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I love Skye - it's a beautiful place and I can understand how you fell in love with it! Cannot wait to see your gift from Hugo!!!! Jane x

Kate Wolski

Hi Vanessa! KateAnn here from Idaho United States. I know exactly how you feel about longing for vacation to go on forever. We made a quick trip to the Oregon coast last summer and absolutely loved every minute. We are planning two more trips next summer. It is hard to fit back into normal life after such a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing your life through your blog. KateAnn


What glorious colours for a drab, galey day. Glad you're back. I've just read a book by someone called Blanchard about, literally, moving to the place where he and his wife went on holiday - Anguilla - it was called 'Live the life you love'? Can't remember the exact title as it's gone back to the library. Anguilla and Skye aren't really comparable but the principal is the same. Where there's a will there's a way - or so they say.


Nice to have you back glad that you had a lovely time on Skye,it's always hard coming back to reality! Can't wait to see Hugo's gift.What did you get him?Granny squares look good enough to eat.

Sue xxx


Nice to have you back Vanessa - even if it was kicking and screaming! Some places are just extra special aren't they? Who knows, one day maybe...... that's what dreams are for. Lovely colours in your granny squares; look forward to seeing what they become. You are teasing us with Hugo's present! I wonder what it is? I will have to pop back tomorrow to find out - it will be a pleasure.

Nina - Tabiboo goes on I guess, but yes 'oh' yes I think most people would say to the post holiday blues - mine's Dorset, by the way and Scotland, Yorkshire, Wales... I'm thinking maybe I'm possble fickle!!

Love the colour therapy though,

Nina xxxxx


Nice to have you back! Lucky you for going to Skye! I went there with hubby, then boyfriend, 10 years ago. I got flowers for our anniversary, but I mustn't complain, it could easily have been nothing at all :o)
Isabelle x

Kate Bruning

I'm there with you Vanessa - in fact I still find myself a little confused by where I am at the moment... particularly when I am listening to the news in the car or sleeping in bed at night. And then I smell the cows in the paddock and know that I am very definately back in NZ. Those colours are so inspirational - by the way, I saw a pattern for granny square slippers at purl soho (I can't remember the address but that should take you there on google). Have a great night and dream till your dreamers drop - I was the same about a house near my parents' place a couple of weeks ago - I've been trying to infect Jonno with the idea ever since. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.


Golly I can hear the yearning in your writing Vanessa. It i=does look just beautiful there. Emerse yourself in all that colour and hopefully your real world will seem lovely to you again x


Hello Vanessa,
Good to see you back and great to hear you had a good time. It's always hard getting back in the groove following a holiday although usually, I like to get back because I love my home and miss the furry friends very much- just could do without the washing, ironing and all those domestic chores! I'm sure you'll be back to normal very soon. Thanks for visiting my blog, today's Ginge is Charlie Boy. I'm going to have to pretend you didn't tell me H dislikes cats because I'm afraid it tends to colour my view of people, being such a cat obsessive myself, and I really still want to like H and his green socks and his humour!


Glad you are back Vanessa, I was worried you'd been washed away! I hate the post holiday blues, glad you are treating them with an application of colour...


welcome home vanessa
glad you had such a fabulous time - i hope you took loads of photos because Skye is on my list of places i want to see
love gill xx


We once stayed in a B&B on Skye run by an English couple, they fell in the love with the island, upped sticks and moved. They had a beautiful little place above a bay and a very happy life. Hope you settle soon, if the blues continue who knows what could happen. Lovely to have you back.


Glad to have you back Vanessa. I'm looking forward to seeing your present, and for the tutorials for your scarves.


hurray, you're back, sounds like you've had a wonderful time xoxox


It looks like everyone is glad you're back! I love your granny squares! Your pictures cheer me up :)


My dad's been up to Skye a couple of times - in his car - on his own - I guess he found it a lovely retreat. I'd love to do a tour of the UK sometime - I never did when I was living close by.


Yes I completely agree, holidays can be very undoing. Alain de Botton writes very cleverly about them in The Art of Travel.

Account Deleted

I completely understand your feelings about Skye. It is a magical, infectious place. I know this for sure because after holidaying in Skye 7 years ago my husband and I bought a plot of land, built a house and moved to Skye from Glasgow with 3 children and 2 cats. I have to tear myself away from here to go anywhere else. the pace of life is slower. The locals talk about 'Skye' time. if you want anything done - fence putting up, washing machine fixed, dentist appointment - it will be done in 'Skye' time - which is not quick! But it gets done eventually. And, apparently, if you last 2 winters then you're here to stay (the winters are hard).
A lot of creative people are drawn to Skye. In some ways it feels like the edge of the world (probably something to do with the sea) a place where anything is possible. That's very liberating and addictive. So, I completely understand your feelings about Skye.

Hope you get back someday soon!



Welcome back, Vanessa. I always miss your cheerful posts when you're gone! I leave on holiday tomorrow and get to see my sweet grandbaby Clara. I can hardly to pass the time, I'm off to drink some tea and knit!

Jane Neath

I know how you feel about Skye....Loved the place so much I named my daughter after it. I'm about to do the move of a lifetime too.... Suddenly nothing seems that important anymore...only moving to a special place where it feels right. jx


I'am so glad you are back. I really enjoy your taste for colours.I'm going to star making granny squares for a future project. I hope your tutorials are coming soon. Have a great week!


Hello, just to let you know I’ve passed on a blogging award to you. Find out on,
Love Penny x


Hi Vanessa, oh I soooooo know how you feel about the post holiday blues. I came back from north Yorkshire ( ) a few weeks ago and I'm still having toruble getting back to normal. I've not long since discovered your blog, and really enjoying it.

Many thanks, Fiona x


vanessa your such a tease making us wait! i felt like that after coming back from cornwall this summer, glad you had a nice time though! fliss xx

martha in mobile, alabama, USA

My first comment...I know the feeling of which you speak. My family vacationed on Culebra (a Puerto Rican island) and we were there long enough that I absolutely relaxed and then found my "real-life" job to be intolerable upon my return. So I've gone freelance.


welcome back! when i was a child, i imagined that the isle of skye was a place only of dreams, perhaps that is true?

the crochet colors are down right exuberant! so cheerful.


Cornwall is the "done the holiday, wish I was there permanently" place for me!

Your efforts with the step by step instructions are much appreciated out here in blogland... without you I wouldn't be able to crochet!


You may wait until tomorrow -- which according to my clock is already there your time -- but only if you post absolute gobs of lovely pictures from Skye! I can't get enough of the Hebrides. In my next life I think I'll live on Mull and do a lot of knitting...

Marion L

Love the splash of colour heralding your return. Oh the wonders of a good holiday location. We have lived for 10 years now in the place we used to holiday and it is every bit as fabulous as I dreamt it would be. I still pinch myself every time I walk on the beach.


Can't say I have ever felt that way about holidays, always happier to come home - which is one reason, the main one, we don't go away any more.


So happy to discover that you are safely back from your holiday. I've missed you :) Can't wait to see your pressie and I love the colours in your squares esp that pretty blue...


I have the problem of wanting to live EVERYWHERE I've been on vacation (with the exception of Disney World...uh....NO). It drives my husband insane because i get really serious about it, looking at real estate and everything.

The Curious Cat

Hey Vanessa - happy wedding anniversary! Isle of Skye must be amazing - my friend Iona lives there and I've always wanted to visit...maybe one of these days! xxx

Janice Perkin

Vanessa lovely as Skye is you would NOT want to live there in August!!!!! - I have never, never known midges like it - any way again altho beautiful the colours of Skye are they too muted for you to exsist on!!!!!!! where did you stay - was it very romantic - congratulations on another year!! - glad you are back

Martina Tierney

Great to have you back Vanessa, and glad you had a wonderful holiday in Skye. I've mentioned you in my most recent post on my blog if you feel like taking a peep.
Love Martina x

Emma Lightfoot

Vanessa, I love your crochet granny squares. Where is the pattern from? I am trying to teach myself crochet!!
Emma xx


It's lovely to see such a pretty burst of colour on a dull, grey day like this. Looking forward to seeing the finished version.

ps - do you have a subscribe button on the blog? I can't find one.


Welcome back! I love the little squares :)

Erica K

I just got back from a vacation myself. And though it was a most excellent break, we visited, for the most part, places I that I would not like to live in. So it's great to be home! :)

Happy anniversary!

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