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Those two have a blissful life, don't they?


Yay, a photo of the furry friends, thanks for that. Don't they look too adorable for words. My cats would definitely head straight for that sofa with its cosy blanket and monopolise it for as long as possible.
Of course, you can say you love it and why wouldn't you, it's absolutely lovely, gorgeous colours. Look forward to the grand reveal...
Hen x


I think I'm in love with Douglas..... he is just so adorable. Not that your little lady isn't, but there is just something about Douglas in this photograph.
And excuse me, but I see absolutely nothing wrong in admitting you love something you have created... if you didn't love it, you wouldn't have persevered would you, and why spend all this time on something you didn't actually love? Just to say you did it? I don't think so, do you? I love all the things I make, which is why it will be hard if I ever get around to having the courage to sell them on a separate blogspot. I love your blanket, the riot of colour is just brilliant.

Helen Lambert

Oh Vanessa I cant wait to see your looks wonderful you have such an eye for colour and used such vibrant combinations...I am only using three colours for mine ( note the word mine and not , for once sweet P's) I am addicted to blankets, I just ove them and we have tons all over the house. well just a training day tomorrow and then I am on holiday...I cant wait...oved mountains today and I only have half my courswork to mark...hurray...a post is on its and hugs and a big thank you for all the love and encouragement...H

Bobo Bun

Ellie and Douglas are good at speaking with their eyes. A serious you will not be moving us look there.

Colours are delicious as I would expect Vanessa. Can't believe all the hard work that you've put in there.

Lisa x

jane smallcombe

Another colour inspiring post Vanessa. As I am writing, we are experiencing a thunderstorm and it is rather gloomy. Your post has cheered me up no end and I am now debating whether to start a new crochet project! I cannot wait to see your blanket complete and in all its glory - what a reveal that will be. I will be checking your blog every day to make sure I see it at the earliest opportunity!

Hugs, Jane x


Wow! It looks so cosy and the colours are wonderful. There's absolutely nothing wrong with loving your creations - I am head-over-heels with my quilt!


Ooooh, all those glorious colours! The blanket is looking just fab, PLEASE hurry up and let us have a pic of the whole thing, lol, we just can't wait to see it in all its glory.

Your furry family members are adorable. At least they are small enough so that you CAN share the settee with them. I often end up sitting on the floor because my two darlings decide to take over the settee ( Rhodesian Ridgebacks ). But they look so cute and are cuddled up together so lovingly, we can't turf them off, lol.


How lovely your blanket will be - may we know what yarn you've used? The colours are just lovely. As are the dogs :-)


That's the most beautiful blanket I've ever seen. I've come in a bit late here but am wondering what yarn you're using - the colours are lovely. It looks like a flowery summer garden. And how are you joining the blocks together? I'm going over to your sidebar to look at the "how-to" now.


Me again. Would you mind if I used one of your blanket photos in my next blog post and linked to your blog? The tutorial is excellent - photos are very clear.

Mummy Boo Bear

Another colourlicious Post there Vannessa! I think I just might have to move permantly into your home! lol.

That blanket is gorgeous, and I think its great when you have worked on something yourself and know in your heart that its what you wanted in everyway.

Those doggies of yours are way too cute, lucky thing I have my computer upstairs because if my little Boo Bear saw those two she would be moving into your house with me. And I dont reckon your sofa would be able to stand so much traffic! he he he



Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see the big reveal, too. You should be proud of your lovely crocheted blanket - and I hope one day to use your pattern to make one, too!


You blanket colours look lovely, and I can't wait to see it all...worth every hour spent with a hook and all you have to do is think about your next project...maybe if you have time and can visit some freeform inspiration might be just what you need !


It is looking gorgeous Vanessa, can't wait for the big "reveal" :) I really really wanna have a go at crochet, I am just worried I'll mess it up then never try again!
Loving the cushions on your sofa too X


Hi Vanessa, I love your blanket too, the colours are wonderful. Perhaps one day I will be able to crochet with confidence - finding it difficult to understand patterns at the moment! Your doggies are adorable - Douglas looks as if he's giving you a dirty look for disturbing his comfort to take a photo. Karenx


Oh Vanessa,
its FANTASTIC, thought id shout it!! its gorgeous, when you were making it it looked pretty but now its heaven!!

Thanks for your nice comment, that is the only thing about children they don't understand when your slowing dying on the sofa and just want to sit and wallow!!! luckily my throat is feeling back to normal now, Steve says its probably because I talk too much, (hmm not sure about that!!) I posted the pattern today sorry for the delay!
Fliss xx


Your blanket is amazing! You totally deserve to be proud of it - it's one of a kind.

I don't blame you or your furry friends for wanting to relax on the blankets and sit for a while!


Your blanket is so pretty!
I want one. If I were the one making it, I would be telling everyone about it. ^_^

Pups are cutie pies, too.


I'm making a crochet throw and I feel the same! I can't believe that I have made it, but I am loving it and think I am fantastic too... shhhh...

Yours is fantastic and you have every right to be proud! :)


The colours are beautiful - and the terriers, too! There is something about terrier faces that is irrestible - I have a Scottie and a Border in consequence!

Pomona x


beautiful work.........well done you


your blanket is gorgeous, you are right to be proud of it - I'd be thrilled and amazed if I ever managed something half as good as that.

Ellie and Douglas are adorable - they look so cute sat there - I've a feeling you and Hugo aren't going to get a look in at that sofa this weekend - it definitely looks like they've decided it's their space!


Vanessa your blanket is looking great - I love the colours they are so sumptuous!!! Yummy!!

My cat and especially my dog love knitted and crocheted blankets! They have a dog (Lady) INSISTS on curling up under one when she's on THEIR sofa!


You have such an eye for colours.The blanket is gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous...oh and so are the dogs !

Miss Muggins

your crochet blanket is absolutely gorgeous. You are right to feel so proud.

melanie galloway

I love your crochet squares, really looking forward to seeing them made into a blanket, and there is nothing wrong with saying you love what you've created, you should be very proud of yourself, and you have every right to love your work. xxxx

Liz T.

I agree - a quick colour fix is great. Especially on such a grey day.


Beautiful colours, beautiful blanket. Your tutorial looks excellent. I want to crochet a blanket too (other people's blogs are just too inspirational!), and I'll definitely be back to use your instructions. Looking forward to seeing the blanket photos when it's completed.


I am loving the sneak peak of your blanket :) The colours look fantastic together and I can't wait to see the final reveal.

I am glad that you love your blanket - go forth - be proud and crochet many many more :)

Have a wonderful weekend


hello thank you for your comment !
im feeling a whole lot better and even managed a little trip to london this week and met with the lovely Hen :-)
have blogged today so finally feeling like i am human again :-)
thank you for checking in on me :-)
have a lovely weekend , Lesley


Gorgeous everything! Yum....

Shelley in SC

I can't wait to see the full reveal of your gorgeous blanket!! These little rumply peeks are driving me mad!! Good, good job. It's wonderful!


Hi Vanessa,Thank you for calling by.I love this blanket of yours.  The pattern is that bit different and I love your use of colours.  When I was in the UK recently I bought some wool to make a start with making one myself.  But I will not start it until I have finished the ripple one I'm doing now!  Why is it called Sisterhood, do you know?

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