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hi vanessa
your's is the first blog i turn to each evening - your lovely chatty blog always cheers me up no matter what sort of day i've had. i love your colour choices and your easy manner with us all, your faithful followers!!
much love


Oh wow! - I haven't even finished your post; but I had to tell you straight away that I got as far as your painting that Lorraine has bought. Then I thought oh my goodness what a beautiful picture, lucky lucky Lorraine! That is simply to die for, what a gorgeous painting - I would so love to have it but I bet all your lovely pictures will be appreciated wherever they go. Why wouldn't you feel funny at giving them up? - if I was responsible for creating such loveliness, it would have to be prised away from me. And there is more too - as I quickly scrolled down so I could write this I saw more - lots more! So now I'm going to go back and look properly at those lovely paintings (and read your post properly!) It's such a treat to be shown such deliciously lovely things. Thank you!


I enjoyed seeing your paintings some of which I haven't seen before. I have been dropping very large hints at home about the possibility of one of your paintings finding it's way to my house for my birthday.Fingers crossed.

Sue xxx

Nina - Tabiboo

'Wow' all such wonderful paintings. This is the first time seeing for me so a most definite 'wow'

Enjoy your crocheting,

Nina x

Geek Knitter

Putting things in a safe place... it sounds like such a good thing at the time, and next thing you know you can't find the Christmas gifts until March!

Marion L

Absolutely love your paintings. Radiant and yet so delicate. I can understand why you'd be sad to part with them. My husband paints and I mourn every one he sells! He very kindly lets me keep a lot too so I can't complain really. Love your blog, and hope it doesn't become a chore for you.


I love your paintings , such lovely soft colors and the fresh feel they have , simply beautiful.
I know the feeling of 'having to part with one's art' , and sometimes I just decide not to sell something:)
I really enjoy visting your Blog.


One day, when I am once more in employment, I am going to buy one of your paintings, because they are beautiful and I heart them :)


Your blog is the first place I head when I am enjoying my morning cup of coffee... it always puts me into a great frame of mind as you are always so positive.


Thankyou also for sharing your paitingings... I would love to own one... maybe next year when things settle from our move. Have a great day :)


How creative and very clever to be able to paint and everything else that you do.


gorgeous! they are so lovely, I love them, yes you must do more!


Hi Vanessa!! Have missed reading you and I hope you feel a little less tired. Every new post from you is like a gift, please don't feel bad for taking some time off!
Your paintings are fantastic, and I can only imagine the pleasure you must get from achieving such beautiful work.
Isabelle xx


Hello Vanessa,

It's been a while since I have been to visit, and I am so glad to have chosen tonight. What a wonderful post. It so resonates with thoughts I often have.

I am now a few days into two weeks of vacation time, off from managing the shop. This gives me time to return to the version of myself that has to hide when I am on duty at the shop.

I have been crocheting, knitting, and spending happy hours doing this year's watercolor painting of my Christmas cards. Each one is a one off, and becomes a gift to the friend to whom it's sent. I began this custom quite a few years back, and now really look forward to doing the cards.

Yes, they do take time, and cannot be rushed. They remind me of other times in my life when I had more time to do other painting. They make me wonder when I might again have such amounts of time.

They remind me of departed friends, and cheer me with the recognition of new friends.

I don't seem to have time to blog regularly, yet also enjoy the entire idea of that sort of diary.

See how you've got me rambling I very much like your paintings ... we are not too far apart in our subject matter.


mlle paradis

Vanessa your paintings are drop dead gorgeous. No really and truly. And that's all I'm going to say because Nessy said it very well. I'm just going to organize to get on your list/shop so that I might have a shot at buying one of your paintings by Christmas (or the next six months). But paint for the joy of it, not for our panting after them.

Petit Filoux

Whao that is A LOT of paintings!!!! And so pretty too, I wish I could paint like that!!! You are obviously very talented!!! x

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Wow! Your paintings are stunning! Love 'em!!
Hugs from Anna-Karin xxx


How lovely to see all your paintings together like that, and all with your inimitable sense of colour. I look forward to reading your blog every day but know what you mean about the blogging tiredness. Just off to wind some wool (you'll see why when you visit Planet Penny!) big licks from Higgins, love Penny xxx


Such beautiful work vanessa. I particularly love the ones with berries in which I think you capture so perfectly. You are truly very talented xx

The Curious Cat

Vanessa- the paintings are gorgeous and collected together like that you can really see your've rather inspired me to get painting again...just need to find some time! Will pop along and have a further snoop in your shop.

Also, blogging-wise...I'm trying to cut back a little. I want to comment and write all the time but it is difficult to keep it up all the time. You can wear yourself a little thin sometimes...still it is great receiving comments and being a part of the big old blogosphere. It is very rewarding and inspiring! xxx


I can't really add to all the other comments as they say it all. However definitely keep painting and pleease keep blogging, yours is the one I go to first each day.
Many many thanks for your continuing generosity.


I always find your blog colourful and uplifting.... a treat! Like your paintings. How wonderful to be able to paint like that. I love the colours you use.

I'm in awe!! I can only dream of painting that much stuff and only hope to be half as good!!!
They are beautiful. I love the simplicity of your still life sets and the colour palatte. Beautiful.


A mosaic of mini blooms. A riot of regal colourings. My three purple friends are still cooing nicely in their green spotty cup and I am just too delighted to be making a guest appearance on your blog!(I will be sure to mention it to them on my way to bed tonight, as they are currently cheering me on at my desk).
Oh, and please, please do let me know if you would ever consider putting on a painting workshop/masterclass...

Erica K

So sweet... it's nice to know you've made someone happy, isn't it?

I love your pretty.

Marilene Facina finhana

Eu acho suas ilustrações simplesmente maravilhosas. Gostaria até de ter algumas. Voce desenha as flores com maestria. Parabéns. Sou fã do seu blog também.

Marilene Facina finhana

I really like your paintings.
I wanted to know if I can use some of the pictures of your illustrations in my blog (obviously giving you all the credit for the work) just because I find them wonderful.
Congratulations on the beautiful work.



Lovely paintings!

By the way, I've just bought a book illustrated by you for my daughter, it's lovely too.

Bolmara De Marco

Hello, my name is Bolmara and I´m from Argentina . I enjoy your blog so much and it inspire my heart. I learn so much too. Thanks from Buenos Aires , Bolmara De Marco

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