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hi vanessa
love the colours in that knitting - you really have a fabulous eye for colour!!
looking forward to seeing the contents of your parcel
enjoy your knitting group tonight
love gill xx
ps am i first again????

Erica K

Ooo, a fantastic parcel? I can't wait! :)

I love your new tea set! It's so girly! :) I've never had a tea party...nor anyone over for tea, or even lunch that I can remember??? But I would love to... especially if I had a lovely tea set like that to use.

Lindsey Rose

They're beautiful! I LOVE the tea set! I've always wanted to have a tea set with pink roses too!

Love the knitting, also- great color combiniation!


The jumper is coming along nicely look forward to a picture of you wearing it.The tea set is fantastic I'm really jealous.Hope you had a good evening at your knitting group,am looking forward to finding out the contents of your parcel.

Sue xx


My, you are on a roll, wonderful tea set bargain, huge progress with the sweater and a parcel. No wonder you are feeling chipper and isn't it lovely that such simple things makes us so very happy, I'm loving it too.


So lovely! I love how the tea set looks against the polka dot cloth!

Nina - Tabiboo

How wonderfully 'grown up' and a friend to play tea parties with too.

Nina x


You are so lucky to have spotted such a lovely tea set, I love it.
The jumper is going to be a real winner, beautiful colour combi.


I love the tea set. It reminds me of a fairy tale. Just as I imagine an english tea set would be.


I adore the tea set, where is this wonderful charity shop???


That tea set is very you. At first I thought it might be a doll's tea set.
I've got to rip back some knitting. I'm not looking forward to that as it was so slow and difficult in the first place. I was too ambitious for a returning knitter.


The tea set is lovely and I would have rushed into the shop as well if I'd spotted it. The jumper is coming on a treat.

Thank you for your lovely comments. Think I over did it yesterday so not done any sewing at all today.

Isabelle (France)

Good buy, it is really really beautiful!!!
Looking forward to reading more about the parcel tomorrow!
Isabelle x

Mrs Bun

Divine tea set. I thought that was the perfect word for playing tea parties. I love it and having a Rosey means I'm quite rose obsessed here.

Lisa x


beautiful tea set and knitting project!!


The tea set with pink roses is beautiful! I would have done the same thing - rushed in and bought it immediately.

The striped sweater is gorgeous. Have fun working on it at knit night!


I have just the same table cloth as you on my kitchen table and I'm thinking that maybe I need a very sweet tea set to go on it too! I went to a wonderful tea party in the summer - tea and cakes and Pimms! Even the sun shone! I bet your tea tastes even sweeter in those dear little cups too.


I love the tea set...and I LOVE the colors you are using for your sweater...I so envy your eye for color!!


Pretty, pretty, pretty...can't wait to see the parcel!


Loving the tea set Vanessa. And such a bargain. Don't you just love when that happens?!


Hi Vanessa,
Oh I love the tea set, looks lovely against that duck egg background too. I particularly love it though, because it brings back memories. My parents ran a B&B whilst I was growing up and this was the very china we had "for the guests". Can you believe it was all sold at a boot fair years ago when they gave the business up? Anyway, I'm so glad to see you've found some and most importantly, that you are having tea parties with it. Super price too!
A parcel - now what might that be?!
Hen xxx

Liz T.

Your new tea set is delightful I really love that pattern.

A Thrifty Mrs

I have that very tea set (and matching cake plates) and it makes me smile everytime I use it. I'm so glad your wish came true!


I have the same china cup, saucer and tea plate... they are so pretty aren't they? I can't resist them, and it makes tea something special when you serve it in such as these.

Thank you SO much for commenting AND liking my work. That means a lot coming from you and I'm really encouraged - I'm new at all this and it's hard to keep pegging away quietly, but your encouragement has spurred me on. Please keep visiting!


Oooooh....Such beauty!


Lovely tea set, you got a real bargain


Wow, I have that full tea service. I live in Southern California, but I am originally from Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), I got married 15 and a half years ago and my relatives in England sent me that tea service and I love it, how funny that we live worlds apart and have a tea cup in common! I love your blog!!

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