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I love the socks and the fact that you matched your yarn to them!
Please take a minute to check out my Etsy Store:
Thank you and Have a Blessed Day,


How much do I love that you have yarn to match your socks?!


oh, i love those socks too. in fact i bought them early this fall. they make me happy! so glad to see that you like them too. the yarn looks so lovely. what to you plan to knit/chrochet?


I have been lusting over those socks since I got Jonny's catalogue. I am hoping they reduce them in the January sale and someone gives me some pennies from Father Christmas!!


Those Boden socks were worth every penny - I'm a sucker for the blue pair.

I feel the same about knitted socks - they end up tucked away and no-one sees them. There's one more thing about knitted socks I see blogged about now and then - eventually they get big holes in the heels and they're usually beyond repair by then.


i do love socks but i hate knitting them - tried once, failed miserably!!!! i love your paintings , they are absolutely gorgeous!



I love your spotty socks! I love knitted socks too but they take me ever such a long time that I don't make them often. I did do a pair in 2 days for a holiday deadline once but that put me off for a long time. I find it quicker to knit a big chunky sweater than a teensy pair of socks........or maybe thats just me?
I have to say too, your colourful pictures realy cheer me up on a low day.


I love the socks :) Australia is so boring when it comes to socks!!!


I've been pondering those socks for weeks, and now upon seeing yours, I've decided that indeed they will be mine too! Seeing yours and reading how happy they make you feet remind me that even though I happily knit many socks, socks in general, all types, make me very happy. Winter is long and grey, happy socks will be necessary!


I don't think there is anything better than these fun socks! Yeah you! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


Hi Vanessa. My sock knitting could hardly be called a sprint, more of a slow crawl! Ah well, I tried. There is something lovely about knitting socks, but I need a mix of projects (though have finally stopped having several knitting projects on the go at once and enjoy seeing one through to completion before starting the next). having said that, I do have sewing, knitting and other craft things underway so that there is something for any mood. I do love your sock collection and the way they are packaged makes them even more lovely x


I've been lusting after those socks in the catalogue too!I love the way you've shown them here; the close up shows just how warm and snuggly they must be. I like knitting socks. I like being able to tuck everything in my bag or pocket to get out on the bus, and that the little needles become an extension of your fingers. But I DO struggle with having to make two the same, so I have to intersperse the sock knitting with other things to keep me going!Px(Planet Penny)


hi vanessa
well i do loooove your spotty socks but as for knitting a pair - no way!! i'm a novice crocheter and have no inclination to knit.
i'd rather just admire someone else's work
hope you enjoyed your knitting group!
take care
gill xx

Those socks are enviable - Boden know their colour's don't they? You could start walking in a Monty Python high kick style to get more people noticing your lovely new socks!


Ooooh I've clicked straight on the link to Boden to find some similar socks for myself!! Lovely colours!

Sarah - Jane down the lane

You really socked it to me Vanessa! Tee hee!

I am right with you on the socks, I have a box too which I like to think was free as I purchased it as part of one their offers! I havent however got the most beautiful and matching yarn collection, it looks fantastic the way you have put it together,

Sarah x


Great spotty socks!

I knit socks obsessively. I start off thinking I'll gift them, then when I've finished (it usually takes two weeks of telly knitting) I can't give them away, I want to keep them. My family won't wear them very often (too hot, too itchy) so I've got a lovely drawer full. I'm the first one with my boots off when I visit friends!

It's a worrying addiction, however, so now I'm making fingerless 'Knucks' gloves and all sorts of hats (which I don't wear) for gifts. Love your site!


Almost without exception, I have a drawerful of black socks. Some of them have patterned soles, but the body of them is black. A lot of my clothes are black as well. I probably should take a leaf out of your book, and be a bit more colourful. I loved the first picture, with your socks matched to your wool.

Helen Lambert

hi V first - I am going to order those socks for me NOW...I missed them on the website....Pete always wears their shirts not socks...he wears boring socks...and secondly i always have a pair of socks on the go and Ihave knit tons...i was inspired by dumbledore from harry desire is to have a pair for each day of the wek for each member of the family apart from alfie...I love sock so simple and yet give so much pleasure and socks with spots...bliss


Those socks are to die for. I love socks too and thought I was the only one in the world who went mad for them. Mine at this time of year don't get the recognition they deserve as I'm usually wearing boots till Spring!


I can tell why you love those socks -- they look great. And matching yarn: brilliant!

Erica K

How incredibly sweet of Hugo to buy you those wonderful socks! I love them...they look so soft!

I rather enjoy knitting socks...more than anything else. It's not the speed, but the ever-changing stitches. I do the magic loop method so I'm always changing needles, then you get to the heel, then the toe...I get very bored knitting the same stitches back and forth, back and forth...

Also, I wear clogs, and you can see my socks! :)


I love your socks. I try to buy socks in all types of color if I can find them. Girl I have a lot of socks. I think I'll check out that boden site. About knitting socks: I just started to knit them. I've made one pair in a bright red. I love them. I will be knitting more. For me its more being able to create a sock. I also like to knit gloves(fingers and all). Also for me sock and gloves are quick. The thought if knitting a sweater is just to much for me.

Jordan Hydro

Your post are so good, I suggest that you can add some videos or something like that!

Jordan Hydro

Your post are so good, I suggest that you can add some videos or something like that!

Jordan Retro 4

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:) This is a page full of things that make me smiles... pictures full of colour texture and pattern! Makes me want to knit!

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