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Awwwwwwwwwww I've been bobbing in and out of your blog all afternoon waiting for your blanket to arrive and now have to wait another whole day.....sorry to find you so sleep deprived, I feel droopy today too, although not down to seagulls.
Sending love and hugs, hope you get a good nights sleep tonight and can't wait for your post tomorrow!
ps thanks for the kind link to my blog!


So funny - naughty, naughty seagulls. Can't wait to see your blanket, it looks super. Hope you have a better night's sleep tonight. xx


Awwwwwww, really really looked forward to the blanket reveal! Never mind, you are definitely forgiven because the above photo is pretty damned lovely anyway and another day of anticipation, well the waiting is almost the best bit. Errm, I think! Am more peeved at the postal strike - again. Don't these people realise there's important bloggy gift giving and stuff going on!
Hope you have a good night's sleep tonight!
Hen x


The peek is much appreciated! Hope the seagulls move on and you get some rest.

adele geras

Hello! I have just come to this blog from Jane Brocket's blog and I'm delighted to find it. I will visit it often. I have already noted the pattern for knitted slippers! But I don't see a contact email I being stupid? I'd be very grateful if you could contact me. Thanks very much.


Looking good Vanessa!
We have the same problem with a peskey wood pigeon cooing on our chimney stack.
Love the mention of your blog by Mrs Brocket yesterday, you must be well chuffed x


Beautiful blankie ... a wonderful colour mix .... we had a huge flock of seagulls fly over yesterday and today making one hell of a noise and we are 50 miles from the nearest coast!


Are you *sure* that was poo?? They may have been refunding some of that booze they ingested. HA!


seagulls made so much noise on our holiday that I could have cooked them in a pie....... xox


Ooh, I love the colours...can't wait to see more of your gorgeous blanket!

Darn those seagulls...we were kept awake the other night by bats would you believe??



Oh this sneaky peak looks very exciting already! The colours are wonderful. I hope the squawkers give you a little more rest tonight x


Your blanket is looking really wonderful..... even if it is just a sneaky preview. The colours are sooo pretty. I popped into Attic 24 earlier to see Lucy's amazing finished piece! I am becoming more and more inspired to begin one my own. I worry about not completing it, or loosing interest, but the more I see of your lovely work the more I think I'll have to have a go. It's definitely a colour thing! :D


Hi Vanessa
Sorry but I had to smile at the image you painted there of a drunk seagull being rowdy - though with a 2 1/2 & 4-month old I know what sleep deprived feels like & know it isn't funny! Hope the seagulls have very bad hangovers to repay them for being so naughty.
Thanks for the sneak peek - I've been waiting in anticipation of your big reveal but as you say Lucy's ta-daaa will certainly be keeping me going as I've been in suspense about that one too. Sleep well tonight, Natalie x


You are such a tease!!!!!


Hi Vanessa,
the blanket looks beautiful, Seagulls can be most annoying we have alot of them here too when the farmers are tilling the fields, but we live about three miles away from the beach so they thankfully go home to roost in the evening!! Cant wait to see the blanket tomorrow!
Moe x


Oh Vanessa how mean!!! We had the same thing with a magpie, all the time, and last year there was a weird rumbling in our chimney for months, we prodded and checked but nothing until one day it got louder and louder and then a confused pigeon was sat in the fireplace looking quite dazed! fliss xx


Sorry you had such a rotton nights sleep - hopefully the seagulls will behave :) I had to laugh out loud at your description of the drunken seagull :) Very creative :)

I don't care if its not the big reveal - the sneak peak is gorgeous!! I love the colours and can't wait to see the whole ta-dah!

Have a great day

hugs x


I hope you got a good nights sleep last night.
That's a lovely tantalising glimpse of your blanket, can't wait to see more.

Lucy Bowler

I don't know what would have been worse - I was plagued by insomnia last night due to the shearing shed being full of sheep... very noisy! I think just as noisy as the seagulls. And then... and 5am 'I want a drink of water' from the kids' room, only to have 2 kids awake then. I don't think they settled again after that...


oh ouch! that's one of the reasons we bought a cottage inland rather than in say whitby or staithes as seagulls can drive you MAD. Hope that they do not keep you awake tonight!

I absolutely totally and utterly LOVE the colours of your blanket. I am a fan of the subdued colourwise and can't quite get myself into the colourful crochet variety which seems very fashionable just now. This, for me, hits the spot. Colourful enough to say 'cheer' and 'cosy' and subtle enough to say 'aaaah'. well done!

love S x

ps I went to check the cottage the other day and saw the teacosy and had a nice Vanessa-ey smile at it :-)

Facile Cécile

Another beautiful one!!!
Well can Imagine others projets ...
And we will wait to see them...
Have a Nice Evening...& sorry for my bad English..

Betty Anne

Hi -- just wanted you to know that I have been following your blog for a few months now -- I am looking forward to the full reveal. Have a great day!


I am speechless!!!

So it, love it, love it!


Just caught up after a break from the blogs and I have to say... Gorgeous...absolutelybloomin gorgeous! What an icecreamy feast for the eyes. It's just lush, well done you! x

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