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Anna-Karin, Sweden

How cute!!
Sorry to hear about the studio.
Have a nice time in London (I guess it was?).
Love Anna-Karin xxx

Helen Clinch

Thank you woogwas for your blog, you are a very clever dog and I am sure your mummy will be very proud of you. It sounds as if she has had a horrible time and I really hope that things get better soon so that she can put some more of her lovely painted pictures on her blog. Byeee


Big lik to him too.

Pooblishars? Exciting!


Lovely dawgy! - Lovely blanket!
Hope things go well in London.
poppy (new-ish reader to your lovely blog!)


I am sorry about the studio, it must have been heartbreaking, enjoy your break in the big smoke


Aww, what a sweet dawg post. :)

Kate Bruning

Pat, pat. Good dog. Down boy, no down. Oh alright then, who's a good dog... who's a good dog.

mlle paradis

So sorry about the studio. Hope the trip to London makes up for it a bit. This post was too sweet.


I hope your london trip helps you get over your flood - how heartbreaking to lose some of your books and your work.



hello Douglas *fuzzles*

I'm so sorry to hear about your studio flood, you must be just gutted. I hope you can get things sorted again soon xxxxx


OH NO! That is terrible. It must be devastating to lose things like that.


dear douglas
give my love to your mummy and tell her we are all thinking of her!
gill xx
ps thanks for letting us know!


ahhhhhh, u pooor mommy she sooo lucke to hav u! make sure your head is on her lap for her to pet u!


So sorry to hear about your lovely studio, not too much damage I hope. Enjoy your trip to London,the excape will do you good. Love to Dougals. x

Martha sweet for you to let us know what's up! Hope you get some extra scratches for this!

Soooo sorry about the flood. Hope you have a relaxing time away...

Clare Powell

Well done Dawgy ...very good typing for furry paws!

martha in mobile

Oh, dear! A flooded studio and an adorable doggie with a speech impediment! I do hope things get better...

miss holly

you are a very lovely fellow watching out for your mum.... this is when our 4 legged members are the most needed and you are good to be there for her... poor poor mummy. tell her those of us who have dealt with water totally get it.... it will get better!!


Sorry to hear about the studio. What a great dog! He looks like a real "best friend." Liz


Thank you for keeping us up to date - you type really well for a little dog! Hugs to your mummy...

Sarah - Jane down the lane

Oh horror, how terrible! hope all is well now? It was lovely to hear from the fluffy chap though!

Sarah x


Awww such a cutie - you make sure you give mummy extra snuggles since she has been through such a tough time. I hope some of her precious things were salvageable?

Petit Filoux

Oh no!! Sorry to hear about the flood and all the damage... Hopefully these few days away will cheer you up? x


Douglas's face says it all. I'm so sorry. You've had a rotten time.


Awww poor Douglas, & poor mummy too! Not a nice thing to happen, I really hope that you don't get any more flooding and that the books are replaceable ones. Hope wednesday comes quickly for you douglas xxxxx


hi douglas
you are doing a great job to help out your mummy with blogging. She is sure very prout to have a dog like you. I hope she had a good time in london. Take care douglas.


Oh NO!! EXTREMELY upsetting about your studio. Awful. I hope things are on the way up again soon, Vanessa.


Sorry to hear about the studio,hope your trip to the big smoke goes well.

Sue xxx

Isabel S./Lisbon-Portugal

You are so cute !! I'm so sorry for the studio. Hope everything will be ok very soon, and that all works well.We usually say :"When a door closes, a window opens".So, everything will end well.
Please give me love to yr

Rattling On

Dreadful news about the studio. Have a good time in London. Is Hugo going or will he be wielding the mop and bucket while you're away?


Douglas has done a stirling job holding the fort for you Vanessa; an exceptionally clever dog and a remarkable way with words he has. Truly impressed I am. What a shame about your old studio, really really horrible for poor you. I hope the books are not irreplaceable and don't have too much sentimental value. I really love my books so I really do empathise. I hope nothing involving your art work got damaged. A horrible shock and hard work clearing it all up too. Douglas is going to miss you while you are away and so will we, but I hope you have some lovely family time to make up for your hideous time last week and that your meeting with your publisher goes well. Hope your niece loved the dress you crocheted for her a while ago. Am cheered up by Douglas's post as he made me laugh! See you soon.

jane smallcombe

Poor Vanessa - there's nothing worse than water.

I hope there wasn't too much damage and it can be repaired without too much disruption!

I must admit I cannot stop laughing at this (extremely clever) post - Douglas must be an extremely intelligent dog - I have read it about six times now and it gets better every time!!

Margot  of VA

What an unbelieveable sight, your studio flooded. Good thing Douglas could gather his wits and speak out for you as you and Hugo had to be dashing about the cleanup. Hope it is dry and cozy again....was the culprit snow melt? following the great British blanket of white?

sarah raad

dear douglas, firstly may I commend you on your blogging, not easy with paws instead of fingers indeed. well done. secondly please cuddle your mum for me, the studio derbarcle (sp!) must have been horrible :-( do that thing you dogs do when you put head on knee and look up at owner all soulful :-)

Janice Perkin

sorry about the flood - hope there is not too much damage - I'm sure Douglas' fur was a really good mop!!!


Oh, what a lovely post you wrote for your mummy. Do tell your mummy you can stand in post for her any time -- it is quite enjoyable. If I was near by I'd send over a bone -- it was such a lovely post. So sorry about the studio -- that does sound rather bad.


Douglas, you are very beautiful and by the look of it, a super intelligent dog. Your mummy is very lucky to have such a kind and thoughtful doggie as you. Tell her I hope she is feeling a little better now. It won't be long until Wednesday, just about 20 more dog-sleeps. Ros


Oh that was good fun! Well done Douglas. Your Mummy will be home very soon so don't worry.
Sorry to hear of the flood, hope all is well now and no permanent damage.


ThankYou dear Douglas for letting us know this news, You are a Good dog - a Marvelous! But poor mummy! How sad about the flood and the books :o( I am sorry that You are missing Your Mummy sweetie, but Wednesday will come around in no time and I am sure she will bring You a very special treat - and won't she be Surprised and Proud that you have written such a charming blog post! Perhaps she might let You write others occasionaly. That would be nice wouldn't it? Now here's a big kiss MWAH! Take care Darling xx Give Mummy my Love xx

Stephie @ narrativeself

Aaaaw Vanessa, I can't imagine anything worse. Sounds like a VERY large G&T is in order :( Travel safely.


Cute, cute post.Well done Douglas for typing so well with those furry paws.Being such a wellmannered dog, I'm sure you cleaned all the dog hair and dribble off the keyboard after as well.


A flood? How horrible for you...I can sympathise having had a fire a couple of years ago, you keep remembering the things you haven't got any longer. I hope the trip cheers you up, it sounds exciting. Douglas manages very well with his little paws, but it will be nice to have you back1
love Penny x


Awwww paw Woogwas and poor mummy. She's really lucky to have you though. What a terrible thing to happen. I hope everything gets sorted out as good as new, with new books too. And you get to give her a big lik soon.


So sorry to hear about your studio flood.I know... it is very sad. Douglas is a very supportive dog.
Please remember the best is yet to come.


only just catching up with reading my favourite blogs. So sorry to hear about your flood, how awful, hope that there wasn't too much damage and hope that the little trip away to the Big Smoke served to give you a well deserved break and a pick me up after such a horrible event.


Oh Vanessa what a time you've had. So sorry to hear about the flood. Douglas types very well indeed. What a clever lad x

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