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What a lovely blog, very pretty! I can't wait to see your scarve, it will be beautiful.

I have just voted for you (number 145), good luck xx


wow, how many little ones - so cute and so's been a little while since I visited and you have been up to so much -- Beamish is lovely isn't it - the old cottages are my fave ..


All the colours are lovely, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished article. I have rather too many WIP's at the moment, so I really need to get something finished! Have a good weekend, see you on Monday.


Oh Vanessa. Those dear little squares. All together in a colourful crowd, little towers of them! You've made my day.


Your rainbow of squares are gorgeous now, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished scarf.


your crochet is lovely - the colour are gorgeous.

Gerry Hook

I'm taking some polictian's advice - -
I vote early, I vote often.
I am #149 today ! ! ! !


Wow what alot of mini squares!!! I love how you've piled them up on the tray!!

Isabelle (France)

I love the heart you made with your little squares. It would look nice as a greeting card, wouldn't it?
Have a lovely weekend!


My you have been busy and what gorgeous colours. I would be a little daunted by the sewing up of all those tiny squares. I'm with you about time flying, its flying too fast for me. I never seem to catch up with myself these days. Have a lovely slow weekend. Karenx

Kate Bruning

Nibblies anyone? How gorgeous. I am such a fan of invisible seams by the way. I am going to do a bit more sewing up this weekend too which will be wonderful for me but tricky for anyone expecting to eat a meal at the kitchen table. Honestly, what is wrong with a good, cleanish floor. Have a lovely weekend. xxooxxooxx


time goes past whey too fast for me!
I love the little squares it is going to look lovely, really colourful, dont know if you know crochet today is out and it looks really really really good this month,also I've put an award on my blog for you!
fliss xx


I love all your photos of your colourful squares Vanessa :)

Have a lovely weekend.


Vanessa, how pretty these are. So much beauty and color. I keep going back and looking at your lovely pink work room. I adore it. And, the apron and coasters Hen made for you. Beautiful!!! Have a very lovely and cozy weekend and I am looking forward to seeing more of your happy photos and words next week.


You ARE fast! Which is great, as the quicker you crochet, the more gorgeous pics we have to look at. Have a lovely weekend x

Lucy Bowler

I've just cast my vote (161), so the numbers are climbing!! Best of luck. Your scarf is going to look amazing - I also love the heart shape you've made and think that would look beautiful framed - I love to see other shapes in my projects to spur me on to something else - so many possibilities!


Oh what PRETTY colours! You must have a wonderful wool shop nearby, or have been collecting for ages to get so many toning shades and colours. That scarf is going to be beautiful!

Nina - Tabiboo

So much colour - fantastic. Like a tray of sweeties all laid out ready for the picking!

Have a lovely 'no alarm clock' weekend and day,

Nina x

ps. I can't wait to see them all joined together.

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Love, as always, all your colourful photos!!
Can't wait to see the finished scarf!
Have a lovely weekend!
Anna-Karin xxx


Love those crochet squares! The scarf will be fabulous. Just voted (170).


All those little squares...I love them. I can't wait to see it all done.


I love all those beautiful colours! I've been reading your blog for a while, and I always look forward to your posts. We welcomed our second daughter into the world two weeks ago, and about a month ago my friend bought my two-year-old 'There's a House Inside my Mummy'. I recognised it instantly. She just adores it, and so do I! The shape of the mummy in the book is absolutely spot on, and it really helped my daughter to understand what was happening. Thank you so much!

Betty Anne Warriner

You have done it again -- made another heart shape. Thank you -- they always make me smile : ) Just love all the colors and am totally impressed with how many you have made. They look good enough to leave them on the tray as a decoration -- wouldn't work at my house with my cat Gidget -- she would think that I had made them all for her and they would be all over the house. I could make some into a heart shape and frame it -- I will think about that one -- she couldn't get them if they were framed and up on the wall. Have a great weekend.

Suzy's Vintage Attic

Ooh I love all the little squares that you have made! The colours are so pretty together. I really love to crochet, part of the fun is choosing the colour. Your photography is great!
Congratulations on the numbers for the Dorset Cereal Blog award!!!
Have a good weekend
Isabelle x


oooh Vanessa your teeny mini crochet squares look very tempting don't they, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from starting to join them immediately so I'm most impressed with your restraint!! Hope you get to start that fun bit this weekend! xxx


Hi V, those squares look so lovely together I cant wait to see the finished product, I think they will drape a lot better when they have been sewn together and have snuggled in beside one another had a stretch and a cuddle and eased into a comfortable position...I am sure yurs will be much cheaper than buying the selvedge one....and a lot nicer...happy weekend H


What a lovely colour fest this post is, Vanessa. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished scarf though I am getting a bit sad that Summer is slipping by so fast. Hope you're having a lovely wekeend. I'm struggling with the inevtable rain in the North West!
Hen x


hi vanessa
love all those colours!!
i've just been over to dorset cereals and voted again!!!!!!
you're now on 192
gill xx

The Curious Cat

You must crochet like a fiend - so many beautiful things always on display on your blog!!! :) xxx


194! that's my vote number! I love your last post, it's so colourful!!!!


Hi there! I just stumbled upon your blog and it's just beautiful!!! Your colors, the gorgeous blanket on your bed, oh my goodness, I could get quite happily lost among your pages:-)

Well, I'm so glad I found you! I just learned to crochet after knitting for 2 years, and am having a wonderful time with it. I'll look forward to following your adventures!!


PS Off to cast my vote :-)


they look totally scrumptious together like that!


gosh I cant believe how many of those you have done!! ive been over and voted for you as well - fingers crossed you win :-)
lovely goodies from Hen on the previous post she is so lovely ive had a gorgeous parcel from her last week myself - visiting her and seeing her den is one of the highlights of 2009 for me :-)
Lesley x


I love this little squares! It's so beautiful!!I think I made it!!

Christine Warren

Hi, I just voted for you. I was number 207.
Hope you win!

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