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Janice Perkin

well i'm glad you are having so much fun - last month at our Guild we had a lady demonstrating the art of prodding and hooking but i restrained my self from starting something else new!!!!!!!!! - but well done to you you are much younger than me so have loads more time to try things - i bet you would like ply split braiding too - but no more new things for me!!!!!!


I like your cushion,how long did it take to make?Looking forward to seeing your other creation tomorrow.

Sue xxx

Magic Cochin

They are fab! No wonder you're hooked :-) And what a thrifty new hobby, recycling all that fabric.

Somewhere I have a rag rug tool that belonged to my Gran (maybe my Great Gran) - it's a proddy/nippy tool which prods a hole in the hessian and nips the strip of rag so you can pull it through. I was taught how to do it once - the hessian wasn't on a loom as you had to fold it to prod the tool through.

Thanks for reminding me - I must find the proddy/nippy thing...

Best wishes

Marilyn (ex brit) in Va USA

In America they are called rag rugs and are very "New England-y" and Colonial, or Deep South. They can be beautiful, or very rustic and yours look great for having just learned how to do it. Well done!! Looking forward to the next one. Have you seen them made with cotton or just the wool?


What can you not do?? It is very impressive but looks very complicated, well done!
Bon vendredi!
Isabelle x

Petit Filoux

Whao brilliant! I'd never heard of that craft, seems quite amazing! Not sure about the whole making strips bit though, like you say, it seems so time consuming!! Looking forward to seeing your second creation! x
Thanks for your message by the way, glad you liked my little knitted things!! I have to say, I love the scarf too!! Whenever I go to the yarn shop now, I just see a million possible stripey combinations!!

Claire Boynton

Love it! You are very clever and inspiring.
Claire x

Mrs Bun

Sounds a wonderful new hobby Vanessa, apart from having to make all the strips. I'll bet you really have fun playing with colour with this.

Lisa x


Brilliant Vanessa. Ihave never tried this craft, but your is quite inspiring. Love the tools too; very beautiful in themselves x


That looks lovely Vanessa, and your colours are great as always. But did it make your hands sore? Mine felt sore just looking at that big pile of rags to process!

Mummy Boo Bear

Hi Vannessa

Love your new hobby, it looks very technical for me, but must be very rewarding at the end of the project when you have something so beautiful to add to your home. Lovely colours as ever.


The Curious Cat

Wow Vanessa - it looks wicked! You never cease to amaze me with your craft skills! I love the pillow. I also love doing courses...right now I'm doing an Indesign one and then Food Hygiene one soon too but maybe I should investigate something crafty now you have inspired me! xxx


I learned to prog (never heard it called Proddy) at Sunderland Museum when I was about 8 - I'm not sure our rug ever got finished though. Have you got one of those wooden things you wrap the fabric around, then cut down the groove to get the right lengths of fabric to prog through? (wonderful description there).


Judy @ daily yarns

That is really neat...I had never heard of this. This is something that I would love to try to learn to do.


Oooh, what a fabby cushion, can't wait to see the other one, will have to try to have a look on my 'phone later, presuming I'm not in the middle of nowhere (the Ritz would be just fine, ha ha!)
I love Beamish, went there a couple of times when I was at uni and asked Andy if we could go when we went to Yorkshire recently but he said it was a bit far. Are you going to keep on making raggy things now your course is over (if it's over?) I imagine there's no limit to the lovely things you can produce. I just hope you both have some clothes left at the end or it'll be hooking in the nude (ooh err!) Loving Hugo's dry sense of humour, more please!
Have a fabby weekend,
Love Hen xxx
P.S. How did you make the back of the cushion? Did you machine sew it, you dark horse, you.




that's lovely. How clever you are. Looking forward to seeing the other cover too. Isn't it nice to find a new thing that you like doing ? Especially this time of year - looks like the perfect fireside evening activity!


Your cushion is gorgeous, congratulations on your new hobby. It's something I'd like to try sometime but as I need new hobbies like I need a hole in the head at the moment! It will have to go at the end of a rather long list :)

Calico Kate

Well if you've a yarn stash, then perhaps you could look at another rug making method called punch needle. Now that is addictive.

Erica K

How fun! You know they sell strip cutters...a little expensive, but if you end up doing a lot of hooking it might be worth it...

Here's a link to a store that sells them. I know nothing of the store, I was just looking for an example...


Lovely to see your craftwork. I too love making snip rugs(snip is word used in Lincolnshire, where I was born). My grandma always made snip rugs and I used to help her. I still make them, am now retired.
see my rug at present being made
January 2010


love yer website. i do hooky proggy and braiding here in wales. look at my website'janes rag rugs' keep hooking!!!!jane


I have struggled to get info on proggy mat making, where did you do your sunday course? I work through the week and only have weekends available. other courses I have seen are all daytime mid week when I cannot attend.

Lisa Silva

I was so glad to read your blog on proggy
rugs,My mother lived on a farm util her mid 80's and in the evenings she would be surrounded by her strips of old clothes, most of them mine which I had outgrown and creating these lovely rag rugs, flowers, stripes all her own drawings and layouts, it was always great to see , unfortunatley she had a stroke which stopped her being able to do any craft, she is still going strong at 91 but I am sad she cant enjoy her hobby anymore thank you Lisa Silva

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