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you are such a treat....thanks for the blog, have voted of the way the scarf is looking very good......


Good Evening Vanessa, what a lovely little peek into pretty snatches of ordinariness. It's lovely to take a moment to appreciate the simple things around you isn't it.
I'm pretty certain that your blog will stay on the little blog awards for next month so you never know you may be able to drum up enough votes to win for September... I'll happily vote again then!
I suppose i should come clean now & say I nominated you; I was a little concerned that your blog didn't appear on the list until two full weeks after I put your name down. It doesn't seem fair that no one was able to vote for your lovely blog for more than half of the month but the fact you're in second place despite this shows how much people enjoy your blog!
Have a lovely weekend, Natalie x


just love sweet peas - my fav flower! have alovely weekend.



Oh lovely someone else who loves Mapp and Lucia. We live quite close to Rye (Tilling) and often have a wander round the places in the books. E. F. Bensons home is open to the public and well worth visiting. Your interview was very enjoyable and I agree with you on almost everything! I am reading a very good biography of Agatha Christie at the moment. Have a lovely weekend. Karenx


Well, I found that all very interesting, Vanessa. I have to confess that if anyone asked me "deep" questions about politics and the like, I wouldn't have a clue! Nice to know more about you.
I like the pink bag. Very much. It is pink, after all!
Have a lovely weekend, the four of you! Lots of gentility (and cakes) please!
Hen x


Hi! I came across your blog when I was wanting to learn how to do crochet blocks..thank you so much for the pattern and photos! I'm a lefty and this was the most helpful thing ever : ) I learned a treble, I felt so proud. I've been on LOA for maternity and oh my it's like I can't stop I am rather enjoying it. I'm sure after our little girl comes I won't have too much extra time on my I'm making a little baby blanket for my friend who is having a little girl named Isabella. : ) Anyways I find myself coming back to look at the great photos and what you are working on next. : ) You are very inspring!

Mummy Boo Bear

Loving all the colour as always! I would have found it hard to give those flowers away too. Very beautiful. Good interview. Although if I was asked a lot of those questions I would of drawn a blank! ooops.

I loved the bit of your post explaining your fuzzyness and how work is consumming you at the moment. Particularly when you said how it seems to be following you around. If you have ever seen the Beatrix Potter film, I have visions of you having moments when you are telling off your "animated" creations like Renne did in the film! lol.

Well that the state of my mind today. lol.

Have great colourful and resting long weekend. Until Tuesday.



Hi Vanessa, reading the title of your posting today reminded me of this little needlepoint piece,
It was really interesting reading your interview..(from another big Michael MacIntyre fan!) Have a lovely weekend.


lovely flowers for your neighbour, I'm sure they'll be very much appreciated. The picture of your table looks so lovely - cosy and homely and inviting.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the extra day x


It was an interesting interview, it's good to know a bit more about what interests you.

Love the all the colours, it's been a fairly dreary day here today so the photo's where just the fix I needed.

kitschen pink

So, If you can persuade Mr Marr to stand then I'll add my vote. Great interview - well done you!
The only visual surprises in this house usually relate to dirty underwear or things like what happened this evening - the beautiful boy and his friend who is here for a fishing weekend, both decided to get the loppers out of the barn and cut a den into our beautiful formal laurel hedge - oh yes! That was a surprise alright!!!!!

Isabelle (France)

Good evening! I enjoyed reading your interview! Do you know I am Belgian? Whereabouts did you live in Belgium?
I, like you, sometimes run to get my camera to capture a special view in the house or in the garden, in order to keep it forever.
Have a nice long weekend!


Fantastic pictures as always ,enjoyed your interview as some of the others have said it's nice to know a bit more about you,have a lovely weekend

Cath W

oooh I LOVE Michael Nyman - he added so much to the Greenaway films. I listen to the Prospero soundtrack all the time. Have a great weekend - the scarf is coming along nicely!
: )


I see you're 10 years younger than me! I like your answer to the "threat to the peace and security of the world"! Thanks for the colourful pictures (I love hanging out laundry).


I have only just discovered your blog and I must say I am in awe!!! your blog and your work is sooooo gorgeous, such a bright happy place to visit

Helen Lambert

..its so nice to see a kitchen table covered with yarn and things of beauty...mine is covered with coursework, paper and books, paint tins and turps...and we have friends for dinner tonight...wish I had asked them for afternoon tea instead!!!! ha ha

Anna-Karin, Sweden

It looks really nice in your garden. I love the pink bag, I have one that looks similiar when we go to the beach. One can see that you're working with colours, all the photos are so colourful and cheerful!
Even your laundry cheers me up :)
Have a great weekend (lucky you, three days...)!
Anna-Karin xxx


love all that fabulous colour!!!!!!
keep blogging - you are the first thing i read when i turn my pc on.
just voted for you again at dorset cereals - you've now got 244 votes - YIPEEEEEEE


Away in France so it's been nice to get at a computer and catch up! I love your little dachshund, we collect our 8 week old miniature one when we get home next week, I may be coming to you for tips! Enjoy the bank holiday, Penny x


Your fuzzy story also reminds me of Miss Potter. How I loved that film and introduction to her life. I had collected the books and figurines for my girls. Perhaps you have learned so well how to let yourself into the creative mode, and now may have to develop a method of winding down by saying good night to your little works with a promise to be back, and then mentally close the red velvet curtain so that you can return to yourself as you go for your doggie walkies.The fuzzy feeling has to be a bit disconcerting.


Loving your beautiful posts more and more each day, Vanessa. Such a happy and colorful place to visit. Your positive personality is so contagious and that's a very good thing!!!!


One of the few "perks" of being a lowly government worker is we get quite a few "bank holidays" each year. Yea for Labor Day on the 7th!! I'm *assuming* you guys call them bank holidays because the banks are closed? toodles!


hi vanessa
just popped over to dorset cereals to vote for you and you're top with 3 votes!! but you dont have a "vote" button - whats happening??


This is a bit late and presumably you already know that someone, the cheek of it, is selling a scarf that looks very similar to yours for £200.. page 103 September CL mag.

Sarah - Jane down the lane

Gosh what a beautiful feast for the eyes your blog is, why haven't I found it before? (Note to self: Must try harder!)
I am frequently spotting things that need to be captured in someway before the moment passes and always kick myself when they do and I have no means of recording them other than burning them onto my minds eye for future reference! C'est la vie!
:D Sarah

Jen Gough

Your scarf is just inspiring! Love all the detail in your photos. Just wondering what type of yarn you are using?



Vanessa! I have only just realised that you illustrated 'Bring Down the Moon'! It is one of our favourites. How wonderful. I had no clue - I was just enjoying the gorgeous crochet. What a surprise - and a very very lovely one!


Hello Vanessa, hope you have had a wonderful weekend. Thank you for your lovely message. The title of the biography is Agatha Christie: An English Mystery written by Laura Thompson and published by Headline. It is a fascinating account of her life and writing. I wonder how Julia McKenzie will be as Miss Marple next Sunday?
E.F.Benson lived at Lamb House in Rye previously also home to Henry James. It is owned by the National Trust. Karenx

Rattling On

You've been nominated for an award, please follow the link!

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