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What a great bunch of photographs! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post.


oooooo can't wait for your blanket reveal tomorrow...are you happy with it? Do you love it? Ahh I hope so...I did my ta-dah today, i so love my BB.
Loved all your showy mosaics today, you make these shows sound like such fun, its yrs since I've been to one.
Enjoy your knit night, and "see" you tomorrow..don't be late!!!!!!!!!

jane smallcombe

What a post!!!! You are a superb blogger! Cannot wait to see your blanket tomorrow! Bye for now! Jane ;-)


Oh I so enjoyed reading that post. We were in Wales to early this year to go to the shows (one thing we love to do) but we are going to The Halifax Agricultural Show this Saturday, never been before. WIll no doubt post about it.
While on holiday I bought a book called Marple, The life and times of Miss Jane Marple by Anne Hart. Excellent!


A country show has to be one of my favourite things in the world. It's like going back in time. Your images have made me chuckle and the colours are so very cheery. Thankyou!

I have one small objection to this post. Where's the blanket??


Hello Vanessa, What variety of exhibits in that lovely show - we don't seem to have them down here anymore which is a shame as I really enjoy them. Love the expression on the little ducks face. I bet they will love your blanket at knitting club, can't wait to see it myself. Karenx


I thoroughly enjoyed tagging along with you to the Agricultural Show. It reminded me of our county fairs, although the category of favorite egg cup is new to me. Of course, I loved the knitted cake and the sheep. I also liked the chickens, eggs, and jams. All very pretty!

Can't wait to see your finished blanket!


I always feel a "kinship" to those who also love doxie's. I have a mini red smoothie, and she is just the light of the house.


Ooh, you're such a tease. We'll all be waiting with baited breath for tomorrow's reveal!
However, very much loved today's post about the show, as you know, I am a fan of these things. I love those bulls, I don't care what anyone says, they look cuddly! I picked two gorgeous roses from the garden today, my fave ones "Jubilee Celebration". Quite how they are flowering again, I don't know, I could barely get past the weeds to get to them! Oh dear. Sewing or gardening, gardening or sewing, just can't find the time for both. Now if only my sewing could pay for a gardener - I wish!
Hen x


ooh! thanks for taking me to the Show with you, I enjoyed every photo and your wonderful stories!!

And I agree with Hugo, I think the ducks would be a little put out being right next to the chickens ;)

Mummy Boo Bear

Lol I do have an image now of genteel england, and a Miss Marple lurking about an agricultural tent, just waiting to catch who dunnit! you are priceless.

Love the photos and your blog post today. Cant wait for the big reveal tommorrow. Have fun at your knitting night.

Till tommorrow.


Kate Bruning

I think you and Hugo need to stage a mystery murder at the next show you go to. I wish they had a section with all of the craft and food competitors in cages so we could see what they looked like. Do you think there would be signs warning you to keep your fingers away in case they bite? Speaking of suffolk sheep, we have one as a pet (his name is Chewy because he chews grass) and will never be eaten (as was the original intention at least by Jonno) because he is as tame and loving as a dog. Almost as smart too - but maybe our dogs aren't the brighteset sparks... very lovable though. Thanks for the vicarious country fair trip.


Can't wait to see your blanket photos!!!!

Miss Marple - gotta love her!!


Miss Marple would be in her element, nosing around, eavesdropping on all the locals. Popping up from behind a Victoria sponge to confront the villain of the piece. You've brought it all to life with your lovely, colourful photos, in fact all your posts this week have been a real treat, thanks! Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket tomorrow.


Thanks for sharing once again - I love going to shows and wandering through the industrial tent too... not that I have done it for years - why not I hear you ponder?
The simple answer - We don't live anywhere where there is a SHOW! :(

I can't wait to see your finished crochet blanket - I bet its to die for gorgous. I'm already in love with the colours from the snippets you have shown already.


Great photos and tales of another grand day out, you ought to write this as a column for a local village magazine, or county magazine, have you ever thought of it!


Oh, I just LOVE the white duck photograph! I may have stolen her to give Miss Marple a real run for her money!


What a great post; so full of interesting details and, as always fabulous photos! Bulls are very cute fellows, I have to agree. That snowy white duck too.... straight out of a Beatrix Potter book. Delicious!


What a lovely and funny post (Miss Marple!) :o)
I do wonder about the egg criteria too, if anyone knows??
Looking forward to seeing your blanket!

The Curious Cat

Quack quack - I would have stolen that duck -that is pure cuteness!


I love this post, makes me a bit homesick I'm afraid though, sitting here in Sweden. I enjoy Agricultural shows, especially the Industrial Tent. I often think I would like to enter something, just for the fun of it. I even picked up some forms for the Penrith Show when I was over in the UK in June. My sister was going to enter some photos in the Cumberland Show. The first time that she has entered anything. But the show got cancelled due to the rain! What a shame, my niece had been practicing making scones to enter as well.
Was the Duns show up in Berwickshire? Lovely part of the country.
The photo of the duck is an absolute treasure!

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