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Rattling On

I love the idea of freestyling it! Just choosing the colours and letting rip. Susan's is lovely I like the grey(?)and blue sections the best.
Also love your giveaway win. Lucky you.


I love any new posts Vanessa but well, life is a busy thing - the best made plans of mice and men.... and sometimes things just don't happen, and when that's already because of stressy things, you don't need more by worrying that you are not blogging. When it's a good time with you, then that's good for us! You regularly cheer us all up so I hope that we can let you know how much we appreciate what you do, so that you know you don't just get lost in cyberspace. I am fascinated by the idea of free style Fair Isle as its complicatedness has always seemed beyond me. Which is a shame because I have recently seen some lovely inspiring stuff. I am mathematically challenged to say the least so I have at least up until now been put off! I love your Mother in laws scarf and I am dying to know if it really is something that I could attempt. I look forward to seeing your own creation next time. Hope things are picking up for you after your horrible time last week. x


Lovely colours and very clever knitting - I'm useles at knitting, but do have a crochet pattern that imitates fairisle...maybe I'll give it a go one day !

Victoria Plum

Wow wow wow! I love the scarf! It is funny as I was admiring a fellow passenger's fair isle scarf on the train on the way home this evening .... I think that she thought I was a bit wierd as I was staring for 20 minutes solidly - but I just loved it! I haven't attempted any fair isle knitting myself yet .... but think I will be adding it to my list of things to do this year!!


WOW...gorgeous colours...all my favourites!
Have a wonderful Friday!

Nina - Tabiboo

Hi Vanessa,

that is absolutely gorgeous - I adore fair isle and the colours are so vibrant.

Also I wasn't too sure if you knew, I', a bit behind with the times......but check out this link.

have a wonderful weekend,

Nina x


What a beautiful scarf, how lovely to know someone who can do that!


what a gorgeous scarf - love the colours, it's just super. Looking forward to seeing your freestyle Fair Isle knitting.


oh, now look what you've done... the fair isle beast that sleeps quietly in my yarn stash has started to stir... she hasn't been awake in quite some time... but, yes, indeed, she will make her presence known. ;)



That scarf is amazing... I love the shade of blue that is used :) and I am looking forward to drooling over your attempt as I know your colour choices will be AMAZING!!!

I have never attempted anything remotely like that and probably never will... although I have knitted for over 30 years I still classify myself as a beginner... compared to crochet its soooooo slow!!

I think its to do with my technique... I hold yarn in my right hand and drop the needle when I have to put the yarn around. I have watched several utube videos on continental knitting but I still can't get it! I just automatically start doing it my old way...

Perhaps I need more practice?

Petit Filoux

That is amazing! That looks like so much work, fair isle is something else isn't it?! Good luck trying it out! Hope you have a nice weekend too x


Hello my dear Vanessa, there you are, tantalising us again! I just LOVE fair isle, it's almost enough to make me learn to knit. One day.. I do so envy you your clever Fair Isle knitting mother in law. I know whatever you are making will be fab, you have such a gift with colours. Vive Fair Isle! (Maybe one glass of wine too many tonight now I've conquered the A303!) love Hen xxx


Vanessa, how grand that Susan and you both do not mind anyone knitting ... not one bit! That scarf is lovely with all the gentle color meanderings.

I want to let you know that I have finished my pair of house slippers, following your pattern. Thank You! I am trying to get them felted up a bit. Then, I am gonna attach some splendid pompom to each of them.

Now that I have got the hang of the pattern, I want to try another pair. I used a double strand of harmonized dk yarns, rather than chunky gauge yarn, and sort of adjusted for sizing as I went along. Lots of fun.

Hoping that your studio space will recover without too, too much damage. When I think of the loss of books, (particularly those on which you worked) I just want to cry.



Beautiful scarf,what a talented lot you are.Have a lovely weekend.

Sue xx


Susan's scarf is beautiful, I want one! I love the colours, maybe I'll have to have a go at Fair Isle now.


That scarf is just beautiful! I just want to keep looking at all the different patterns and colour combinations. And I'd love to see what it looks like on the reverse too! Thanks for sharing it with us. xxx

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Hi again Vanessa, lovely to see that you're back. I've started to work, so I haven't found the time to be near my computer for some days. It's hard going from being a "stay-at-home-mum" to be away from home more than 10 hours a day. It wasn't a choice of mine, but when I got this job I couldn't afford not to take it. But, this means more money to buy yarn and other things I long for :-)

Your Mother-in-law is so talented! The scarf is absolutely wonderful!!! And the colours are so YOU!!! I think I have to try this out, maybe the library have a book that can show me.

Well, it's so good to have you back!! Take care, and have a lovely weekend!
Love from Anna-Karin


It is always so inspiring to see a traditional knitting technique used in a new way. Lovely scarf! Beautiful colors!

Sharon Peters

Vanessa, such gorgeous fair isle. It is so fashionable at the moment as well. My mum is desperately looking for fair isle knitting patterns to make a jumper/cardigan for my teenage daughter but there are not many patterns around in the shops. do you have the names of any books with patterns you are using? Thank you.

Stephie @ narrativeself

Hi Vanessa, that's a scrummy scarf and a half! I love the freestyle idea, it's like a sampler that you can wear. Is Susan going to keep it for herself I wonder?!!!!

Glad you're sounding a bit more your usual, cheerful self! x

Oh that is rather yummy :)


The scarf is fantastic, such lovely colours and a brilliant way to learn and experiment, clever MiL. Freestyle would work well for cushions too.


What a great scarf! I love knitting Fair Isle and haven't done so for ages. (and your photos are making me even more fed up with my camera!) So nice to have you back!
love Penny (Planet Penny)


WoW!! The colour combination and patterns are GORGEOUS!!! How Beautiful...and definitely Inspiring, I can quite clearly see why You want to have a go. I'm sure You'll create something Wonderful too.
ThankYou so much for Your warm comment xxx I am glad to be back, it's Lovely to be catching up on your posts. I bought one of Your Father Christmas books for my little Grandson Stanley, even though he is only 10 months old (I am keeping it safe for him ;o) It really is Beautiful - I Love the Magical illustrations and the pop-up bit is Spectacular! You are very Talented and in so many ways.
Am looking forward to Your next post :o)

Warm Hugs and Love



p.s. I meant to say don't worry about commenting, You are welcome to pop over to my place without commenting (and not to worry when You can't pop over either). As much as I Love Your comments, I'd much rather see You blogging xxx


Gosh, it looks so good now, just imagine it after it's blocked - it will be awesome!

The Curious Cat

Is this complicated to do? It looks like it would be! It is sooooo impressive! How does one do that?! xxx


Oh, inspriation plus! Lovely, just can't even tell you. You have no idea... Now where is that Fair Isle pattern I stuck away in a vintage pattern book.....

Erica K

Oh Vanessa. That scarf is lovely...and such a good idea so as not to have to follow a chart.

I've been wanting to do some knitting recently. Yes, Fair Isle, and some socks too! Funny coincidence, eh? But the last time I knitted was I don't know...2 years ago? And when I went to knit again just a month ago...I'd just lost it. I was all thumbs, and it was very distressing.

But maybe one day soon I'll get up the nerve to do some practice, and hope that it comes back to me.


J'aime beaucoup ton instinctif Fair Isle et ton blog Magnifique!!!

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