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  • Little Squares Scarf, (step-by-step pattern, with lots of step-by-step photos).

  • How to sew up crochet or knitting with an invisible stitch, step-by-step tutorial

  • Sisterhood Crochet Blanket pattern for square.

  • step-by-step pattern for Sisterhood Crochet Blanket square. Makes crocheting this pattern a doddle for beginners!

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Very much liking this - may have to copy! Also, might have to rush out & get latest CL. I used to thieve my mum's but she's on hiatus for the BBC gardening mag at the mo.


The little squares are surely going to make a scarf just as lovely as the one on that page. They're so so gorgeous as little separate squares too though - just scattered about. We really do share the same taste in colours.The mint I see here and of course, in THAT blanket is my colour addiction. My Gran used to call it 'Eau de Nil'.


Those are going to make a lovely scarf. I look forward to seeing the end results. The combination of the gentle pastel colours and the zappier pink, green, blue and orange works really well.
Love the image of the heart.


I'm loving the look of the small squares. I wish I could have clever ideas like this! I might also have to go and buy a copy of CL, I don't usually, and I am trying to wean myself off buying glossy magazines. My son tells me off every time I take one home, as I promised I was not going to buy so many.


Wow , that looks so lovely and colorful , that's going to be a great scarf !

Kate Bruning

Oh no, my whole day has been thrown off course because you have inspired me to make a scarf for my neices birthday which is in a couple of days - a big thank you though because I really do need to make her something though.


Excellent idea making one yourself!


Sophie Digard's scarves are so beautiful I'd want to display them, frame them even. I look forward to seeing your finished scarf. With those beautiful jewel colours it's going to be wow!

Calico Kate

Ooo I must look out for it. I love the CL magazine and have kept them all from when I first found several ancient copies in tiny Highland cottage that my then boyfriend now husband & I stayed in on our first holiday together thirteen+ years ago now. Still love looking back and dipping in and out of the old ones when stuck for inspiration.
LOVE your scarf plans.

Laura Gaskill

I've just recently found you and your absolutely stunning blog and I just had to write a little note to thank you for creating such a cheerful place here! I've actually just written about you on my own blog :) Consider me a newly devoted reader!


I haven't even opened my copy of CL - its sitting on the bookcase waiting for a perfect peaceful moment which will be a long time coming in this house. Love the colours of your little squares. Karenx


Oh, what colourful swirls! My CL finally landed today - I too swooned over the wonderful yellow coat. Shame about the price tag!

Mrs Bun

I had the same thought for oh a nano second Vanessa. I was inspired by the beauty of the scarf and my brain thought lots of tiny squares crocheted together would be beautiful. Then I looked at the basket beside me overflowing with half finished scarves I started last summer. Better get on with those first. Like you say it's often the details that grab you in CL. Can't wait to see what your finished result is.

Lisa x

Betty Anne Warriner

I love your colorful teeny squares, but I especially love them displayed as a heart --just seeing that first photo gave me a happy smile. I didn't write at the time, but I also loved the photo of your yarn ends shaped into a heart -- I like hearts --even have a border of them in my living room. Blessings


Your Granny daughter squares look very cute and will make a striking and different scarf :) I can't wait to see your results. As always - I love your colour combinations...

My daughter has been nagging me all weekend to make her a scarf - I keep telling her to make it herself (shes almost 16 and a better knitter than I am) but she wants a crochet scarf... I might have another go at teaching her how to crochet :)


I love your blog, is very inspiring, especially because I begin to weave crochet, the photographies are very good, congratulation.Regards, Titi


That's a great idea, and I love the look of the itty bitty squares already!


ooh a cliff top picnic, how positively famous five of you and hugo! can't wait to see pics. you are so clever making all of these things. I want to crochet a blanket for Jake (I am now just 9 days from my due date!) for when he goes into his cot in a few months so I might be picking your brains shortly, be warned!

have a great day Vanessa,

S xx


I agree about the CL magazine being inspiring, even if it is just a germ of an idea that starts from a photograph. But not sure I am in agreement with the fashion pages and see no need for it. If I wanted fashion I'd buy one of the magazines dedicated to it.


Lovely colours, lovely tiny grannies! I look forward to the finished result, the story and the cliff top picnic. Sooo many things here to look forward to!


What a great idea!! They are sooooo cute!!


Those colours!!!


Ans Harmeling

Vanessa, I just love your blog! I love to look at all those colourful photos and read all your stories. It's a good start of my day. Thank you!

Erica K

I can't tell you how many times I've seen things I've loved but not bought because I could make them myself. Unfortunately this means I don't have any of them! :D I'm so very unproductive...

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