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Betty Anne

Wow -- BEAUTFUL -- I love the colors. I love how you displayed it on the clothesline -- did you choose the clothes pins to match -- they add something cool to the photo.


A piece of art! So very beautiful!


Vanessa!!! What a beauty. You must feel so proud and happy and such a sense of accomplishment. If you never do another thing (:-o) you will always have this to show the world. Love all the photos, the sun shining through, the border.....everything. WELL DONE and don't stop smiling......


Oooh, aaaah, it's fabby, stunning, beautiful, my friend; of course with your taste I knew it would be! Congrats and very well done indeed. Do you feel a bit sad or bereft now it's over or are you just so so happy that's it's finished in all its glory?
Have a lovely weekend, look forward to hearing what you all get up to. Now, did someone mention wine?
Hen xxx


It is absolutely beautiful, your artistic flair is soo evident in the exquisite colours you have chosen.
It is completely lovely.
Enjoy your weekend, I am already on my second glass of the cold pink stuff!
ps How much do you think we could pester Attic Lucy into writing us a book?!


It's gorgeous, and well-worth the wait for the reveal! Thank you for putting up lots of pictures - it helps to be able to see all of the loveliness!


BEAUTIFUL! But you know what I adore the most Vanessa? I LOVE how your shoes and your clothespins match your blanket perfectly. Sweet photos! So inspiring! And I really loved your photos a couple of days ago with all the animals...especially the duck looking into the camera. My grandgirlies loved it too!!!! Oh, and one other thing...a big CONGRATS that Jane Brocket mentioned you on her lovely cool is that? What a thrill! Lucky, lucky YOU!


Oh, I've died and gone to blanket heaven. Exquisite. The sun has come out and so has your blanket. Emma


What a simply stunning crotchet blanket. I have made ONE square like your pattern, but just to try the pattern out. It really is beautiful. I think once I've finished my Big Blue Blanket, I might try something like this, although I can't imagine it will ever turn out as gorgeous as this!


You have such a talent and eye for colour Vanessa but I have a couple of your children's books so already know this! :-) It's a beautiful, beautiful blanket. Do you crochet at your knitting group or do you have a knitting project at the moment?


This is absolutely beautiful. You have every right to be proud of yourself, what a masterpiece. I hope to follow your pattern for the next blanket I do when I have finished my current one.


The wait for the reveal was worth it. Your blanket is beautiful, the colours go together so well. The border really finishes it off, and I love the way it drapes down over your bed. I have made a small granny square blanket, but it is not as spectacular as your blanket, or indeed Lucy's one.

Sew Recycled!

That is absolutely gorgeous, you must be very very proud!
Well done!


I found your blog this week and just wanted to say how lovely it is. I am also a fellow green converse lover and knitter and crocheter. Your blanket is fantastic. Congratulations!!


Your blanket is BEAUTIFUL. absolutely beautiful. :-)

Heather xx

ps I found you via attic 24 and I agree, Lucy needs to publish a book!


Just found your blog via Jane Brocket's blog and as well as your lovely crocheted blanket, I enjoyed the tour around your studio. I work part-time as an architect and spend a bit of every week working on a picture book idea I have. I enjoyed seeing how you organised your working space.
I have been knitting since my middle daughter was born 9 years ago and have just taken up crochet (inspired by Lucy at Attic 24). I have begun my first blanket. It is very addictive.
I blog about what I'm up to at
Enjoy the blanket, it's really lovely. I'll drop in again and see what you're up to. Thanks for sharing, Gill.


Delightful. Joyous. Cosy.

And you simply must remember to take it on holidays with you to casually drape over a horrid piece of furniture!

Lisa xoxo

Mummy Boo Bear

Ahh the wait is over. What a wonderful bit of craftwomanship! as a non crocheter myself I can only dream of tackling one square of such a beautiful blanket.
You are very talented. And I love the colour combinations. But then being as its yourself that made it I knew I would.

Mind you I find after a very successful project I always feel a bit lost berift even. I find it hard to start on another project straight away. Like I have lost an old friend. Sad I know.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Cath W

You know Vanessa, as I read your posts about the blanket I thought "nice, but not really my sort of blanket". But you know what - it IS my type of blanket so just post it on over to me and all will be well. Now. Come on!!


I've also just come over, after being at Yarnstorm, and wow ! what an introduction to a new blog ! That blanket is fantastic. I'm crocheting one at the moment, a sort of patchwork of any wool I have left over form patterns, but yours is so much nicer than anything I could have created. Well done !


Wow Vanessa - the wait was certainly worth it!!! It is beautiful! The colours have come together amazingly!! I can understand why you wanted to take so many photos!!

Love it love it love it!!!!


WOW Vanessa, it is STUNNING. I didn't expect it to be so colourful (This is not a negative comment), it just never looked like that when it was just little blocks. Amazing. You really have made a Sisterhood blanket and you should be very proud. No one wants to wish the summer away - but - I bet it will be super cozy when it gets a bit colder!.



Oh, it is absolutely wondercrump! I love it!! The colour choices are delumpcious and scrummy! :) I want one too, but my crochet skills are cruddy! I have plans to make some cushion covers for my living room makeover, so I might attempt some crochet as well as knitting. I take my hat off to you for making something so huge...such patience and endurance! It is beautiful. :)

Beth P.

Vanessa! It's just stunning in a happy, homey, comfy, colorful kind of way. I especially like the border. Beautiful! You should be very proud!


Vanessa its gorgeous, the colours are perfect. I think its the nicest blanket I've ever seen, you are a very clever girl. Not sure I'd have the patience to make something so big but I have just crocheted a little hammock for a toy rabbit after youngest son saw one in a shop. Have been on the beach this evening and it was perfect and so peaceful. Have a lovely weekend. Karenx


Awesome, what an achievement! I'm so impressed with this lovely blanket.

Mrs Bun

Are you still staring at it? Bet you are becasue it's just so beautiful. All those hours of hookiness and then to end up with a flower garden on your bed. Completely worthwhile.

Lisa x

Gerry Hook

I have to say: ditto
to all the comments above
BUT, what I like: THE HOLES
What a wonderful secondary interest to all the lovely colors. Perhaps secondary does not cover it all, but the holes are just as wonderful a surprize as the finished 'blanket'. [Though blanket is not what we refer to when we speak of a crocheted 'cover' We refer to them as afghans.]
Love, love, love it, talented Vanessa.


It's absolutely lovely. It makes me want to do some knitting!!!


OMGoodness! It is gorgeous!!
I have a serious case of blanket envy, love the colours and the design.


Your blanket is SIMPLY STUNNING!!

Congratulations on such a wonderful work of art.

I am so in love with the colours you used and how well they go together.

BTW - the sounds of koala's mating is far worse than possums!! LOL


oh it's beautiful! so colourful & pretty - you really wouldn't guess that there wasn't a "master plan" behind the colour scheme.. Feeling even more impatient to get started on my own first blanket project now, what a gorgeous colourful blankety week it's been!!
enjoy your weeken :o)
Natalie x


Your blanket is sooo wonderful!

liebe Grüße


Well, it's beautiful and just like you to have pegs that matched!!!!


Well, the wait was absolutely worth it! Beautiful, beautiful colours and beautiful workmanship (or should that be, workwomanship?) lol! Anyhow, very, very well done. What an inspiration.

The Curious Cat

You must be so proud -this is truly a piece of work! I wish i could make something like that! xxx


I think that you have just earned the title of "Head Sister" of the sisterhood of the crochet blanket. That minty green is such an unusual colour and makes your blanket stand out as being different. Very well done! Take a bow. Helen

Isabel S. / Lisbon-Portugal

Dear Vanessa, what can I say ??? WOW !!! Won't be enough!! I LOVE your blanket, the colours you choose, the squares with the little flower, the border, everything is absolutely GORGEOUS.Be proud of it because you've done a marvelous job! Perfect!Congratulations!
Love xxxxxx

Helen Lambert

Just got back from an amazing holiday and the first blog I looked at was yours and what a treat the finished blanket AWSOME Vannessa...AWSOME....just beautiful.....

Anna-Karin, Sweden

It's absolutely beautiful!!! So nice colours, and the bed looks really gorgeous with it.
Anna-Karin xxxxxxxxxxx


Truly,truly beautiful blanket and so quickly made! And stunning photos too, you deserve that glass of wine!


BEAU-BEAU-BEAU-TI-FULLLLL!! Love it! Amazing much work and soooo beautiful done!


This blanket is beautiful.. I can't wait to make one of my own.. Thanks to your tutorial I found a new way to make a blanket.


it's just gorgeous Vanessa, love love love the colours and the design xox


Oh wow. That's must be SO PROUD.
If you get bored with it,need the storage space, that kind of thing....I don't mind looking after it for a while for you.
Just let me know.......!

Nicki x


Absolutely beautiful! How clever you are!


I'm so impressed!
I found you via kitchen pink hope thats ok
I do hope you going to leave this in your will so that it never leaves your family


its so lovely..You did a great job!!!

Bertie Meadows

Hello Vanessa, WOW, gorgeous blanket, gorgeous colours, gorgeous photos of blanket, just simply lots of gorgeousness!
Bertie x


Your blanket is stunning, and I see your beautiful watercolour palette in every square. It is just like one of your paintings and I think it is the nicest blanket I have seen in the blog world. Thank you for sharing it with us all.


It's absolutely gorgeous, congratulations


That blanket is amazing its actually a work of art...
I have to tell you that I followed your instructions for knitting a granny square, and you achieved something a crotchet teacher and 3, 2 hour long lessons couldn't (not to mention the £65.00 I forked out)
I had a eureka moment and made a granny square in my lunch hour.
So thanks for that, and for sharing your lovely blanket with us.


doh! I did of course crochet the granny square not knit it..

melanie galloway

Fabulous, I love it so much, it is beautiful! xxx


Oh so very beautiful - I just love your blanket especially the minty color which happens to be my favorite color!! Congrats on a job well done.

Cherry Cabban

WoW, it really is fantstic all the pain making it was worth it. I will photo Granny's blanket and you can let your readers see it. Great Grandson George now has it on his cot! And great Ganddaughter Millie said 'ohh Grannie I really like the silver bits'
Well done another great achievement!

Sharon Peters

A M A Z I N G !!!!!


LOVE it soooo much really beautiful, I have been waiting for your reveal :0) will be back on my blog soon, and I have started my sisterhood blanket so will put piccies up when I get back from hols next week.

Paula (rayofsunshine)


Its simlpy stunning!x


I love the border—nice zip of hot pink, and the stripes contrast so well with the squares, and they hang down the side of the bed, with the squares on top. Dig it!


I'm inspired to at least have a go at making a blanket but I am quite sure it won't be nearly as gorgeous as yours! The colours of your blanket are soooo beautiful - a talent I definitely don't have.


oh my. wow. goodness. lovely. wow. DANG! that sure is purty!!!! Deliciously lovely! Good work!


Oh, that is soooo beautiful!! How lovely to wake up and see that each morning and to snuggle up in bed with a good book, surrounded by such a gorgeous blanket!!


It's beautiful! I'm a blues/greens/purples girl in most things, but every time I see some lovely handmade blanket in these happy colors like these, I think "I need a happy blanket." Enjoy it!


What a beautiful blanket! Fantastic job completing it so quickly.
That's some amount of yarn though, I may just stick to a cushion cover when I eventually make my crochet debut...

Calico Kate

OH WOW! You must be so proud. I am so impressed and really envious too! I MUST LEARN TO CROCHET!!!!!


It is stunning Vanessa, well done you! I adore that soft aqua colour - it gives it a wonderfully vintage look, a bit like the colours in those old paisley bedspreads! Thank you for sharing xx


Simply beautiful.Lovely color choices and a pattern that brings out the best of them. Bravo.


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am completely in love with your blanket! It is absolutely Beautiful! I want one! Thank you for sharing it with us.


Your blanket is so, so, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. I loved each and every picture! What a great accomplishment.



Pernickity Witch

Wow. Simply, Wow!

Inga Helene

Wow! What a gorgeous blanket! Just love the colors

Naomi Rainford

so pretty i love it! why don't you use the left over squares for a cushion to match! lovely well done!

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