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Cath W

Oh how lovely. I don't believe your Hugo does 'casual' dressing, you lucky thing. I can imagine him , power tools in hand, brushing sawdust off his blazer!
Now, where's that picnic basket....


Oooh that looks lovely. Not sure I've commented here before but really love your blog.

We're off to the Borders on holiday in Sept, would love to picnic there although might need to tether the kids!!


What a perfect little picnic - setting, food, company (including hairy company) gentle creative activity. Wonderful!


You live in a vey pretty part of the UK! Beautiful views. The crochet is looking good too; lovely colours!


I'll bet everything tasted divine, being eaten outside with that view! I hope you were able to crochet without looking at your hands so you could savor every sight.

I love picnics!


breathtakingly beautiful pictures!

liebe Grüße


What a fantastic veiw for a picnic! Gosh it's been over 20 years since the hubs and I went on a picnic. Need to rectify that. Be sweet!

Gerry Hook

Wild shoes!
You gotta love 'em.

Mummy Boo Bear

Lol! loving the colourful footwear of you both!

What an amazing way to spend a Sunday evening. Lovely veiws. Just gorgeous. Awww your Douglas really pushes the boundaries of cuteness I think. The little fella.

Thanks for sharing those wonderful views.



Hugo is one natty dresser. I'm glad you had all the accoutrements for the picnic, that scenery demanded nothing less.


Wow, that's a groovy tanktop. What does Mr Hugo wear when he is dressing down, I wonder?! How did you find a man to look smart, cook, wield power tools and goodness knows what else. If only Douglas had a matching doggy-sized Fair Isle tanktop, now that would be cool!
A lovely way to spend the evening...
Hen x


How lovely to just go for a picnic and what a view!!! We love going for picnics. Even in winter, although we do tend to huddle in the car with the flask then!!!


What a very civilized man your husband is and what a wonderful place to picnic. Love the shoes, I have a washed-out blue pair and they are so comfy. Karenx


What beautiful vistas, and what marvelous closeup views, as well.

Just love the wide open spaces that you show!

All those tiny, colorful crocheted wheels are like candies. Yes, I know what you mean about being inspired by someone's design and then thinking ... I could make that. Isn't is marvelous when you're sort of messing about with a design and all of sudden find that you've done it. You've got your very own one off creation.

It's lovely to trade stitches and circles and connections back and forth.

Best wishes. xo


Congrats for your beautiful blog!
I invite you to visit my crafty blog:
Thank you! :D


Ooooh, makes me want to picnic too! What kinds of dogs are Elle and Douglas? They remind me a bit of my Cairn Angus. Lovely post! Rose and Angus in Vermont


I see you both have a way with colour. That picnic! So dignified with real glasses.

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Stunning views! It looks so wonderful, peaceful. And the colours of your yarn, as always, beautiful!


Oh I love Douglas, just the sort of companion you want when cuddles are the order of the day for it seems he is a cuddlesome sort of chap.... lovely pix, nice picnic too, and you are SUCH a colourful couple!


Love the fairisle!!


The Curious Cat

I love these photos -so beautiful and the colours and they feel so british!!! I wish I lived there in that little village - it is so delightful! xxx

Menopausal Musing

Classy Picnic! :O) x


Love The Tank!


Thank you for sharing your lovely picnic with us - what a great idea - we would never think to go for a picnic on a Sunday evening, but now you are inspiring me to plan one! I'm sure it would make the weekend feel longer, which is always a good thing! I really enjoy your beautiful blog.


What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday evening. Perfect that you were organised with the crochet too!
I love Fair Isle, not something you see very often.


I don't know where to start, the picnic, the view, the crochet, the elegant escort...Wow! Fabulous photos, lovely to share that lovely day with you! Thanks!


What a blissful picnic..ahh if St.Abb's? Im thinking of attending a knit retreat there soon (Woolfish).
Love those tiny squares..going to attempt crochet very soon.


I'm a little late to this particular party, but oh--lovely. What a sweet man you've married (does he have a single brother, say around 50?) and those doggies--I'm completely smitten with Douglas, though Ellie is a girl after my own heart, always pushing boundaries. What a beautiful spot, and what a beautiful life you've made.


im loving the fair isle and tweed combo!!!

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