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Oooh loving the big bow cardi, at first I thought it was knitted but crochet, v exciting will be interested to see how it goes. I know what you mean about the photos, sometimes you just want to turn off from it and have a break, immerse yourself in the moment without distraction. I remember having a camcorder, it was a pain, everyone wanted their weddings and what-not recorded and you just couldn't enjoy the day.
Must have been interesting seeing the room where they dyed the yarn. We were taken to the yard dyers' souk in Marrakesh which was fab, such amazing vivd colours. Oh for some of that heat and sunshine now! Hope you've had a good evening out.
Glad you're back.
Hen xxx


Ooh, that looks lovely, Vanessa. Look forward to seeing the finished result. Sometimes you do need to see life without it being through a camera lens, I'm glad you had a lovely anniverary,
love Penny
(Planet Penny)


Look forward to seeing the finished cardigan,it was a very good present from Hugo.You are right about the flowers I think we need things to help us through the winter.Hope you have a good evening at your group.

Sue xxx

mlle paradis

Lovely post as always, Vanessa. I am neither a knitter or crocheter sadly, but in awe of what you accomplish (that cardigan is gorgeous) and I adore visiting and seeing the colors and textures you are working with. Don't blame you for not wanting/needing a break in Skye. We all need to breathe deep and refuel from time to time. The yarn shop looks FAB. Thanks for sharing!


what a lovely gift - and what a fanastic place to visit - i've often looked at their yarns and they just seem brilliant- maybe now i'll get on and order some!!!



oh, i think i will ask for a yarn bouquet! what a brilliant idea! that is a very good looking sweater and the yarn looks delicious.

thank you for the comments on the mini-socks. i'm working on the i-cord to dangle them all from right now... :)


That looks like beautiful yarn and such a gorgeous pattern!

Petit Filoux

Whao. I'm impressed. Super. Impressed. That is a million dollar husband you got yourself there!


A double whammy gift, you get the pleasure of working with the yarn and then wearing the cardy, all mingled with your memories of Skye. Love the pattern, apart from the fact its crochet because I can't.


Such a great green, and I love the stripes :)
Do you know what, we drove past that yarn shop on Skye when we were there and I so desperately wanted to go there but the car was making hideous noises and finally broke down just the other side of the Skye bridge so we weren't able to do it. Gutted. :-(

Janice Perkin

what a great present and a good memory of Skye - you will just have to learn to spin now and then you will really feel close to the sheep but it does take a long time to complete a project!!!


Sounds as though you had an absolutely fabulous time.
What a lovely, lovely present, a yarn bouquet! Lucky you.


I see you still have a stripe thing going on! I love the colours Hugo chose, quite a srping-like green isn't it? It goes so well with the daffs. I always think that that we have daffodils early here in Cornwall (so much earlier than the rest of the UK), but even I was amazed to see some starring in your photo shoot. Made me smile, which is always nice :)


Such a perfect gift and exactly the sort that would excite me too Vanessa. beautiful photos too. I know what you mean about it being early for daffs, but when I was pregnant with Isabella my craving all winter was the smell of spring flowers and I would fly across a huge shop if I smelt some. Ever since the craving has continued and I find myself burying my face in bunches of Sol d'or narcissi whenever i can find them like one possessed. Enjoy those daffs x

The Curious Cat

Aw! what a lovely present - your husband understands and knows you well - you are very lucky! Not one single photo of Skye though? How did you resist the urge?! xxx


What a lovely present, not quite what I was expecting, but very welcome I'm sure. It's much the kind of thing I would like to receive myself. I'm glad you had a nice restful holiday, and don't miss the fact you didn't take photos of Skye. I have been there when the sun was shining, so saw it at its best. I'd rather see photos of your crochet and knitting projects, and your artwork, along with one or two of your lovely dogs.


What a wonderful gift! I love the sweater. Can't wait to see more pictures as it grows.


Just popped over from Hen's lovely blog....I'll be back later to enjoy a good read!

silver bracelet

woohoo thats how I like it! The people posting the better!

Liz Thompson

I felt a bit like that after our holiday in Les Houches this summer. Although I suspect it wasn't so much the place itself (gorgeous as it is) but the way I felt there - I don't think I've been so relaxed in my life.

Suzy's Vintage Attic

Hello Vanessa
How interesting it must have been to see the yarn shop. It is just the kind of yarn that interests me (not mass produced). I was surprised to see that the cardigan is crochet rather than knitted! A pity that it rained all the time, no wonder you didn't really feel like taking photos..
Have a lovely weekend.
Warm wishes
Isabelle x

Sarah - Jane down the lane

You are a great big lovely! I have just read Hen's post! Gorgeous!

As for the big bow cardi and the anniversary gift, simply divine! I am dying to see it finnished, no pressure tee hee!!!!

Glad you had a wonderful time in Skye,

Sarah x


gorgeous coloured yarn. It's lovely that Hugo knows you so well xxx

Hook & Scumble

Now you have inspired me to get going...I have this pattern too,I subscribe to interweave...and I have the yarn..I just seem to spend my time freeforming I forgot about as I follow your progress..I think I might just start mine...maybe we can have an informal crochet along to keep the momentum going...although with the great start you've made I'm sure you'll finish well before me! Steph x

kitschen pink

Just had a quick catch up whizz through 10 (TEN?!?!!) posts I have missed! Whoosh the time went by. Thoroughly enjoyed all the pictures even if I didn't quite have enough time for the words - I feel thoroughly revived! There were some beauties there!


What a lovely present :)


Such a great gift!!! I maded my Pink Arlequin with yarn from a farm that I had the chance to visited and see the lovely goat. It is giving a closer sense of my work.
Your blog is very interressing. Bravo


A bouquet of yarn? Are you serious? That's one of the best presents I've heard of in a long time. The cardigan is chic, very chic indeed.

As for the daffodils, seasonal or not I have flower envy - they brightened my day. Thanks Vanessa x

Erica K

Such a perfect gift! That Hugo is such a great guy! :)

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