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oh vanessa
what have you done?? now i'm going to have to get this book as well!!
i think i might actually like this one even better than the first!!
have a great weekend
gill xxx
ps how was knitting group on wednesday??

Megan Kay

Wow you are super talented! Have you done any other books? I love all the colour, but then from reading your blog, you use colour everywhere so it is no wonder that your illustrations would be beautiful and bright. You really are a colour technician!

(also, just wondered whether the tutorial for the beautiful crochet squares scarf that you blogged about a while ago is still coming? I am just starting out at crochet and I think this would be a great project for me to start on. xx)

Jo in Cornwall

Vanessa, you have an amazing talent. I have been totally drawn into the stories from these 2 books. Your illustrations are mouth wateringly lovely! I know what you mean about working in isolation with a lack of feedback, but please have no doubt that you are outstanding. I love the attention to detail and all the things that are happening in the background. These are books you can come back to time and time again and see something new each time. Thank you for sharing them. Excuse me now but I must dash to amazon to buy them!
Jo x


Oh my grandson is going to especially love the advent calendar. :-)


Beautifully done! I love all the thought you put into every piece. The dust pan shows even Santa has to have his sled clean. Thanks for sharing you wonderful creations.

French Knots

This is one of my son's favourite Christmas books, there is so much to look at and talk about on each page. Your illustrations are amazing!
He is totally impressed that we can send you a message and let you know how much we love it!x


Golly, what a talented girl you are, Vanessa! I just love these books, they so convey the magic of Xmas, seeing into Father Christmas's world, all the little details is right up my street. Do you think I'm too old for these books because I reeeeeally want them (please). Do you keep all the original paintings? I've loved seeing your work in these books, it has really made them come alive.
Love Hen xxx

Isabelle (France)

Purely magical, like the new one! I think I might not be able to resist!
I do feel christmasy today, it snowed in the night and we're getting the tree today. Bliss!
Isabelle xx


Vanessa your illustrations are AMAZING!
I totally love them! As soon as my dear one knows to read English a little better I know what I will figt to her :-).
And this really is a HUGE compliment, as I totally "believe" in the Christkind (see the "christ child" brings the presents in Austria and I usually don't like to see all the importet Santas everywhere)...
I love to get illustrated children's books, and I spend hours at book shops - I agree with you, online shopping sometimes does not show enough. So, thanks again for showing your work!!!


Another beautiful book you really are very talented I think I might have to buy them for myself!

Sue xxx


oh Vanessa, these two books are both so beautiful. I love the elf's sparkle - it's so full of magic. I'll definitely be buying these for our December reads next year, and I'm eagerly awaiting my copy of "Diamond in the Snow" which is my Christmas present to my daughter - all ready for our bedtime story in January (I try to make the book relevant to the month, if you see what I mean). You are one incredibly talented lady, I'm so thrilled a little bit of your work will be finding its way into our house. Hope you have a great weekend x x


Vanessa!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these amazing illustrations. You are so talented. I cannot wait until Monday, to sit both granddaughters on my lap and visit your blog and show them these two days of posts. They are going to be just as thrilled as I am with your photos. Can't wait, can't wait!!!!!!!! You have a sweet and charming magic about you, did you know that???


Both those books are beautiful, Vanessa! As the mother of an illustrator I know just how much work has gone into them, however do you find time to blog as well (and crochet)! I went to the Pick n' Mix market yesterday (Kitshen Pink & Mrs Bobobun, it was brilliant) wearing my crochet scarf. The number of people who rushed up to me and said, 'It's like Vanessa's' and 'did Vanessa make it for you'! You are famous in North Norfolk!Penny x (Planet Penny)


I'm so excited to see your book in person!! (had to order a copy for the little one!!) She'll love it! And so will I!!

Kate Bruning

I have just ordered this book online (from an NZ supplier) for the boys's - I can't wait to read it to them and more importantly, leave it casually on the table so that when people comment on it I can say "Yes, a terribly dear friend illustrated it". I am still looking for the other one too - maybe a quick trip to town today might work a treat. Take care most cleverestest Vanessa in all the world. xxooxxooxx


Oh mu goodness - I never put two and two together. This book is one of my little boys favourites, its right in front of me now in our Christmas book basket. Our youngest has discovered it this Christmas and just loves all the surprises.

Thanks for adding so much to our Christmas storytime rituals, we must get the new one. What a talent you are!

Have a super Christmas


Totally magical!!
What a huge project it must have been; you must have gallons of vision and imagination to be so creative - illustrations are sooo important. I'm amazed you have creative energy left for the gorgeous crochet and knitting that you do. Still, as they say if you want something done ask a busy person. Obviously endless procrastination (my own downfall) is not required. Those books are jam-packed with stuff too aren't they? Letters and calendars and Christmas card - great fun. I'm sometimes amazed by all a book can be. Art is a wonderful talent to have - incredible that children are often 'persuaded' away from it. Good job you weren't!


Hi Vanessa - I know I must be a little slow I did read that you illustrated books but it didn't realy sink in but OH MY!!it has now, these are STUNNING!! What a talented artist you are - you must be proud, proud, proud! I am going to have to buy some for grandchildren that I don't have yet!!!!! Kim


It made me smile when I noticed that quite a lot of stripey knitwear features in your lovely story too! :)


Vanessa, what an absolutely magical book. The little extras are wonderful. I am going to buy it for my little ones. I'm off to the Amazon site now. Thankyou so much for showing us your fabulous illustrations. Emma x


Absolutely wonderful! I wish I had just the teeniest sprinkling of your talent and I would be very happy. I bet this is a book that parents will get out year after year at Christmas time. x

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