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oh vanessa i love this!!
i have no small children any more but i'm just popping across to amazon now to buy a copy for me!!
congratulations! you are so talented
love gill xx


Oh wow! You're book is beautiful!


I'm sure I've spotted you and Hugo! I can see how much work this took. I must get one for a little girl I know it's a tour de force.


What a gorgeous book and your illustrations are superb - as always. Well done Vanessa - sleep tight!

Jane x


As soon as I saw those reindeer at the top I had to tell you that I love them loads! - I've seen reindeer everywhere this year, saw some on some Red Cross Christmas cards today, and I've got a reindeer shape drawn so I can be all artistic myself (in a very modest way sadly!) I love children's books - the artwork is often so beautiful. You've got a very special talent that enables you to make lots and lots of children very happy. I know I would have been asked to read this many many times when my daughter was small. Totally charming. You must get lots of satisfaction from your work; I hope you do! I completely love the pop-up bits especially. I love all the detail - like the little elf having a stretch and a yawn. Thanks for showing it to us. Really Christmassy and imaginative.


Oh Vanessa, it is beautiful, and full of such gorgeous Christmassy detail. You are so talented. x


How very beautiful... if only I had just a teeny tiny bit of your talent,artistic flair and style I'd be soooo happy!!


Vanessa the book is beautiful ... you are so talented! I've so enjoyed "reading" it on here :-D thank you for sharing. You must be very proud of it though.

seriously amazing paintings, I can't stop looking at them!



That is so beautiful and so very Christmasy, thank you for showing us. I loved pop up books when I was a little girl, many years ago, and always took great care of them. I have someone in mind who is only a few weeks old but will enjoy that book when she is a bit older.


What a beautiful book. You are a very talented artist. :)


what a lovely book - you are so talented, your pictures are beautiful.


Erica K

I absolutely LOVE it! And thank you so much for the know a search on the US Amazon doesn't bring it did you find it? And the original is only in a mini-version. I'd like that one too. Do you have a link for that?

Erica K

I was wrong...I didn't click the little see more results button!

Kate Bruning

Now Vanessa, did you get Hugo to pose as Father Christmas or as Harvey... I am going to have to ring around our bookshops as I want that book and I want it now (as well as an oompa-loompa). Love, love, love the shoes from yesterday - the computer was being a little sulky and I banished it to the corner of the room. Do you sometimes just sit with them on and wiggle them about and sigh about how lucky your little footsies are. I know I would. Love Kate xxooxxooxx


What a gorgeous book, and your illustrations are just wonder you disappear on us now and then when you are busy with your work!!
Thanks for the preview :)


Vanessa these are the most beautiful illustrations, be very proud of all you have created.
This reminds me of a book my two sons loved years and years ago called A Letter to Father Christmas by Rose Impey and Sue Porter. I still put it out on top of the bookshelf at this time of year. By mistake she posts a shopping list in place of a letter to Father Christmas.
May I put a link to your blog on mine,your crochet and pink studio are so pretty, I hope that will be OK.
I have just seen a blue and white knitted blanket in the op shop down the road, may have to go back for it - for our dear Snowy Westie's present!
The happiest Christmas to you all :)


You did a beautiful job with this book. I love all the pop ups. And illustration is wonderful.


Really beautiful illustrations (and story). The details are wonderful...I especially love the white blanket at the end of Holly's bed.

kitschen pink

As the beautiful boy would say... "Again Again!" (repeat endlessly until desired re-reading is achieved!) t.xx

Jane Neath

Just placed my order for both books. They are magical and my kids are going to love them. With your permission I'd like to use them next week in a writing project at school for 9-10 yr olds. They will provide the visual stimulus needed for santa's workshop. Many thanks.jx


What a beautiful book Vanessa you are very clever,it must have taken along time to do all the painting.Well done you.

Sue xxx

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Wow! Your pictures are gorgeous!!! I really want that book, but I guess it will not be published in Sweden... I think I have to order it from England, anyway.
Have a great weekend! Here, we'll celebrate "Lucia" on Sunday, it's so beautiful!

Love Anna-Karin xxx

Nina - Tabiboo

That is a beautiful book Vanessa - I love the illustrations and it is so detailed. The pictures are amazing and such a lovely story.

Have a wonderful day and weekend,

Nina x


Oh Vanessa, it is beautiful. how I envy your talent. To be able to creat such wonderful images is amazing and is often what stays in the child's mind far beyond the tale. You clever thing. I hope the book sells by the armful xx


I have just ordered both Father Christmas books for my 3 year old grandson..and his baby sister..they look so enchanting, magical and I'm sure they will be read and re-read many times!
I don't often comment here but I look in on your lovely blog every day.


what fantastic illustrations Vanessa, such exquisite detail. love it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Oh Vanessa, you've illustrated this book beautifully! I love all the details and the colours you've used!It would make a wonderful gift!
I left a message on your last post to let you know that you've won the Christmas giveaway!If you could email me your address to [email protected],that would be great, I'll post it off to you straight away!
Have a lovely day!
Rachel x

Margo K

Vanessa, Thanks for sharing your work. I ordered it immediately and can't wait to have it in hand.....Christmas and children's sudden illnesses to be expected, why they can sympathise with Santa and hope, hope, hope for him.


Wow, thanks. I'd forgotten that you were an illustrator. Lovely work!

What I would be interested in is, more than the story line, is what it was like for you, as an artist in illustrating the book. How did you get into the biz, is it a difficult biz to get into, did you draw as a child, did you want to be an illustrator as a child, what's it like to work with someone who does the writing, how much freedom do you have choosing the content of the pictures, how long did you work on the book, is there pressure to work in high tech mediums as opposed to water colour etc, what's your favorite medium? I don't expect you to answer these particular questions, but as an artist (as a hobby) I'm curious.
Anyway thats what I would be interested in hearing about. Maybe one day?

Oh, and no it's not too early to be Christmassy. If you want an amazing vintage Christmas blast, go see Barbara's blog at oodles and oodles here

thanks again for sharing!

The Curious Cat

Oh wow! I forget you do book illustrations! astound me all the time! xxx

Janice Perkin

wow it is fantastic - when I was teaching I used your first book lots of times and I never realisised it was you!!!!!!!!!! - I am going to be a grandma for the first time in March so this will be her Christmas present next Christmas!!! - i loved children's books and use to arrange lots of art weeks where the children got to meet authors and illustrators - it all started long ago when i first met Shirley hughes!

martha in mobile

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!


I am all gifted up for all the smalls in my life but it isn't too early to buy Christmas presents for next year is it??

donna flower

How wonderful Vanessa. I have already ordered this from Amazon for Lizzy because she loves your other book so much. I know she is going to adore this!!!


I really love your Christmas cards, they look so beautiful. It was nice going through it. keep it up the good work.

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