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I love that post! The potatoe baby in diapers is just adorable, and so are the mini gardens. Please do post more potatoes in disguise whenever you feel like it.


mlle paradis

Deeee-lightful post! Thanks Vanessa! I loved the little back garden with the goldfish pond AND the first prize egg! Somebodies have just been having WAY TOO MUCH FUN! The tents were to die for too. Thx again! Toodle-pip!


What a jolly post I love the golf course and the fishy egg!


That's hilarious! I agree, I love those shows too and particularly, the flowers in jam jars. The big fat ginger cat looks like Jacky Ginge! I always had a fake Christmas tree, as did my parents, as did Andy, but for some reason, when we got together and bought this house, it seemed only fitting to have a magnificent real tree, we have very high ceilings here. Each year, we seek out the most ludicrously massive one we can find and have a ridiculous time getting it home on the roof rack! We actually keep the trunk and burn it the following Christmas day. Don't think I could go back to a fake tree now although to be fair, I do have a little fake one in the dining room. I agree, they do look pretty miserable, all dried up and discarded on the side of the road, though.
I am feeling a bit more festive now. I'm going to be sending your parcel pretty early this month and hopefully that might get you a bit more in the mood!
Hen x

Cath W

Borrow my kids for the weekend? Heck, take them for the rest of the year! My son Josh decorated his egg for the school Easter competition just like the dalek potato. He called it a 'Dal-egg' and it was pointing it's laser thingy at some easter chicks with a speech bubble (attached to a pipe-cleaner) that said "Eggs-terminate!!"
Still want to borrow them?

Bertie Meadows

Hello Vanessa that's just the ticket to cheer you up on a cold December evening. I have some rude potatoe pictures, taken from our crop in the summer. They always make me laugh, even though my family are not amused.
Bertie x


Potatoes are such a versatile vegetable. My daughter made 'Carack Obama' for the decorated egg comp at school last Easter. Ha ha!

Those were funny! I used to make minature gardens - another childhood pursuit!
I heard yesterday that you can rent a Christmas tree! They dig it back into the ground ready for next year. Not sure where, but google might help if you're interested.


hi vanessa
loved the potato pictures - much more fun than bauble and tinsel pics which are everywhere if you get my meaning!
it's such a pity that the old fashioned agricultural shows are disappearing - at least in my part of the world. The local show we always went to as children is now full of fairground rides and ghastly tat (sorry i seem to have my grumpy old woman head on this morning!!) aaah the good old days!!
love gill xx

Petit Filoux

I like to buy a realy xmas tree that is still in its pot because that way it doesn't loose its needles as I keep giving it water (like you would any other plant). It's so nice to think it's alive rather than dead!! Havent' heard about those people who'll take it back from you until the next year, that is such a good idea! Do you remember what they're called?


Loving the potatoes,also loving the dress,hope your niece loves it too.

Sue xxx


How nice to have a summer flashback when all around is drowning under tisel and lights.. Those spuds are hiLARious! Penny xx

The Curious Cat

I love the creativity that has gone into that pototo competition! So much fun! I love it!!!! As for Christmas trees - why don't you just buy a potted tree anyway and then just plant it in the garden? That is what my mum usually does - though the rented idea sounds fab too! xxx


wow, such a wondeful post!
Really great pictures too!
Awesome blog, would you be up for a link exchange?



I just wanted to comment on your real/ artificial tree thing. Our city collects the trees at the end of the season and turns them into mulch to use at local parks. They also collect our yard wast and compost it! So at least we know our tree is going to get used at the end, after we've enjoyed it. My mom went to an artificial one about 6 years ago and I remember being horrified! Now I love her tree and I know it's easier for her to handle. I imagine not having to deal with needles all over the house would be lovely too!


When I was little we always always had a real tree and it WAS exciting. But ever since I've had my own home - years and years now, I have only had fake trees. They are not the same (and like you I too would love a real one), but they are pretty good and I still love them. I can't bear the thought though of chopping a tree down - killing it! just so I can have it in my living room for two weeks. I think about it every year but I can't do it! My daughter has never had a real tree; it's not a big issue as she knows and agrees why but still.... Children do add a certain something to Christmas - my daughter is pretty grown up now (ok she's an adult!) and we have to work a little bit harder at making the magic. We don't put decorations up until Christmas Eve and then suddenly along with the mince pies and the mulled wine it's here and we love it! You can have too much of a good thing - shops have all their stuff in September and I ignore that until I am good and ready. If you could re-plant a tree every year in the garden that might be an option for you. I do love Christmas trees though and could never be without one - even a fake one!

Sharon Peters

Hi Vanessa - lovely post of summer gone by. I saw the article about hiring the Xmas trees on Country File and thought it was a brilliant idea! Yummy thinking about mince pies and mulled wine made me feel Christmassy!! Take care. Sharon XX


Thank you for cheering me up with the vegetables. Love. :)

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Oh ! Beautiful


Hello vanessa. Those potato pictures are just priceless aren't they? Such lovely expressions on their faces. I saw that Countryfile episode too and thought it was a very clever idea. I do love Countryfile and consider it my sunday night treat (along with a glass of something lovely!) x

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