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Hi Vanessa, I've just discovered your blog and wanted to pop in to say hello and mention how lovely it is! Thank you for sharing your ghostly walk. I'll be back for the colour tomorrow!


hi vanessa
not your usual blog tonight -but i enjoyed it nonetheless. sometimes i think it does us good to be jolted out of our safe (and colourful)sense of security.
what a wonderfully atmospheric walk with your lovely doggies
love gill xx


Wow! lovely atmospheric photos! Thought I was going to see a picture of a ghost for a minute as I was reading your great story! Brill...


I could feel the atmosphere through the computer and almost 'see' ghostly sightings! I am sure little Ellie is not such a rude little girl! x


It seems like a really early morning walk - I think I might still have been in bed! The pictures are beautiful; very atmospheric - like being in the pages of A woman in white.I absolutely love the mist beech picture - almost like a painting. Mist lane and the other tree pics are also rather haunting and lovely. I think I would have been glad to have the dogs (little cuties aren't they?) to keep me company; - home must have seemed especially welcoming and cheerful to come home to. Never seen ghosties either, but think I might be a little bit trembly if I did and not very brave about it at all!

Whatever you choose to post about, I'm sure we'll enjoy it! I liked this post very much.


Oh my, we are so lucky that you took us with you on your walk. We are having a sunny day here, but misty days are just around the corner. Fall is so beautiful, so mysterious, so full of possibilities in change. The pups are so cute and the sofas look so lovely wrapped in the yarny goodness. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


Wow, thank you so much for sharing all that. The photos are just amazing, and you have quite a knack with words. I love your "normal" posts, but this one was wonderful, also.


It was so refreshing to know that there's someone else out there, who knows what their dogs/children say!

I've got two cats and a dog and know the exact words they use. One likes to swear (oh, I'm blushing... I must be a bad mom), the other is very reserved and the last one always puts a "mur" (English equivalent would be "mew") in front of some words.

Loved your post and photos of the English weather. And as for ghosts... I've never seen one, but I've been introduced to "Most Haunted" and after watching some episodes I believe they are out there.

Well, I guess I'm not as brave as you are and wouldn't want to meet one in person, but if you ever "catch" a ghost in your photos, please share them with us!

Kisses for Ellie and Dauglas xxx

Nina - Tabiboo

'Oh' but I love it - so misty and eery and fantastic! Extreme weather is the best and especially if there's a graveyard around.

Love the doggy phrase, it did make me laugh when I got to the end.

Have a lovely evening,

Nina x

ps. your pictures are fabulous. xox


Who could possibly sit on those benches -- they're made out of SNAKES!

Geek Knitter

Gravestones fascinate me as well. There's an old cemetery a couple miles from my home, my husband and I walk there often. I'm always making stories up in my head, looking at the family groupings, wondering what their lives might have been like.


.....its very strange visiting you and reading a post full of errie grey bright sherbert rainbows today...apart from Ellies blanket of course...I think I would have been certainly was a very very errie walk what a shame it wasnt in Bronte Yorkshire I could have joined you for that cuppa


Great photos Vanessa! Love the misty graveyard.

Janice Perkin

2 great posts - I thought i was going to have to ration myself earlier when you said you were cutting back and what do i find but 2 long fantastic even better than usual posts!! - thank you Vanessa - love the socks and 'the seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness' one


That was a great walk. Quite a long walk for little legs. I expect they slept well after that.


First time here. Fantastic photos and adorable dogs.


Oooh! Spooky! I loved it, and all that grey mistiness throws all your usual colours up into sharp relief. My favourite photo is the one with the lovely curly seats and the tree, but they are all wonderfully atmospheric. And Ellie and Douglas...they are SO gorgeous, and I bet they don't herd balls of wool! Love Penny (Planet Penny)


Oh terrific, an appearance from the furries! Ellie sounds just like my kinda gal but that Douglas is a sweetie. Loving all those colourful blankets, the blue chest, the cushions...
Have a lovely weekend, Vaness, I'll be hitting the road tomorrow afternoon, destination Chipping Sodbury!
Hen xxx

Gerry Hook

I wouldn't mind bumping into a ghost or two.
I have a cousin who is every eerie when it comes to connecting with 'those who have passed'. I more or less witnessed her 'talent' in a graveyard when we were looking for the gravesites of our great-grandparents. Strange.
After the walk you took us on I feel dropletts of mist dripping off my hair.

Martina Tierney

I've just discovered your blog via Jane Brocket's Yarnstorm. Very nice it is too, so I've added you to my list. Have I missed the pattern for the crocheted scarf made from tiny pieces?

mlle paradis

Vanessa - you have a wonderful and sensitive combination of skills. And it's too funny imagining you egging that little fluffy critter on with her "favorite phrase."

Deb King

Your photos are just gorgeous. And yes - very Brontesque. Shame about the grumpy old buggers spoiling the atmosphere!

Petit Filoux

Those photos were beautiful, thanks for sharing!! and those dogs are so cute!

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Beautiful photos!! Your surroundings look very "english" to me, with the church and graveyard in the mist.
Anna-Karin xxx

The Girl

I love the eerie misty photos! Especially the graveyard ones. And even better was seen the lovely picture of Ellie at the end on the colourful blanket. Made me feel all warm after spending time in the misty photos!


Although you don't need another comment, I have to say, again, I LOVE ELLIE..... and churchyards and misty photos. So although it may not have been as colourful as some of your posts, it does one good to have a respite now and then, to look at your gorgeous ELLIE (and Douglas too, musn't leave him out, you know how miffed the male of the species can get!) and mistiness.


Love the photos,I like it when it's misty too.Lovely to see Ellie and Douglas they always make me think of my dog,he was a westie called Hamish who died last year,still miss him a lot.They are such a big part of your life aren't they.

Sue xxx


Oh how I love your misty photos (and the pups, too)...
Will be back for sure!

Your dogs are cute but the guinea pigs still win it for me!


I must have missed this post earlier! I love it! So atmospheric.
I like the way you describe Ellie re her 'Bugga off' as it's what our Paddy is like sometimes. So I understand.
Hope you've enjoyed your time away.

sarah jane

Misty days always make the world seem much quieter and magical than normal.

Erica K

Those photos are just gorgeous! Wonderful!

I also wish to see a ghost...friendly, of course. My husband says I'm too romantic, that I view things with too romantic a ghosts, vampires and the like. But then, he's a big grump! :)


Vanessa, you need to send the photos of your doggies to Desire to Inspire so they can put them in their Monday's pets-on-furniture feature. Go check it out.

Elin S. H.

I just found your blog and had to take a look :) Love your pictures with the fog, such a special atmosphere :) And beautiful dogs you've got! :)

Greetings from Norway, Elin

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