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SO lovely! Like wearing all the colors of a gelato stand.


It's definitely like you are wearing a rainbow! Fantastic scarf. My favourite photos is your loooooong photo, it's ace.

have a lovely holiday xxx


Your scarf is amazing,hope you have (had) a wonderful time in Spain.

Sue xx


The scarf is lovely. I like the way the edges curl up. Enjoy your holiday in Spain, I will miss my daily does of colour and cheer.


What a gorgeous scarf!! No wonder the one in Country Living costs £200 - there is alot of work in your scarf and the colours are fab. Enjoy your holiday - will look forward to reading your instructions on making the squares.


Vanessa, it is gorgeous. I am in awe!


Wow! the scarf is fantastic!
Well worth the wait for the big reveal :)

Have a great time in Spain, I'll be looking forward to a tour of the real Spain when you return!

jane smallcombe

Your scarf is just fabulos - I love it and wish it was mine!!!!

Have a wonderful holiday - hope you're taking some yarn with you???

Jane x


It's gorgeous! Well done.

Anna-Karin, Sweden

It's gorgeous!!! Wow!!
Have a wonderful holiday in beautiful Spain!
Anna-Karin xxx


Absolutely fabulous! You'll turn heads wherever you go in that beautiful scarf. Enjoy Spain and the sunshine.


Love, love, love. Love the colors, love the ruffled edge and love how it looks on.

Have a fantastic holiday!

Mary Poppins

What a glorious sight, I love it, you are so very clever. I wish I could make something only as half as pretty. I have really enjoyed visiting you, apologies I haven't been for a little while, Occasionally I need little Bloggy holidays to recharge my batteries.

Amazing coincidence with the helicopter post. Only today we had two land a stones throw from my home, they are so loud aren't they.

Have a funtastic and relaxing holiday, my, I wish I was a coming with you :)




Have a great time in Spain! Are you going to do more little paintings?

Also love the scarf, with your face peeping over the rainbow! Lovely!


It's so beautiful, and the ruffle effect is a fabulous idea! Enjoy your vacation in sunny Spain - I can't wait to see what color-inspiration you bring back from there.


wow, it is gorgeous! wearing a rainbow is definitely the way to dress! i got a big tipsy looking at your color/design boards - what a lot of work is there. i will look forward to the project demonstration, as i think i'll make a wee version for our girl for christmas! thank you, thank you!

have a marvelous holiday!

Gerry Hook

Oh, My ! ! ! ! Those flippity-flip edges, yes, with the over lapping little squares. The positively gorgeous color goes on and on f o r e v e r
I am Irish Green with envy.
AND, thanks you for the show-stopping on-the-scene live coverage of the unexpected visitor on main street UK
Thanks for the uplifting posts I needed that


Beautiful as ever! It's nice to get to see what you look like too.


Your scarf is beautiful and will make returning to crisper weather all the better VAnessa. I always prefer it when yarns have names instead of just having a code don't you? Have a great time x


Magnifico, clever clogs!
Enjoy Spain dear Vanessa, you sure deserve it!
Spring is arriving in New Zealand and today my sisters and I sorted our Christmas celebrations which heralds the arrival of Summer - pretty much.
Special thanks for your colour bursts in what has been a particularly dismal Winter for me.
LOVE what you give to the world (and me personally, because after all it is me that you write to isn't it - Dear Reader, that would be me?!)
Safe travels and fun in the sun Dear Writer and Colour Magician,
Sarah x


Pretty, pretty, pretty!!!! The ruffles are just scrumptious. I still haven't mastered the art of crochet - just the art of loose knots - you have just spurred me on. Thank you. Have a wonderful trip.


Wow, so gorgeous! It'll certainly cheer up those gloomy Winter days ahead.
Deb x


How fabulous it is and it looks so wonderful on - I very much like the ruffley edge you created. Happy holidays and how lovely to have your autumn scarf all ready from when you return from extending summer :)


Absolutely love the scarf! You must be so pleased!! And keep the photos coming, I don't think there are ever too many, all those colours are just gorgeous! Have a great holiday, and please, pretty please, can you bring some heat and sun back for us? Lou x

Calico Kate

Most impressive! - I bet you won't be taking your scarf with you to Spain! What will you do whilst you are away I wonder?
Have a super time.

Sarah - Jane down the lane


You are so brilliant, well done!

Have a gorgeous hols, see you when you get back,

Love Sarah x


Lovely scarf, I particularly like the way you've made the edges ruffle, plus the amazingly large selection of colours, must have been a lot of fun. Have a fab holiday, with maybe a little crafting? Will miss your bright and happy posts.


Wow, its very nice! lots of colours!

Nina - Tabiboo

It is perfect and beautiful and lovely and....

Bravo - I love it!!

Have a lovely holiday,

Nina x

ps. I'm more on the side of a Doctor Who style scarf in 'the longer the better' - Tom Baker as Doc.Who that is! N xox

Naomi Rainford

love the scarf it is great well done! have a good time in spain :o)

elizabeth of course

Wonderful! I couldn't even read it in my google reader, I had to see it on the real page! It look fabulous! I love the ruffly edge, and all the tiny-ness together. Great job!


Worth the wait Vanessa, and truly beautiful. I do love the idea of leaving the edge squares free, it gives a lovely soft effect. Thanks so much for posting the list of colours and manufacturers. This gives me a starting point for my next project. (After the patchwork bag, the knitted sweater, the crochet throw...)
Have a wonderful, wonderful holiday. I shall miss dropping by over the next couple of weeks!
Penny x


How could you NOT feel happy wearing that beautiful scarf, it's really, really lovely!


Wow , I can't believe my eyes , this turned out so gorgeous !
Have a wonderful holiday in Spain!


I'm going to try this pattern myself. Good thinking on leaving the edges unsewn. I love the way that looks when worn! I'm adding this scarf to my project list! Thank you!


Bet you don't need that lovely scarf in sunn spain. Happy Holiday V x

Erica K

I LOVE it! I love the way you finished the really gives it that special 'something.' And I adore your shade card!

Have a great time in Spain! I'll await your post! :)


'Wearing a rainbow' - love it!

Geraldine O'Leary

you are just incredible!! THe scarf is completely fabulous but man alive the way you indexed the wool is amazing. You win - you are the queen of crochet!!


Your scarf is beautiful!

Have a great weekend

Anna x


the scarf is just fabulous - such a feast of colour -loving the idea of wearing a rainbow.

Have a wonderful time in sunny Spain - what a great time to go. Shall miss your colourful posts while you are away, but will think of you lapping up the sunshine and bright colours and look forward to hearing all about it on your return. xx

Isabelle (France)

Hi Vanessa, it is a very very very beautiful scarf, well done you!
I am going to miss reading you in the next 2 weeks. TWO weeks!!
Have a wonderful time under the sun!


absolutely beautiful....have a fab holiday and thanks for sharing the wool details, its always something i like to know and so few people share x


Your scarf is gorgeous, congratulations.

Have a lovely holiday


Absolutely perfect! Have a lovely holiday in Spain.


Oh it's beautiful..and it looks fabulous on you. Have a lovely time in the sun.


Have a lovely holiday!!

Your scarf is fantastic!!! So colourful and cute!!!

Well done!


It's beautiful! I feel inspired!

Helen Lambert

its lovely vanessa...well worth the wait and you are just wonderful ...displaying the colours and shade numbers so beauifully...did you wear it in the indian summer yesterday?


Congratulations, it's gorgeous!
Perhaps a tad too colourful for me as I'm addicted to black, but why not in (darker) shades of purple, red and pink?
Have a great holiday!


Love it!!


All those colors....amazing!!!


Hello, just discovered you via Dorset Cereals... your blog is lovely... creative, colourful, witty, well-written and interesting... now I feel very depressed! My blog only got 40-something votes... think I'm going down the garden to eat worms. But I'll just bookmark you first :-)

Shelly Muhlig

I love it!! I like things that are different and no one else has! I'm new to your site and have really enjoyed it!!

The Curious Cat

Wonderful! So pretty and it looks ace on you! Lovely to see it build up and develop too! xxx


Hello there! LOVE your scarf! It's so colourful. I saw the Bigan yarn for the first time on Saturday at the 'I-Knit Weekender'in London. Their yarns are fabulous. Such great colours. Hope you have happy holiday in Spain.

kitschen pink

Oh my oh my but I only just got back myself and you're gone! But what a post to savour - it'll keep me going for at least 2 weeks and that's before I start checking what else I've been missing!


Lovely post - and I really love your site. Thanks so much for sharing it ! Best wishes to you...


AWESOME SCARF! It's so beautiful! Have fun in Spain!!


Your scarf is lovely! Such happy colors--they make me smile.

You and Hugo have a wonderful trip! I'm so excited for you--the furthest I've gotten away this year is to the next town, so anything farther than that seems exotic to me.

Josephine Tale Pedder

Really impressive scarf! I often pop in to admire your Blog with its colours and creative vibe. Enjoy your break. xx


Your amazing!! That turned ou so cute!! It looks great on you too!! I love the sample color card idea!! Thanks for sharing!

Isabelle (France)

Hello hello! Had to pop in here again to say that the Best gift of all was tonight's bedtime story on Cbeebies! Me and the girls got all excited :o)
Hope you're having a relaxing time.

That looks fantastic! I've just discovered your blog today and I must say, its been rainy and nasty here and those bright colors have cheered me up. Hope you have a great time traveling!

Sally anne

Totally sensational and inspirational !!!
Once again I adore the palette of colour you have chosen, just beautiful.


just gorgeoussss......i love the way it ruffles and the colours simply zing...I love the mosaic effect and your descriptions

Suzy's Vintage Attic

It looks FABULOUS! I love it! All those beautiful colours. All your hard work has paid off. I can wait to get back to doing more crochet. At moment busy decorating..
Isabelle x


This is really beautiful !!! I love it so much ! All is perfect ! Congratulations :o)


This is gorgeous.. just discovered your blog which I love! a fab, funky & colourful blog!... thanks Tx

suzie sews

wow wee...kinda speechless......


it's gorgeous Vanessa, loving the idea of your wearing your rainbow xx


I love love love that scarf!!! you are a clever little bunny. have a lovely holiday love Lucey x

Fiona (little sis)

I love this scarf. It's fantastic.

Lynn Williams

Your scarf is absolutely beautiful!!! I love it. I might have to make me one. :) Thanks for sharing. Lynn

Megan Kay

I love this scarf! Can't wait for the demo/tutorial!!!

Mam'zelle flo

awesome! I just love it! so colourful and yummy!


really imprrrrrrresssssive! fabulous idea to leave the outer squares open! cheers from the land of rainbows (southwest ireland) eliane


I love the scarf I would like to see the pattern. Please send me a copy. Can this scarf be made with hearts? I would like to make one with hearts. I a begginer crocheter

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