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Hope you get your sparkle back soon but your blog was lovely and days spent doing very little are very soothing to the spirit. Sounds like those lovely doggies are worn out with entertaining too! Karenx


Aren't dogs funny. My little shih tzu makes me laugh when she has been to a bbq or been entertaining herself, then the next day she sleeps all day to catch up!
I bet your little guys are exhausted from the attention of your little neice and nephew x


Oooh we have been doing simultaneous comments again Vanessa!


You're right that its fun to peek into someone else's space.

I've only been following your blog for a short time, but I had to comment on your photos. They're just lovely! And very inspirational. Thank you for the eye candy.

Kate Bruning

Well, you have just proved that you don't have to be bright eyed and bushy tailed to create something that is still beautiful - those photos are sublime and as for your studio, no wonder your niece made a beeline. I would too.


What a lovely, lovely workroom. If I had one like that, I wouldn't want to leave it. Thank you for sharing it with us. x


Yuuummm, loving the lovely studio, I spotted the Orla bag and went green with envy! That reminds me, I really must go to her shop (to browse, you understand). I'm sure you'll be feeling more perky soon and I completely understand how the weekend has worn you out. I often feel rather envious of my guests, in a nice way I like to think, that they have such an easy time staying with me whilst I run myself ragged!
Hen xxx


The roses and petals are lovely.

I'm always exhausted after company, and my brother is invigorated by visitors. I am an introvert and he is an extrovert, and it has taken me years to figure out why spending a week or a few days with friends or relatives wipes me out. Now I know that I have to have some time alone to re-charge my batteries!

You and the doggies will probably be back to normal tomorrow!


Hello Vanessa,
Dropped by the other day after discovering you via Jane B's similarly lovely blog.
I'm so enjoying all your posts, particularly about your paintings, and am leisurely reading back through the months.
Lovely to 'meet' you!


hi vanessa
hope you've found your get up and go by now!! love your blog - I don't know if you know you've been nominated at dorset cereals - I've just given you your first vote! come on everyone - go and vote now!!!!!!!


Your studio looks lovely!! I'm so jealous!!

I do the exact same thing with my flowers. What starts as a big bunch of long stemmed flowers can finish as a few short stems in a jam jar!!


what a pretty room!!


Hi Vanessa, so sorry I have not commented for a while, what with one thing and another I have not been in the mood to read blogs, but now, Im back to normal.
Hope your keeping well. I'll be leaving the house soon, so will post your swap parcel off to you (finally, lol!).
Take care
Love Melanie xxxx


Oh your room looks as though it's an inspiring place to be. You're very dedicated to your flowers. I simply leave them - you've put me to shame! Those are very vibrant roses especially against those sky blues - the colours sing!

Nina - Tabiboo

If the nap didn't work then a breath of fresh air a punnet of raspberries and some chocolate normally do the trick for me though saying that relaxing on the sofa for the day does sound good - ignore the healthy variety!!

Have a lovely snoozy day,

Nina x

ps. are you sure your sister isn't taking something for that perkiness?? It doesn't noramlly go hand in hand with parenthood.

pps. thank you for the vote - yeah!! xox


Hi Vanessa, this is the first time I comment on your blog. Just wanted to say I understand very well how you are feeling after the visit of your family. I had a hyper-active mother-in-law visiting us recently for 5 days, helping us with decorating our flat. I needed several days to recover from that whirlwind experience. I couldn't cope with the chaos and just felt out of my "rhytm". Everybody is different. I have no children myself and would find it hard to cope with them. Try not to compare yourself with your sister. Take care!


I envy you your work space. Lovely flowers Vanessa!

A Thrifty Mrs

I hope you get lots of rest and catch up with yourself. We had houseguests a few weeks ago and I needed to sleep an extra three hours a night for the next week!

Those roses are utterly gorgeous. I love to watch the change of fresh flowers. There is something strangely powerful about them to me.

The Curious Cat

What do you think your next project will be in your studio? Those flowers are very pretty xxx


Still quite enjoying your lovely, lovely, lovely blog, Vanessa. Peeking into your work space was a real delight. Take care, my dear!


Ooh, that was shot in the arm! Lovely vibrant colours. Hope you are all feeling perky again soon!

Pernickity Witch

What a gorgeous workspace. With all this talk of blankets, wonderful picnics and yarn, I was wondering......

Will you adopt me???

pw x


Vanessa, your blogs are wonderful, even when you are not on top form. me I just want to curl into a ball and hibernate for a while.
Thankyou for your rays of sunshine x

Robyn Bardgett

Vanessa, your blog is gorgeous! Just stumbled across it a few days ago and now I am just smitten by your workspace. Absolutely lovely. Thank you for spending the time sharing such inspiring and lovely blog entries.


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