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kitschen pink

Every colour you add seems the lift the one that went before! Artistry at it's best! t.xx

rockpool candy

I was having the sh*****st month.
And then I saw your blanket.
It's SO beautiful that it bought a sting to my eye and a leap to my heart.

It looks as if it's like having all of your childhood ice-cream dreams wrapped around you.
You've inspired me.
Thank you.
I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to have to make my own.


The blanket looks just gorgeous. Especially twinned with the funky tights/socks/slippers/mug, need I go on?! Please finish it soon, really looking forward to the grand reveal. Where will the blanket live? Have the furry friends got their eye on it?
I think you'd love Sarah Raven's garden, the colour is fab, you can't really convey it via blogger's little photos. She obviously thinks about colour constantly, the napkins were all multi-coloured, as were the paper bags for purchases. Top woman!
Hen x


I LOVE your socks/tights!! I want a pair!!



Your blanket is looking so nice, I love the way you are doing your edging, it gives it an interesting twist. What kind of wool did you use, it has a lovely sheen to it? I am knitting something at the moment, and it is going very slowly. The thing I really like about crochet is you see virtually instant results. I am trying to be disciplined, and finish the knitted article before I start any new crochet, or any other project.

Calico Kate

But just think of the room you'll have for more and more balls of yarn to replace these. It is just getting betterer and betterer.
Will try having ago at crochet with your instructions soon. It is how to get the stitches off that confuse me as I don't hink that one uses ones first finger and thumb nails!!


Dear Vanessa

I am sooooo loving the colors of your blanket. I am so thankful for artists like you who can inspire the less gifted (like me) with ideas. I can't find that particular Paton's yarn here in the States, so I have been scouring the Seattle yarn shops for all the colors. I almost have them and can't wait to start my blanket.

Vickie in Seattle


It's getting there.....!!

Kate Bruning

Your blanket is just so fandangly. I love it to bits and am considering printing out the photos and sitting on the couch covered in pieces of paper pretending that I have a blanket just like yours too. Maybe I could give the printouts to homeless people so they could use them instead of newspaper... Mmm maybe that was a bit insensitive... that's what three weeks of school holidays does to you I guess.

Victoria Plum

Wow! Fab colours! I love your socks too! I wish I could crochet ... like that!!!


PS - love the stripy legs, almost all my socks are a boring black.


fabulous work, vanessa, do you mind sharing the make of wool...the colours are so gorgeous


oh, my! the blanket looks marvelous + so happy! and your shoes are smashing, too! would you share?! they are only more fabulous due to those gorgeous tights/socks - yum, yum, yum!

Pernickity Witch

Lookin' good! Yes, crochet blankets DO eat yarn, but then they are nice and toasty when done. I'm addicted to my Ripple at the mo - knitting is suffering majorly as a result - but it's all worth it!

Loving the socks - I think your feet and my Sock Monkey will get on like a house on fire!

pw x


That first photo is to die for! thanks. Such fun.x

Dianne @ sheepdreams

The blanket is fabulous, but, oh my, I love those slippers!


I can't wait to see the finished edge! The colors are so amazing!


There's no way I could work on a blanket right now - our temp hit 42 today and I wish I could walk around with nothing on! Kids would have fits though :) We've had a couple of good thunderstorms in the last week and it's SO nice to have some rain and a bit of cooler weather in between the hot days.

jane smallcombe

I love your blanket and your shoes - my favourite colour! Please, please, please - where did you buy them? Jane x


We are in the same place you and I!!!
And yes, I had to buy 12 fresh balls of yarn just to complete the border on BB, and i STILL RAN OUT at the end!!

Happy Hooking to you!


Can I come and join you under that blanket, LOL, I'll bring my own cup of tea, of course. It looks like the most gorgeous, cosy, cuddly, comfy blanket ever, totally irresistible. Great idea to vary the border stitches a bit, its really effective. When oh when will we see it completed, in all its fabulous, colourful glory?

Brilliant pics, btw, just what I needed this morning to get me going. TYVM


Just to let you know that I heeded your request for photos of my afghans and put them on my three r's blog yesterday... if you're interested.


I love the blanket, socks, shoes and blanket in the distance. This picture is one of your finest! x


Oh, it's just utterly yummy! Love your stripey socks and green shoes too...oh and your mug...okay just your general taste then! :) xx


I freaking love your blanket!
It is seriously fantastic.

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