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oh wow ... those shoes! I'm not one for heels either but ooooh those spots are perfect :D

karen ball

I can't wear heels either but oooh, I lust after those spotty shoes. Spotty Shoes. Mmmmm...


Lovely Flamenco dresses, and those shoes!!! I love polka-dots, even though I'm well past the age of being able to wear them! If only they made Birkenstocks in those colors and dots...

Hope you get to feeling better soon. Maybe that New Zealand wine had a high alcohol content?


Oh those frocks, I particularly love the ones in the very first picture and, sorry to rub salt in the wound, a pair of red and black spotty shoes with black opaque tights would be amazing. Whenever I was feeling down at work I always put on my red heels, worked wonders. You could always get your Mum to buy you a pair and send them over!


Look what I found for you...:)


Kate Bruning

I shudder to think where the world would be without New Zealand white wine. I love how we have no army to send out to war, but instead bombard the world with alcahol so it is a fuzzier and more relaxed place. World Peace. If I had been at the market, I would have had a crazy idea of buying the shoes and then forcing Jonno to saw off the heels. Of course, I would have to wear them, rocking from the toe to the heel alarmingly, however, I would just pretend I had been drinking and would never admit the shoes weren't quite right.


Oh, how did you not buy those shoes?! If not for you then for me! I would wear them in a heart beat-it would make the school run so much more enjoyable. Only problem is I would run into things because I would be looking down at my shoes the whole time (my daughter actually did that once!).


Ooh those spots, they bring out my inner Minnie Mouse! hope you are on the mend today Vanessa, x


Golly, loving those flamenco dresses but loving the spotty shoes even more. Since I gave up working, I just can't wear heels. Poor Mr HH, when he met me I was this glamorous thing in little suits and high heels with not a hair out of place (and not scraped into a pony tail every single day) and make-up on. Now I find it difficult to wear anything but crocs and who needs suits when you're at home all day?! I have crocs for every season, the "mammoths" will be coming out soon. No spotty ones though, I'm afraid.
Anyway, I've digressed there. Funny, I never had you down as a diddy person, you always look tall in your modelly shots, so you must carry yourself very well. Sorry to hear about the cold, I think wine or should I say vino, is most definitely a top idea in such circumstances. Then again, it's pretty much a top idea in most circumstances! Hope to visit the fabric shop today.
Hen xxx


Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous shoes! I really appreciate the link from a fellow blogger, there's an online shop where you can get them. Yay!

All the photos are lovely, bursting with colour!


ooh all those colours!!! why didn't you buy any of those beautiful shoes? some for you and some for me and half the world i should think! ok slight exagerration!
more photos soon please
gill xx


I agreee, how could you walk awy from those shoe?...


omigod!!! what fantastic photos - those dress are gorgeous and the shoes, well the shoes, just lovely!!!
Hope your cold (and maybe the resultant hangover?!!) is better today!



hello!, i hope your travel to Spain was marvellous, i am living at Sevilla, and de flamenco dressare very beatiful here.
my english is not very good, but i want to say you : I LIKE YOUR BLOG VERY MUCH, IT IS LOVELY


Just like everything else in life flamenco dresses have a fashion and the old ones you see are soooo out dahling! I have a vintage one at home, white with white and black embroidery and black fringing. It's gorgeous and I bought it second hand from a little old lady who used to wear it when she was in her twenties!

Your photos always make me feel sooooo homesick!

Victoria Plum

Those shoes .... THOSE SHOES!!!!! Wonderful spotty shoes!! I would have been unable to walk away from those :) I would have even convinced myself that I could get away with wearing them to work ... hmmmm, right - am off to plan my Spanish holiday!! :)

Hope you are feeling better .... typically, I have got a week off work and I have managed to come down with the sniffles ... again.


Anna-Karin, Sweden

Wow!! I just say, wow, the colours are amazing.
Can't wait for the fabric shop photos.
See ya!
Anna-Karin xxx


I want them - ALL! The dresses, the shoes, the ability to dance the Flamenco! Great post Vanessa and such beautiful photos x


The shoes are great, maybe not very practical though. Look forward to more colour on your next post.


So beautiful and inspiring!!!Love the shoes, of course, my DD has 2 pairs;)xoxoxo


Do you know, of all the blogs I read, yours is the only one where I think.....I haven't heard from "do you mind if I knit" lately, I'm really missing her colourful posts! Glad you're back.


Just Brilliant! Need I say more?


I wonder if the dresses come in a size 20?...perhaps they would be good for my new image! (see my latest post to explain that!) Love anything with spots especially dear sweet P who seems to have hit that age...bless her...cant wait to see more...I am going to have a nice single malt...and Pete is not here to ask what it is in and hugs H

Isabelle (France)

Ha ha, you were very funny last night!! Was that the effect of the vino blanco??
Hope the orange juice treatment is working against your cold!
Isabelle x

Janice Perkin

glad to see you back but I can't believe you didn't buy some spotty shoes to go with the stripey socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vanessa Cabban

Hello Jacqueline,
totally impractical, I'd agree! And probably very uncomfortable too!
Love Vanessa xxx

On 30 Sep 2009, at 12:50, [email protected] wrote:

Suzy's Vintage Attic

My in laws brought back the red & black dress shown in your photos. It was for Miss P who loves it! The shoes are fantastic!It is interesting to see the flamenco being danced.
I'm useless when it comes to drinking, one glass of wine and that's it for me it goes straight to my head in no time.
Fun post, I enjoyed it.
Isabelle x

The Curious Cat

ooo those flamenco shoes! They are delightful! And you know what - I hate to say this as I know you are lamenting for not having purchased - I don't do heels either but someone recently told me that dancing shoes were the best to buy with heels as they are better made with lots of support. Tango heels are meant to be supreme- expensive but supreme. Ah! I think it is an excuse to go back really...


wow- those shoes and those dresses, they just make you feel like celebrating don't they?! Every night would be party night with a frou frou flamenco dress and some bright spotty shoes.

Hope the cold is getting better and the vino did the trick (much better to dose up on vino than orange juice if you ask me!) xx


Lovely photos, especially the spotty shoes. Wonder if anyone can enlighten us as to why "spotty" with the flamenco dresses?
Hope the cold has gone - if the orange juice didn't cure it, I'm sure last night's vino will have done the job!


Frills and dots! What more could a girl ask for?! Girlie heaven!

Vanessa Cabban

Hello Isabelle,
thank you! I'm just surfacing after taking a downward spiral, care of a nasty cold and cough, I've been feeling dreadful, the wine didn't work, the orange juice didn't work, just had to sit it out. Still feel wobbly, but think I can do a post tonight!
Love Vanessa xxx

On 30 Sep 2009, at 20:37, [email protected] wrote:

Sarah - Jane down the lane

What a joyous Flamenco ladybird post!
I simply loved it thanks for making me smile
Sarah x


You should have bought the shoes!!!!! Get your Mum to send you a pair for Christmas. Just to look at, not to wear!!! greta blog.


What wonderful colours, and shoes of course, can't help but cheer you up - along with a glass of wine/vino mmmmmmmmm
Hope the cold is better x

O fil de l'O

I love your blog. Terrific ! I love, I love ...
O fil de l'O

Isabelle (France)

Hi Vanessa! Just to say I hope you're alright! Looking forward to reading you again soon!
Isabelle x

Vanessa Cabban

Hi Isabelle,
how lovely of you to ask after me, thank you so much! I've been ill, that cold knocked me for six, and that's why I haven't been blogging, I just felt terrible. I haven't been feeling great today either, but have been missing blogging, so I've just sat down to do one for today. I'm so touched to get your message, I really am. I've just woken up from dozing off, trying to get rid of a headache I've had all day, and it is so nice to read your e-mail on opening up my computer.
Love Vanessa xxx

On 5 Oct 2009, at 13:35, [email protected] wrote:


Oh lovely. I have just returned from Spain and shopped for flamenco shoes - not for me but for my great neices. I settled for the red ones with the wite spots - they are gorgeous!


How utterly amazing!!!

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