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Anna-Karin, Sweden

It's gorgeous, Vanessa!! I will have to wait 5 days, before we put in our tree (the 22:nd), and that is so nice and cosy. Especially after that we have been in the forest "cutting" one...
Hope to see a jumper tomorrow then!
Love Anna-Karin xxx


It looks gorgeous Vanessa, and the perfect marriage of exuberance and restraint, just like you and Hugo! I do enjoy the tree and all the decorations, the house seems so empty once they're all taken down. That said, I put the decorations up in stages as I can't face it all in one go but I do then dread taking it all down and packing it away again.
Andy's colleague at work had a baby on Tuesday (well, his girlfriend did) and I must admit I thought, oh lordy, what a time to have a baby and forever after to have a birthday, too! Then again, I realised my proverbial plate is only half full with all I have to do this Christmas compared with that lady, with a new baby and a toddler too!
Have fun tonight. Looking forward to tomorrow.
Hen xxx

Kate Bruning

Your tree is so beautiful I looked at it with a solemn face, my heart full of reverence. I dream of lights - we find it hard enough to put the boys to bed at night with all of the excitement (and with daylight savings) that if they knew lights were on our tree they wouldn't go to sleep until very late, waiting for the dark to creep in downstairs. I am really kind of enjoying the build-up to Christmas this year but every now and then I find myself a bit overwhelmed and teary - like when I am talking to Archie's principal, the kindest person in the world. I think I am just needing more brandy, shortbread, cranberry and cinnamon. Just probably not right now as it is 8am in the morning. Speaking of that, I really should get dressed as Archie needs to be on the school bus in 15 minutes and I just remembered I promised to make the bus driver a card on behalf of the bus-stop parents. XXXOOOXXX


Coming back home after dark and seeing our Xmas tree lights twinkling and the ones on the mantelpiece as well is wonderful.I just love it.
Having seen the illustrations from your post a couple of days ago I have been trying to track down a copy of the book.My local bookshop said it was unavailable but I have managed to find a copy on e bay and it should arrive tomorrow.So exciting!!

vintage vicki

Your tree looks lovely - am a firm believer in the explosion in a decoration factory look myself. Even now I will probably add a few more bits if I can find some I love.

Isabelle (France)

Hello Vanessa! I love, love, love the picture of your tree and the roaring fire. This is my idea of heaven!
My second daughter was born on Boxing Day, poor little thing. So I do sympathise with your brother
Enjoy the Christmas atmosphere!
Isabelle xx

Aubrey Cotton-Stapleton

Vanessa, it is beautiful! On the other side of the world all I can think ofis how lovely it would be curled up in front of your fire, looking at the sparkling lights of your ree and drinking hot cocoa or sipping something much stronger!! Instead of which we have the heat, dust, not so much at the moment as we have had some rain. The day before yesterday was 39, yesterday very humid with some rain! I am sure my blood is English even though I am 5th generation Australian. Please enjoy all the cold, the snow[?] , the early dark and all the trimmings for the cold weather that I long for! Not the hot blue blue skies long days, hot nights!! Thank heavens for air conditioner!! Love Aubrey

Petit Filoux

three jumpers?? you machine!!! Lovely tree by the way! x

Ewa Evans

Your tree is absolutely fantastic. I love it!

Janice Perkin

love the tree - i adore groaning trees - we have 3 sets of lights on ours this year!!!! - how have you managed to knit 3 jumpers!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi there, just wanted to tell you a sweet little story about one of your books. I'm looking after my neice Abbey today, and she was looking at your blog with me, admiring your tree. I told her you draw lovely pictures in childrens books and she squeeled with delight when she saw a book that she owns(and loves)called "No place like home"..She then went on to tell me all about the wondeful that we are all the way down in Australia and you can have this lovely connection with my 7 year old neice!


Hope you have a very happy Christmas, Vanessa. Your living room looks lovely and cosy with that fire going. We don't have enough firewood to see us through the whole winter, but we're going to use some of it on the Solstice to make it more special.

Erica K

Of course I'm interested!

Your tree looks lovely! And I do love the looks of it through the mirror...


Your tree is beautiful and it finishes off your cosy room very well. I'm even more impressed that you've finished three jumpers, please show us soon.

Sarah - Jane down the lane

Hello Hello Vanessa,

Christmas is a juggernaut! Brilliant, it absoloutley is and I was roadkill a copule of weeks ago! Thankfully I am now out of sedation and able to laugh at my stress levels!
Beautiful tree, I am in the school of more is more and obligatory too!

Have a wonderful Christmas,

Sarah x


Love the last photo - tree, fire & crochet - just wish I was more organised as I don't think I'll be able to relax till Christmas is here. I'm looking forward to the quiet days between Christmas & New Year, hopefully I'll get back to my crochet then...


hello Vanessa. Your tree is gorgeous and I don't understand restraint when it comes to trees either. There is something so wonderful about the soft glow of fairy lights which warms my soul, especially when it's combined with a roaring fire. Can't wait to see your jumpers too. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog xx


Isn't there something about a roaring fire and Christmas trees which just go together? Looking rather full on Christmassy and cosy, just the way it should. Anything and everything belongs on a Christmas tree, mine is yet to go up but when it does I won't want to put it down again. It's an excuse for a riot of colour,mad lights and lots of choccies which to begin with you can steal away without anyone noticing but then as they become harder to find - questions are asked! Fabulous tree Vanessa. You are definitely all set up for Christmas now.


oh christmas tree oh christmas tree how lovely are your branches, i think tinsel has made a come back this year! your tree looks lovely! fliss xx


I have to say I'm with Hugo on this one,I go for restraint but your tree looks beautiful,your room looks really cosy too and I'm very envious of your wood burner.

Sue xxx


For Christmas I advocate the more is more look too and your tree looks so pretty and welcoming. I've just discovered your blog and must tell you how I read "There's a House inside my Tummy" endlessly to my son when his sister was about to be born, and even afterwards as he loved it so much! Actually he was keener on the story than he was his sister ..

Isabel S./Lisbon-Portugal

Dear Vanessa, yr tree is so beautiful !!! I love it.
Can I reply to you using the e-mail you've sent me ? If not can you please give me yr e-mail. Thanks a lot.
Love xxxx


Oh twinkly twinkly twinkly tree! It gave me a huge Christmassy smile. I think my tree is a little too wicker, pinecone and hairshirt. It needs more glitz like yours.


I've just found your blog through Hen's.It's lovely!Will be dropping by again.



looking pretty fabulously festive to me...i'm loving this week of being at home and enjoying the twinkliness on the darkest day of the year...roll on Friday!

Anne Marie

Your tree is to die for - so pretty. Happy holidays to you and Hugo.


your tree is lovely , and your room looks soooo cosy , somewhere nice to put your feet up with your knitting/crochet and just relax .


Hi Vanessa:

Just popping in to wish you a very Happy New Year and to please continue with all your lovely makes and finds!

All the very best,

Lisa xoxoxo

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