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Vanessa, I am totally with you on the subject of August being August, and not Christmas. I think Christmas should just begin in December, and Easter eggs should not start being sold until March, not December.


PS: I looked at about 6.30, and I thought that you weren't going to do a post. I'm really glad you did, and look forward to seeing the small squares scarf tomorrow.

Tilly Rose

Hi ya Vanessa....thanks for the comments that you left on my (very sad looking) blog....I have to agree I think that your ellie and my tilly might have been seperated at starange....i think after reading your blog that tilly might need a 'MAN FRIEND'....

Take CAre


Shelagh Campbell

Hi Vanessa,

Have to agree about Christmas in August but here in Houston we've had Christmas in the stores since around June - Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations out on the shelves and now the trees have arrived too. Talk about rushing the seasons through.


I love the colors!!

Mummy Boo Bear

Loving all the colours going on in your post. Mmm I have to say it can get a bit confusing when shops etc seem to rush through the year and seasons.

But I find I usually look forward to the start of autumn by now ( a winter girl at heart) then usually get fed by the end of September because summer usually starts to arrive then! maybe its not just the shops that get things confused - maybe good 'ole Mother nature is joining in too. lol.

Awwww can you doggies get any cuter. She looks so sweet all snuggled up there.

Hope you have a great and colourful week.



The weather feels more llike autumn than summer but CHRISTMAS decorations and cards!!!! That's ridiculous!!!!


Love the color explosion in this post.
And Ellie is a such a sweetie!
♥ Jeannette


Hey! You've just given me my colour fix for the day too:) Ellie looks so comfortable and contented there on the sofa. She is very sweet! Have a good week. Ros

Mrs Bun

This post looks like another blogger has completely fallen to that addiction called crochet Vanessa. Why is it so absolutely fantastic and compulsive I wonder? Great reflections and pictures.

Lisa x


Hi Vanessa,
Glad to hear you had a good weekend. We've finally arrived back in London, ah, nice to be home, I missed the den and my furry friends! Look at that lovely Ellie, she is tooo cute! I think she is very appreciative of those crocheted blankets. I certainly know what you mean about buying them, it makes massive sense both timewise and economically. You've found some lovely ones, I always see horrid ones! My nan used to churn out lots of crochet but sadly cannot manage it anymore. However, her legacy lives on in all the blankets we've accumulated to date.
What a jolly apron you were wearing! I wonder, what does Hugo wear when he's whipping up all sorts of delights in the kitchen, I don't want him to feel left out?
Love Hen xxx


Hi Vanessa,

The colours on your blog look so loving the crochet! And that lil' doggie, oh too cute!


(I have to confess I've already bought a couple of christmas presents, I know its bad.. i just cant help myself!! )

Betty Anne

Your blog is such a friendly place to visit. I look forward to reading your posts and seeing the color and creativity that you write about. Thanks so much.
Blessings, Betty Anne


We are a little luckier here in Oz as we still have Father's day to come the first Sunday in September so Christmas hasn't hit the shops yet.
Mind you come the Monday after Fathers day we will be seeing it!!

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Of course it's August!!! Yesterday we had 23 degrees, today I think it will be the same. And a clear blue sky!! Absolutely August!
Lovely colourful photos, as always. The yarns in the vases are so beautiful! I must do that. You're such an inspiration! Thanks!


Hmmm, I can only agree about the August thing. But I have to say it does feel like winter is on it's way! This morning, cars were covered in a light frost and I had to get a little scarf out. If that's not a sign then I don't know what is! And just thinking about those dark evenings to come, leaving home in the dark and coming back in the dark, it gives me the shivers!!!


As much as I am in love with Douglas, I do have to admit that Ellie looks so cuddleable and pickupable on those blankets. And doesn't she just love being the centre of attention, photographed like the Elizabeth Taylor of the doggie world? So sweet.....thank you for another colourful post, and also for reminding me about the pleasures of doing little squares. I did them first more years ago than I care to remember, and made a crib cover (one of those moses basket type cribs), by doing small crochet squares in pastel shades, then using wadding and stitching around each square, once they were all joined up, to make a quilted effect. Backed with some dotty soft cotton, it was so pretty. I am now doing them again, and it's all your fault I am wasting my time in this glorious way... thank you... I think!


Living here in the deep south, I can't get my brain around the concept of a wood burning stove being lit in august! HA! It's so hot here, you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. well until yesterday. It was actually pleasant temps. I'm looking forward to October/November when it will finally begin to be sweater weather. Good work on those squares vanessa. If I didn't hate weaving in ends so badly, I'd try one of those myself. Love those colors!!!

Nina - Tabiboo

Hi Vanessa,

thanks for the colour fix - for today that is.

I know how you feel about jumping the gun season wise, but my body keeps telling me Autumn is coming and in turn making me think of boots with skirts, cardi's and wood burning fires - aahhhhhh, sorry. As my mum would say 'I can feel it in my water' or should that be bones as quite honestly I have never felt anything in my water!!

Have a lovely day,

Nina x

Calico Kate

I think you are a brave girl to even attempt a post a day never mind actually achieve it! Not something I could manage and I don't 'work'. Although having said that I am suppose to be making some cushions for a Craft Fair I'm doing at the weekend and not reading blogs!
Ellie is so adorable I want to eat her!

A Thrifty Mrs

I can smell autumn in the air.

Love the colours in this post.


The cozy crocheted blankets are great for a colorful and inspiring post - and the sleeping doggie makes me want a nap!


Completely agree- although the weather here is decidedly autumnish, I hate it when we see all the Christmas stuff and the children are barely back in school. Definitely ready to join in your protest!

Looking forward to catching up on your other posts, we've been hectically enjoying our summer holidays, but it's left very little time for blogging, sadly. Hopefully will be able to keep more up to speed as the holidays are drawing to a close. x


We are still having some warm weather in the south east. I cannot wait to start lighting our little log burner though x


I saw christmas cards today in whitby...I couldnt believe it...looking forward to seeing your have encouraged me to get going with my blanket....happy week H


Yes, keep August, August! I love your colourful pictures and the little doggie all snuggled up on the couch, very sweet!

Anna x


Got any ideas on what to do with an old sewing machine and cabinet?


Hi what brand if yarn is that

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