enjoy the moment! I'd maybe sit in bed so if I dropped it the mattress would limit any damage! t.xx

The Curious Cat

Hey Vanessa, Thanks for dropping by! Not sure if he will win her over - need to think about it...I am thinking probably yes but she might also do something cruel to him first. I want to write a little book of strange tales and illustrate them and this picture kind of sparked off the idea...we shall see, maybe one day! I have two story ideas in the pipeline though so whilst I'm still enthusiastic and motivated, I think I'll crack on!

PS I know what you mean about chocolate - I'm like that! My mum is also terrible. One year a cry came from the garage where we kept our spare fridge. My brother had stored all his Easter Egg chocolate in there at the tender age of 8 only to open the fridge and find my mum had devoured the whole lot! I think she replaced it but we still laugh about it to this day! Chocolate makes us go weak at the isn't easy to resist when it calls! xxx

Kate MacDonald

Haven't had much chance to read your lovely blog recently (B back in hospital) but I have enjoyed your lovely pictures this afternoon.


I was just thinking how lovely those glasses were - but at £100 ????!! I'd never drink from them, in case. As you say,the thought is enough to make you drop one. I'd rather have nice things, but not things that are so expensive/precious that you're on edge about using them. Looks like a fab place though - would consider putting on the list of places to visit when next in London, but since I'll have M (doing the moaning about prices husband thing) and the children (who I wouldn't dare let loose in a place with expensive breakables, perhaps not!) I shall just enjoy your pictures instead - much cheaper and safer!

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