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Oh Vanessa, I love the shoes. I have seen a pair of red high heeled shoes in a shop, but really they are not very practical. I love the pictures of your dog "helping".


Love the shoes.What will wear them with?


Fantastic and I think you should wear them with whatever you fancy, they cannot fail to look brilliant. And what a bargain, you and your Mum could start an import business.


Love them! I see you wearing them with jeans to go to the supermarket. why not??


Oh my, they are SO fabulous, well done Vanessa's mum. I must confess that the Wizard of Oz/Wicked Witch did come into mind with the green tights! I dislike clothes shopping too though I must admit, that's only because I am a lot fatter these days! I have such lovely glamorous shoes from when I used to work but these days, the Crocs reign supreme around here. Look at that Douglas, he's really upstaging those polka dots...
Love Hen xxx


WOW, so cute! Sometimes you just have to buy shoes on a whim! Last year I bought a gorgeous pair in a sale at Faith. They're black, a similar style to yours, but with a huge wedge! They are not my usual style at all but I just love them!Your's were such a great bargain!
I think they'd look great with jeans too!
Rachel x

Erica K

As soon as I saw them I remembered the Spain post with all its spotty goodness! I love the shoes! Yes, I agree...if only those socks were tights... But your plain feet looked awfully good in them...

Funny, I don't know that my husband would humor me by taking pics of my feet...he'd think I'd gone mad. He might think that anyway...


Your Douglas is hilarious. I think you should crochet him some red and white spotty paw gloves.

Aubrey Cotton-Stapleton

I know who would love them!!!!!!! Kate, Greedy For Colour would adore them! How do I know? Because I am her mother and mothers know these things!
PS I love your blog and often look!


Amazing shoes,I take it the Flamenco dress is on it's way!Jen is right,wear them with your jeans to do the shopping.Douglas looks as cute as ever.

Sue xxx

Jo in Cornwall

I totally agree with the other comments - wear the fabulous shoes whenever and wherever you fancy! Life's too short to worry about what other people may think. They'll just be envious because they haven't got gorgeous red spotty shoes!
Jo, Cornwall x x


I love, love, love the shoes and must have some for myself. I think you need some thin white socks with ruffles at the cuff. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


I ADORE your shoes, and I LOVE Douglas.

Petit Filoux

Those shoes are seriously cute!!


hi vanessa
i remember the tale of the spanish spotty shoes well! i remember your regret at not buying them but i just knew that with your mum over there that one way or another you would end up with a pair - hooray - they are every bit as scrumptious as i knew they would be. now as to the tights/socks question - hmmmmmmmmmm
gill xx
ps no puppies then??!!


I WANT them!!! They are the loveliest shoes I have seen for ages Vanessa, you lucky thing. The blue socks would work brilliantly if they were tights wouldn't they (though they are gorgeous socks anyway). Such envy x


Oh what wonderful shoes!!! I so want some!!!

Nina - Tabiboo

You got some 'yay' and they are absolutely gorgeous - love them with the green tights.

Nina x


Vanessa, those shoes are truly wonderful, and will bring a smile to those who wear them and see them.

I would go for over the top combinations as far as tights and socks. Have fun playing with combinations. Socks would not even have to match.

Isn't it amazing that the shoes are wonderful, are available in Spain, and that they have not spread their wonderfulness across the globe?



They really are the most beautiful shoes!


Hello Vanessa,
just to let you know that you have won the Christmas Giveaway on my little Blog!Yep, I pulled your name out of the 'cup'How lovely that you all get dressed up in your finery, what a lovely tradition, thanks for sharing! Congratulations to you!Thank you for your supportive words about teenagers too.
My email address is [email protected]
Could you email me your address please so I can post off your parcel!
Rachel x


ooh how gorgeous, I bought the most outrageous shoes once when on holiday, and I'm a confirmed jeans and trainers girl too, but every so often I get them out of the box and admire them. I really think jeans and those spotty shoes would brighten up any Christmas shopping trip ! or you might just have to throw a party so you can wear them to that! xxxx

Margo K

Oh Those Shoes...they are a must for Christmas celebrations. So special, so spirit building, so good for twirling too.

Sally anne

The shoes are fabulous..... I know now why I need a holiday in Spain !

Janice Perkin

I told you way back you needed those shoes to go with your socks from the market - you should always believe grandma ( soon to be ) Jan!!!! - love them to bits BUT are they comfotable!?!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, I'm glad I did pop by today. I think you're a magpie for all things colourful, and it's so wonderful of you to share on such a grey and dismal day! Have you been practicing the Flemenco 'stamping' in them? I don't think I could resist!


aaahhh, you got your shoes , well worth the wait too, they are just awesome -- well done mammy :-)

Mrs Bun

Having seen the small version years ago I've lusted over these since. They truly are a delight Vanessa. Now I like the green and I thought teal tights might work too.
Like you I'm jeans just about every day, but I love beautiful shoes. Maybe they should be hung on the wall, admired dailt and then put on to prance around in at home as and when.

Lisa x


Oh FAB, Vanessa, I Love them and I have a cake tin to match!!

The Curious Cat

They are wonderful shoes - I love them with the green tights - very fairytale-esq! Are they comfy though? That is the usual prob for me. They can be a thing of beauty but if they are not comfy then it is a big fat no-no...funnily enough these do look rather comfy...hope so! xxx


Oh, my gosh, I LOVE those shoes!!! Esp with the blue spotty socks. I want a pair of both! ;)


I love the shoes. Maybe invest in a pair of black tights? Or deep purple... mmm

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