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How exciting to have a helicopter land in your high street! I hope the man was ok too.


holy cow! that's tight quarters for sure. you're right. pilot obviously very skilled at his job.


Aren't those pilots clever? At the hospital I work at, the air ambulance lands in the road next to the car park. The field it used to land in is now a huge coronary care unit x


Who says our health service is no good, can't get better service than that. Well done you getting such great action shots, you really captured the excitement.


My boys loved this. We had one land next to us once in a car-park on the shore of Loch Maree in the Highlands. It came down so fast we nearly died of fright. Did Hugo miss all the excitement? Karenx


Oh, that poor old man! Thinking good thoughts for him and wishing him a speedy recovery!

I know that sensation of guilt--I feel it every time a police car passes me, lights flashing or not. I didn't do it! I swear I didn't! ;-)


How very exciting! I have great admiration for those guys.


wow, amazing pics! hope the poorly man is okay now.


Liz T.

That roundabout is obviously a heli-pad in disguise.


We were awoken in the middle of the night but a blinding light coming in through the bedroom window. Your mind, at that time and being jolted out of sleep, doesn't at first comprehend, then kicks into overdrive, with images of alien spaceships and the like. We gingerly opened the curtains, to see this massive beam of light sweeping around from a police helicopter.... they were looking for a missing person who they believed may have been hiding in the woods nearby. Then there was the night of the earthquake last year, when we were awoken by rattling wardrobe doors, slight movement in bed... did the earth move for you darling?!!!
But from the way the pilot skilfully handled the helicopter, you can see why our pilots are claimed to be amongst the best-trained in the world, and why other countries send theirs here to be trained. Good piccies Vanessa, but we'd expect nothing less!

Magic Cochin

Golly! you won't forget that in a long time!

In our little village we're still talking about the day the air ambulance landed in the graveyard between the church tower and a row of cottages. A boy had been knocked off his bike by a car which just drove off! His life was saved by a specialist in head injuries who was flown in to treat him as he was driven slowly and carefully to hospital.

The skill of the pilots is incredible - as you witnessed and captured in your amazing photos - bet your local TV/radio website would like to see them too.

We found out that our air ambulance is funded toatally by donations and has no government support! Needless to say it's now a very popular charity for evryone in our village.



My hubby told me to tell you that your photos are awesome :) He loves aircraft of all kinds and was sitting next to me when I clicked on your blog...


How exciting! And totally worth missing the scarf pictures for!!

French Knots

Goodness, you wouldn't have thought it was possible to squeeze a helicopter in there. What amazing skill on the part of the pilot.

Mummy Boo Bear

Whooo really dramatic stuff. I wonder what that man in the top window of one of the shop was thinking, being that close to those whizzing blades???!!!

Hope the poorly man is ok and well done on the pictures. Real good stuff.


Shelagh Campbell

Unfortunately, we had a similar incident last year behind my house. I say "unfortunately" because it was a murder in a house one street over, although it was first described as a home invasion.

I was letting the dogs out at 6:30 for their morning necessaries when I heard the helicopter and felt the downdraft. It appeared to have landed somewhere behind my house so I quickly dressed, got the dogs on their leashes and off we went to have a bit of a nose around.

I didn't get far because the Life Flight helicopter had landed in a small cul de sac, where the police had taken a stop sign out of the ground to make more room for the rotor blades. Someone was loaded into the body of the helicopter and off it went with, it turns out, the husband. Apparently, Life Flight takes the person who has the most chance of survival.

It turns out this was not a home invasion but a husband who stabbed his wife many times while she was still asleep and then stabbed himself a couple of times (quite superficially) to make it appear they had been attacked. It was only a couple of hours before he confessed as is story was way too thin to be believable.

Apparently, the couple was having financial difficulties and this was his way of solving the problem, rather stupid really. The saddest part is that they had 9 year old twin boys who were asleep at the time. They are now living with their older half sister.

A very sad tale indeed but rather exciting at the time and yes, a lot of folks were late for work that day because of police blockades.

By the way, a trip like that in Life Flight here in Houston costs around $8,000!

The Curious Cat

Not something you see everyday eh? Cool! xxx


Hello from a lurker.

It used to happen a lot in Birmingham until A&E was moved from the hospital in the centre of town (then they used to land practically in my back garden instead - good for scaring off burglars).

I keep looking at your beach photos, and wondering, as a NE lass in exile, whether I've been there.



Helicopter pilots are amazing! I do hope the old man makes a quick recovery, and your photo sequence was brilliant. Is your other job 'roving reporter'!?


Wow, Awesome Magawsome, Well done Vanessa!!

Alice Saltiel-Marshall

Excelent photo essay, Vanessa. Wow ... I am sure it was nothing short of spectacular to watch a helicopter pilot lower (and then raise) his craft into a high street! Perhaps your local papers will reveal the outcome of the air rescue and you'll pass it on to us readers?

Sarah - Jane down the lane

Goodness me that was all very epic indeed! and distracted me from asking how the scarf is coming along!

Love Sarah x

Erica K

Exciting...that does look like a rather precarious place to land! Wait a aren't trying to find excuses not to show us that beautiful scarf, are you? :D lol

I remember, many years ago, there was a police helicopter flying really low in our neighborhood with it's search scanning the ground (it was night). I was rather afraid, but my dad went right out on the lawn to see what was happening. (stupid thing to do really...)

I don't know who they were looking for, or if they ever caught anyone. But I'll never forget...


wow, those are amazing action shots. The skill of the pilots is just unreal. What a bit of drama. Hope that the person they took off made a good recovery. x

Volunteer opportunities

That is so amazing! I hope the poor guy will recover soon.

Have a nice weekend!

Calico Kate

Aren't they brilliant - I wonder if he used the roundabout as his 'bullseye'? My husb was airlifted to hospital in Glasgow and was in A&E before dad & I got home. I have nothing but praise for our NHS they do a magnificant job.
Great pics - our local chopper is a yellow one.

Becks Shaw

Wow, great photo's! And what skill from the pilot too. You know, I always wanted to fly a helicopter in the RAF as a little girl but back then girls didn't do things like that and I was actually talked out of it at the enrolment office........... Good job really as I love who I am now.
Anyhow can't wait for the scarf reveal. Thanks for yet another lovely post.

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