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I want that teacup too. Its just too gorgeous - I feel quite faint looking at it. Love your shoes and that garden's not bad either! Enjoy your knitting group. We are off to see the new Harry Potter this evening to please oldest son who is having a bad week. Karenx


I like the tea cup too. A picture of it would be lovely, and that way, yes indeed, you would be able to capture the moment forever!

And I agree, the weeks are flying by! I don't have much longer to go now - eek!! xx


What a lovely garden!! Its no wonder I feel my garden is so inadequate when you show us such beautiful flowers and lawns!!!! lol


What a beautiful post, now I don't know whether to make a cup of tea in a pretty cup, bake a cake, upgrade the garden or stroll in colourful shoes. I'm inspired to do them all but suns out so the former I think and a sit outside.


Fabby, gorgeous, lovely, Really enjoyed that, thank you, Vanessa. Loving the tea cup too. By the way, my glass tea cup has arrived, it is lurrrverly. Happy knitting.
Hen x

melanie galloway

Another wonderful post Vanessa, full of colours to gladden the heart.
At you knitting club, do you take your knitting or your crocheting? I ask because I know there are a lot of crocheters in knitting clubs, and was thinking of joining one myself.
Thank you for your comment, if you take a look on my blog, you will see I've edited it about Foxy. Good and bad news there.
Take care
Love Melanie xxx


Gorgeous post Vanessa, a painting of that cup of tea sounds like a glorious idea.
I think you were quite right not to stand between two old ladies and "their" bench!

Kate Bruning

How do you not walk around such beautiful gardens and not take cuttings. I can imagine if it were me there would be photos posted at all the entry sites with 'Do not let this woman in' stamped across it. Speaking of tea though, mine is ready. xxooxx


ooo pretty pictures how lovely :-)
tea cup is gorgeous and im sure you do a fab painting of it !
lesley x


I'm going to "buck" the trend. Lovely cup...... but I want the CAKES! :o) X

jacoline (Lien)

What a great garden and you look great in it with your shoes and bag. I'm off to my craft group as well tonight. I'm always looking forward. Have a great weekend!


Big Hugs, bethxx

The Curious Cat

oo nice ruby red shoes -and yes, that tea cup is a delight! One day, when i have a house to fill, I am going to collect unusual pretty tea cups!


it is a fab teacup - and a beautiful garden. I dream of having, not necessarily a garden like that (bit big, bit too scary on the upkeep front), but a view like that from my garden would be my idea of heaven.

Love the shoes! Sounds like you fit the 'dress code' perfectly for this one! x x


Well, those photos really do prove your point. The teacup perfectly sets the tone for the entire notion of moving right in.

I would have felt the very same way. Some settings are just magical, and belie the work that provided that seemingly natural perfection.

Just beautiful!



Good morning! Love your photography! I want that tea cup too! And the view.

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i can smell the flower breeze..

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nice shots!what a beautiful garden you have!It so nice to have a rest there,take a break,have some coffee,read some books...sigh
while you are surrounded with beautiful flowers,..I love your post!thank you for sharing...


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ginger fox

I notice a disclosure on your photos and designs which I have enjoyed looking at along with reading your blog. I am an artist looking for a tea cup to use in one of my paintings. May I have your permission to use the tea cup design from your photo in a painting?

You my see my artwork at the url posted below. Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards, Ginger

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