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Sounds like a great weekend! Soup season started for us on Saturday too...


Darn the weather eh? The scarf is looking beautiful, look forward to seeing it. I have all the ingredients for soup in my fridge but despite a chilly start today it got up to 25 degrees. What is going on?? Soup will have to wait, or be made and put in the freezer.


I love your blog, your photos are so colourful and cheery. Your scarf is coming on in leaps and bounds isn't it? Are you leaving the outer squares joined along just the one edge, or do you plan to have a solid edge eventually?

My soup season starts tomorrow (sweet potato and butternut squash), but we had our first jacket potatoes of the season on Saturday :)


Hello Vanessa, Too warm to light the fire yet down here in the south - though after a visit to the beach with youngest son on Saturday afternoon with me shivering behind a groyne with three cardies on whilst he skipped about in the waves in his swim-shorts it felt like autumn had arrived early. Home to hot chocolate as he had goosebumps on his goosebumps by then. Good for Hugo volunteering with the RNLI - its a wonderful organization. Can't wait to see that gorgeous scarf sewn up. Karenx

Sarah - Jane down the lane

The scarf is looking really divine!
Poor old car-buteos, must have been miserable...still the alternative Sunday with papers, radio and soup sounds just perfect to me,

Love Sarah x

Mrs Bun

Cosy is so fantastic. I'm with you Vanessa and would be curled up by the fire, but feeling glad that someone like Hugo is out there. We had our first veggie roast of the new season yesterday - so feel autumn is truly here. Now soup that's made me feel all peckish again. Hope we'll soon see pictures of the scarf draped beautifully around your neck and shoulders.

Lisa x


Sounds like a cozy, wonderful weekend...ahhh, and the scarf is looking lovely :-)

Gerry Hook

Some times a 'tipple' is just what is needed to complete the day.

Nina - Tabiboo

I do like the idea of a little tipple of sherry though 'just the one!'

Apart from the heavens what a super weekend and 'oh' I dream of those days though I normally have at least one if not all three children trying to bundle me the moment I sit down. 'oh the little joys'

Nina x


L love all your tiny multi-coloured squares. As well as soup eating weather it will soon be scarf wearing weather too! x


My goodness, I come back after a three week holiday and your little squares have been breeding like rabbits in the meantime! How many little squares are there? I can't wait to see the scarf all finished. Are we going to get a fashion show then? Scarf modelled by you?

The Curious Cat

Ah i like this entry it is very cosy and very British! I can clearly imagine you crocheting in bed and Hugo battling the elements outside! :) I was just wondering, when you crochet - what do you think about? Or do you always just have the radio on? xxx

PS've got me thinking, that season is on its way! xxx


Love the scarf Vanessa, it's going to be beautiful. Nearly finished tho' so what have you got planned for your 'next trick'!Very hot here in Norfolk today, but we need to make the most of it...

Isabelle (France)

So Vanessa, have you had cherry or tea??? We need to know, don't we? :o)
Sorry that it rained for your carbooting, the weather here is gorgeous and will remain so in the next few days. But I kind of feel ready to snuggle under a nice blanket!
Isabelle xx


sometimes it's so lovely just to have a really peaceful Non eventful weekend though isn't it; especially this year as autumn starts, I think it's great to embrace all the cosy homely things - soup, fires, blankets, snuggly, the odd warming tipple! Such a contrast to the outdoor living of the summer (well, would have been but for the weather), and yet so nice to be able to just snuggle down and do 'nothing' without feeling obliged to be outside doing 'something'. xx


I cant wait to see this scarf...the suspense is killing me....


Hi Vanessa.....oh dear me, I've been meaning to leave you ooooodles of comments in recent weeks and yet just have not had chance, I'm so sorry! I pop in most days to enjoy a quick catch up with you, but don't often have time to write.
Your scarf is looking absolutely beautiful, I love it so much!!
Glad you're still enjoying the crochet, it suits you so well.
Lots of love and hugs

Erica K

I love the colors you're putting into your scarf! Beautiful!

On a rainy day it's so nice to curl up on the couch with a yummy drink and crochet, isn't it? I think I'm about to do that myself, as it's 65 degrees in the house right now. Brrr...

Glad I've found your blog!

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