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Just wurfed into your site and I love it! Keep the great photos coming, it may inspire me to finish four pairs of boot socks before Christmas Day................!


This sweater is adorable, I love it. All it needs is some red lippy and a pencil skirt. Actually it would also look cute with boyfriend jeans and Converse. Love it V x


Beautiful sweater! Have a lovely Christmas!


Amazing sweater!! Absolutely love it! Merry Christmas :-)


Hi Vaness,
I've seen that book and thought how fab it looked but being a non-knitter, couldn't purchase it so I was really thrilled to see it on your blog. The seawaves jumper looks superb and you are looking very trim indeed, young lady! I've used Patons Diploma Gold, only the DK not the 4 ply, and found it to be very nice yarn at a very reasonable price (I sound like an advert). Hope you have a lovely time with your parents, I think we all know how busy this time of year can be though with our visitors out of the way over the last few weekends, I feel I am now on the home straight!
Love Hen xxx

Victoria Plum

Wow! Fab sweater!! I'm about to start on my first cardigan .... have a lovely Christmas!



I love old patterns brought up to date so I must keep an eye out for that book. Your jumper looks very glamorous, though it also looks very complicated, those curly bits at the neck are brilliant. Have a lovely Christmas if we don't see you before then.

Anna-Karin, Sweden

What a beautiful pattern, Vanessa! It looks so good on You! And it really looks difficult:)
Wishing You a Lovely Merry Christmas!!!
Love Anna-Karin xxx


Hi Vanessa

I have missed your daily posts, so it's nice to have a catch up. I love the jumper, it's so eye catching. Happy Christmas to you and your family.


Gorgeous sweater. The pattern is fantastic & very flattering! I too think it looks really modern, I must check out this book sometime!


That is such a neat sweater! It definitely looks modern and had to knit!
Have a Very Merry Christmas,


The jumper looks fabulous - very modern, and yet very 1940s!

Wishing you a very lovely Christmas with your family


Good evening! I certainly wouldn't have thought that lovely sweater was easy to knit if you hadn't said; you could Easily have had us all
in awe if you :)
I think it's wonderful to be able to both crochet and knit and really don't understand the Tension between "crocheters" and "knitters" as they are so very different. Crochet is my "thing" too but I do knit... very s-l-o-w-l-y but I have knitted my little girl a dress....
If I don't have another chance; have a fantastic Christmas with many, many perfect moments :) natalie xx


Wow! That sweater is amazing.
Have a great Xmas everyone.

Mrs Bun

I love the swirly whirly bits Vanessa. I agree about it being hard to believe you - it looks really complicated.

Have a wonderful christmas.

Lisa x


oh, my, that is gorgeous! reminds me of piped frosting! and the curls... wow!

warm & happy holidays to you, Vanessa.

Magic Cochin

Merry Christmas Vanessa! Hope you have a lovely warm and festive time. I love that sweater - especially those curly bits (intrigued by how they're done - mmmm?!) I'd probably like it in teal and chocolate or sage green and terracotta or silver grey and charcoal or ....


Aubrey Cotton-Stapleton

Vanessa, it is a gorgeous jumper and DOES not look easy but I will take your word for it! I think the difference between the old fashioned look and the modern one is the wonderful glowing colour[s]used. When I was young I still thought of those knitting books as old-fashioned so it is lovely to see you wearing it and looking so great! And it is in 4 ply even more amazing!!! Aubrey


What a fabulous finish Vanessa - WELL DONE!! It looks so complicated :) You look great in it too :)

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and all the best for 2010!


Really cool!

Margot  of VA

That sweater is special it is hard to believe it came out in war time.Looks great on you to.


Lovely sweater, fabulous colour! Hapy Christmas Vanessa from Higgins and me! Penny xx


The sweater is beautiful and I'm sure it's not as easy as you say. I will have to mention the book to my daughter as she is a knitter and very interested in vintage clothes.

Sue xxx


I think it looks amazing and you model it so well. As for being easy I don't think so, but then anything more than a plain scarf done in the same stitch with the same colour would be too complicated for me! I'm a sewing/beading girl myself although knitting is DEFINITELY on my To Do list for 2010!

Merry Christmas



what a great piece of gorgeousness to take us into Christmas. Feel as if I'm doing lots and accomplishing very little! Really need to go for a last minute grocery shop but the ice is putting me off. Have a great Christmas with your lovely new sweater.


it's a gorgeous sweater and really suits you. Definitely doesn't look easy at all.

Hope you have a wonderful christmas, love to Hugo and the doggies too - look forward to hearing all about it when peace returns! x

tracy mchugh

hello Vanessa,
i look forward to all of your posts! and by the way may i say how very much i love the little sweet pea/polka-dotted pitcher painting by you, a treasure of mine; anyway, you inspire me and send me off to work more days than not, with a smile on my face! happy holidays to you and your fam, and keep your toes warm in the cute doggie socks from Hen,
fondly, tracy


Love the heading of this post - I'm seriously getting wound up - mostly by super-market queues! But I will very nicely wind back down again as we get to Christmas and beyond. Everything still to do is indoors now.

How fabulous is your sweater? And you are right; it looks seriously difficult and impressive. Shhsh though - you shouldn't have told us it wasn't! Anyway to be doing any jumper knitting is pretty good going - I get put off that a sleeve turns out to be the same size nearly as the back or front and I don't think I've got the will power unfortunately. So I'm in great admiration. The colours are really suiting you too. Merry Christmas Vanessa, hope you and your family have a lovely one and thank you so much for giving us all the present that we continue to open all year - I refer of course to your wonderful, inspiring and entertaining blog.


Just received "Dear Father Christmas".What a wonderful book and your illustrations are fantastic.Oh to have such talent and you can knit and crochet too!!I am so envious.


That is too adorable, I have sweater envy :) Happy holidays!


Hello Vanessa, Such a gorgeous feminine sweater and the colors you have chosen suit you perfectly. A very Happy Christmas from down under and a wonderful New Year ahead! I am planning on lots of crochet and knitting, the wool is piled up ready, so many pretty colors, including my favorite wool of all, Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, some of the new colors you have mentioned have not quite reached us yet in Aus... looking forward to seeing them...

Erica K

Wow, Vanessa! You look *great* in that sweater!!! It does look impressive with all the curly-Qs. I imagine you'll get lots of compliments!

My parents are also up for a bit, and our whole routine has been shot out the window! Hope you enjoy your visit.

Merry Christmas! :)

Marie Allen

It looks so adorable on you and it certainly looks like advanced knitting to me! I wish you a wonderful Christmas and thanks again for a great blog.

Gerry Hook

Vanessa, this is one great looking sweater. Love the colors as much as the design. It's a winner ! ! !
Stay Warm


Thank you for all the pleasure that your posts have given me V...I love the jumper and I cant believe its simpe!!...I may not always comment but I always appreciate your adventures and musings on your colourful life...Every blessing to you and yours this Christmas....H

Porcupine Design

I love the sweater...its just have definately inspired me to knit this in the new year. I have a fondness of all things 40/50's and this would definately pass. Also,the christmas books have been a great success both with my own children and the ones at school, thank you for that. Your illustrations inspired some great pieces of writing which have been a pleasure to mark.Merry Christmas wishes and thank you for writing such an interesting blog.jx


Vanessa, seeing your stunning knitted beauty is a real Christmas treat. It's amazing. Have a fabulous time over the coming days. Happy New Year xxxxxx


hope you have a very merry christmas!
fliss xx


Wow, that pattern is fascinating! I love it and I want one. I'm loving crocheting right now but maybe I could baby-step thru that pattern in knitting. I'll have to read the "recipe" to see if i can understand it. Either way, it looks fab on you, girl!
Happy Christmas and New Year~

Alex Mason

Hi, love your blog and love that jumper it looks fantastic!! x

Chloë Barnett

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for the beautiful gift that is your site. A friend introduced me to it back in August and I have enjoyed it whenever a full time job, toddler and domestic life has allowed. Thank you hugely also for the Sisterhood Crotchet blanket instructions. My dearest friend is getting married in July and I am 30 squares into making her one for her wedding gift. Not, sadly, as beautiful as yours - but I am doing my best! Your instructions very kindly mention that you will at some point explain how to join the squares together. Please could you tell me how? Or, if I have missed the instructions - point me in that direction - I'm pretty new to crotchet. Also, if it isn't too cheeky - please could you tell me how to work out which is the 'right' side of the square and which the 'wrong' side? As I say, I am new to this game. With hopeful thanks!


That is the most amazing sweater! And it looks fabulous on you.

Petit Filoux

What an amazing jumper that is!!!! It's stunning!! What about the other jumpers you made? I thought you were going to show us three? Hope you had a good christmas x





That is a fabulous jumper! I love vintage patterns. Lovely blog :)


Hi Vanessa,

Just wanted to pop by and say 'hello' and to hope that you have had a happy Christmas....and a happy New Year?

Wishing you lots of lovely happy times for 2010.

Best wishes, Nicola/smilernpb

Mummy Boo Bear

Gosh what a beautiful jumper. So pretty looks very complicated to knit though.

Hope you had the very merriest of christmases, and wishing you the very happiest of New Year's!

Look forward to more colourful loveliness in the coming year.



The sweater is amazing! I love the retro design and think it looks quiet nice on you. Beautifully done.

Hope your Christmas was merry without being too harried and that you have a Happy New Year!


thats very pretty


Happy New Year Vanessa! I hope you had a lovely one xxx


Hi Vanessa, What a beautiful jumper! And you model it fantastically! Wish I could knit like that...actually wish I could knit full stop! Have a lovely start to the New Year! Vanessa xxx


I'll make this short...Wow! Love the sweater and yes, it makes your knitting abilities look quite impressive. I would guess they are. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year, Liz

Facile Cécile

a great new to knit whith you the Owls!!!


I love your sweater! It is unique and beautiful - the colors a so striking together.

Stephie @ narrativeself

Blogland calling Vanessa, where are you?! Hope you're doing something crafty and having fun - Happy New Year!


that is one rockin' sweater V! Love it! I would also like a waist. I know, I just had a baby ha ha! Hope you had a lovely Christmas my dear. we were at cottage over new year and the tea cosy got a lot of use!


Your sweater is simply stunning and since I have just discovered your blog I am going to keep reading!

Isabelle (France)

Hello Vanessa! Happy New Year to you! Looking forward to reading your first post of 2010!
We received "Guéris vite Père Noël" on Christmas Eve, it was a hit with the girls!
Isabelle xx


You look gorgeous in that sweater and the work you have done is also gorgeous! Since I do not believe I'll be seeing that book ever, I am wondering if I could decipher it: knitted sideways, brown parts feather and fan (or something like it) with pink parts purled? And I have an idea how to make those curly ends… Yes, I agree, it's quite modern althoug it's from a 1940's pattern! Oh, I am so tempted to try to knit this!
Vanessa, I enjoy your blog but let me tell you just one observation: although that bright green looks great, it doesn't have enough contrast so it's not so easy to read.
Happy new year!


Oh, I am so digging that seawaves pattern. Thanks for posting about that book. As a big fan of 30's 40's and 50's knitting patterns, I can't believe I missed that one.
Here's to 2010, knit away!

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