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Anna-Karin, Sweden

Beautiful!! I wish I had so much yarn in all those lovely colours. Now I feel that I just have to go to the yarn shop. That "Sublime" really looks yummie. Never seen it here, but maybe I haven't looked after it. Must do that! Thanks for all the joy you're giving me and so many! :)


What gorgeous, scrumptious, joyful pics!!!

I was in my LYS yesterday and was fondling the Sublime, it's the first time I'd come across it. Oh my, what delicious balls of fluff!!
Now that BB is finished I'm pondering on what to do next...some small projects (a couple cushions and a new bag design in the pipeline) but a new blankie will begin in the autumn and I'm wondering if sublime yarn might be good. Worried it might bankrupt me though!

Have a wonderful, relaxing wkend


Thats the most colourful stash I've ever seen, gorgeous. I like to keep a few choice balls of yarn in a basket out on display, inspiring, tactile and somehow comforting.


oh wow, how I love your yarn vase!!! and all those colours, it's like a sweetie shop xox

jane smallcombe

Hi Vanessa. You've made me feel so much better! When I saw your yarn stash I thought 'I've got a long way to go until I catch up with Vanessa - now which yarn shop can I visit tomorrow'! Only problem is, I have a yarn, button, fabric, zip and embroidery thread stash!

I visited the Gateshead Flower show today - it was amazing - I've just written a post about my it on my blog!! I was thinking about you because I love seeing the beautiful photos from the country fairs you and Hugo attend!

Enjoy your weekend


Jane x


Wow , I am impressed , it's indeed like candy !
have a wonderful and creative weekend,
:) trudette

Mummy Boo Bear

Another colour crazy post there! you are officially my colour dealer, I have decided.

That will start off the weekend nicely and what a lot of yarn you have. My fabric stash is growing nicely too, I have considering having some shelves to display the most yummy bits, they currently reside in my wardrobe that was made into my craft cupboard. which is great for all the boring but essential bits, but for fabric worship its not! lol.

Have a great weekend surrounded by colour and fun.


Magic Cochin

mmmmm... I thought I hoarded wool!

That wool stash is beautiful, such yummy yummy colours!

And the wool vase is a genius idea (I want one!)



That is simply gorgeous! It's like a giant cornetto of icecream!

How I wish I had a stash like that, sadly my funds only allow for purchasing a project at a time. So I shall just have to drool all over yours!


WOW! All my wool is spread around in various places, but I'm pretty sure I don't have that much. What a lot of lovely colours. Have a good weekend, and look forward to hearing your news next week.

Beth P

I'm sitting here working on the syllabus for my anatomy class and popped over for a visit. I am now energized by all the color. Wow! I love the yarn vase. Perfect! Thanks for a great dose of color - the perfect pick-me-up, along with the iced bengal spice tea I'm going to fix myself - and I'll be back to work!

Kate Bruning

Vanessa, can you even begin to imagine the joy you gave me with your post. Now, in response to the predicament you wrote of where sometimes you have to do another post than respond to all of your comments - always, always do the post. The more the better. Unfortunately for you, we have all developed an addiction (a very supportive one)for your words and pictures. I love your vase and I think I am going to follow your lead at some stage over the weekend. Oh dear, my cup of tea just ran out so I had better start coming to terms with the day.


Yipee!So glad to see that somone else has the same addiction! I just sorted through my own stash the other day and couldint belive how much I had! Like you Vanessa, I love going into the wool shop and the colour of all the wools together and the smell of the new wool, The colours that you have at the moment are so gorgeous though!
We will have to start a new club for people with this addiction! Knitters Anonyomus anyone?!!

Isabelle (France)

Looks like you are going to have a lovely weekend, surrounded by such gorgeous colours. Since discovering yours and Lucy's blog, I've been wanting to have a go at crocheting. I've convinced myself a loooooooooooooong time ago that I was useless with my hands though so will need to overcome that first.
Bye Vanessa, à lundi! :o)


That is one heck of a wool stash. My goodness,thats more wool than some woolshops carry! How can anybody look at all that glorious wool and not salivate, drool and sigh?


I just love your woolly vase , my LYS stopped selling Sublime because at 3.99 a ball people said it was too expensive and wouldn't buy it --duh, I snapped up a few bargains when they sold it off :-)


Lovely colours and what a great expensive yarn is kept for special freeformy bits and pieces, really enjoying working with cottons at the moment ..if you fancy a peek into my world of yarn & crochet you'd be most welcome !


What a fiesta of colour, a real treat. I'm with you on the wool shop experience, I don't think I've ever left one without buying something, too hard to resist!


How wonderful - a yarn vase - I love it. I dream of someday having a yarn collection like this!


Lovely to catch up Vanessa. It's been a bit busy here too so I know where you're coming from. Have a great weekend xx


I have some of the Sublime, just made some bedsocks in it for a friend's birthday. It is a bit flyaway, but so incredibly soft. I found it online at a special offer price, so bought several more balls.... who could resist. I love to buy odd balls of 'special' wools, they are too expensive to buy en masse, but lovely to have and since rearranging my workroom I now have shelves as in a yarn shop, cubby holes full of wool... not enough cubby holes or wool, but a woman has to pace herself dontcha know! Love your yarn... do you have a favourite acrylic for crocheting Vanessa? Love the pics too... a veritable feast of colour.


ahhhh Vanessa, I can surely sympathize...
My husband says if there were ever a fire, and we could only grab a couple of things to save, I would be carrying yarn out of the burning house.
Your colors are amazing.
Have a great weekend!!!!!!!


Lovely colours - I could just dive in. Yarn and haberdashery shops and book shops make me light-headed with pleasure. My family think I'm mad. Very wet down here. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Karenx


A yarn vase!!! That's what we could have in our lounge when it's finished being decorated!! OH is very understanding and I'm sure he'll let me!!!

Wonderful idea!!!


Oh what can I say :) Its all scumptuously Yummy! Love the yarn vase idea - another idea I will mentally store until my wee ones are no longer destructive toddlers!!

I have boxes full of stash (hidden away)which sadly I am going to have to part with soon (we are relocating and not taking anything much with us) sob! sob!

Oh well least I will get to go yarn shopping once we resettle :) There is ONE positive I guess!!


Hi Vanessa, Just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog, such lovely colours. I too love to crochet, I have just started a blog, and to celebrate I am having a giveaway...please pop over and join in the fun.
Hugs from Jennie (

Lucy Bowler

Your yarn vase is just delicious, edible in fact! Wool does look particularly good behind glass - mine lives in a glass-fronted cabinet and looks lovely - that is, the wool I'm not currently using, which is piling out of a basket I'm carrying around everywhere. I love the colours of your yarn as well - my mum's just discovered a new range, but I've put myself on a 'no-buy' until I finish my current blanket... until then I will have to satisfy myself through yours...

melanie galloway

Wow, I adore your yarn stash Vanessa, you have enough there to set up a shop, lol xxxx


oh Lord, what beautiful colors...Its a great color splash all over your table..Love that vase also...
Happy Sunday..


What a BEAUTIFUL post! Really, Vanessa, what a pleasure jumping into this virtual swimming pool of yarn!

sarah london

A M A Z I N G colours Vanessa!! Positively G O R G E O U S!! pure eye candy!


A Thrifty Mrs

Lovely! How very cheerful.


its lovely like sweets in an old fashioned sweet jar, isnt it funny how all your odd balls seem to go together!


Absolute yumminess....loved this post! Makes me want to empty out my yarn stash and dive into it...hmmm, there's not that much, well, you get the idea! I seem to have a lot of drab, autumny colours, time to inject a bit of colour into my life! Yippee!!! :)



I can no longer get into my closet because of the yarn stash. It's way out of control, and I think I need a support group....
"hello, my name is melissa, and I'm a yarnoholic."

Shelley in SC

I LOVE your yarn vase!! And seeing all the gorgeous yarn in different settings and different lights. There can never be too much yarn : )!!


That's a creative way to enjoy one's fiber and color! I love it - and I love seeing yarn spread all over the table, too!


What a wonderful colourful post. I can imagine you lineing your shelves with glass storage jars filled with colourful balls of yarn!

Facile Cécile

so fantastik this colors!

SEO Los Angeles

I have one of these at home and its full of threads instead of yarns.

Online Shops

When I was in college, I took a course in basic knitting and I haven't regretted taking it since.

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